A Public Apology; Defining Estrangement; Three Supportive People Who Saved Me From Being in Total Hot Water

The estrangement between Joo Kim Tiah and myself was occasioned by Mr. Tiah’s tendency to belief lies told to him about me by liars. The third time was the ‘charm’ and I did lash out, rather inappropriately, I do admit. But it did seem like it would happen again and again and again and I was not able to stand up to that assault. I have attempted many times to apologize to Mr. Tiah but he has not accepted my apology. An example might be:

He: I accept your apology – you must have felt so alone and unprotected at that time.

Me: Thank you and I have an apology to make to you. You see I believed lies that people told me about you- both before and after our estrangement.

What is an estrangement? It is definitely a big bad word with the following synonyms: alienation, turning away, antagonism, antipathy, disaffection, hostility, unfriendliness, embitteredness, isolation, variance, difference; parting, separation, division, divorce, disunity, distance, break-up, split, breach, severance, schism. ANTONYMS unity; reconciliation.

I guess alienation is the one I would choose, that or parting or breach. The other words do seem a bit harsh – and after all, it could hardly be termed as a divorce as we were not married. (My sense of humour just came out to play again.)

But I do admit that I was about to make it worse and this will be shown on the blog. Write something and it comes back to haunt you. The words of the March 2, 2018 blog areas are as follows:

March 2, 2018 This blog is short and humble. It is a link which you can observe.This link was sent by a dear friend to me earlier this evening. I made a mistake, i was bamboozled I guess. I fear that more bad things might be happening. I officially declare myself to be silly, dumb and clueless. But I do know that the most important thing is to admit you ma a mistake. I made a mistake. So here is the link sent by a dear friend earlier today.” The language is rather tame but the title of the blog was not: My Goodness, What is to Be Said? Joo Kim Tiah Asked Me to Put His Video on My Blog and I DID. Please See August 26, 2017 Blog. It Appears That I am a Fool.

Well OOPS but it could have gotten a way worse. I was feeling that I should go and tell the FBI what I knew – which was a great deal. But what I “knew” were lies, I know now. Lies fed to me by the Emperor (aka Phillipp Posch). Tales of Russian involvement, corrupt empires, you name it. I believed it – why would the Emperor lie? I do not lie, therefore, it does not occur to be that other people do. What would be his motivation? I am beginning to see what his motivation was, and it is not pretty. But I have no proof.

So good old moral, honest me thought I should go to the FBI with my little ‘gems of truth.” But I was discouraged from doing that by three supportive people who had my best interests at heart. I have sent these three supportive people the following email – they shall remain anonymous as I am not sure they want the attention.

Hello you three,

I do know if you recall this but you each gave me advice at a particularly difficult time in my life. Joo Kim Tiah was being investigated by the FBI in conjunction with Ivanka Trump’s security clearance. I somehow felt duty bound to contact them with information I had. (By the way, I subsequently learned it was misinformation).

My lawyer: – you said: “It is not your job.”

Friend 1 – you said: “If the FBI is doing a thorough job – they will contact you.”

Friend 2: – you said: What would Your Uncle Dave tell you to do?

So I volunteered nothing and, thank goodness for that, in light of recent events. I am going to mention the “temptation” to squeal and the wise and supportive advice received from you three at the time. “What a wicked web we weave when we practise to deceive.” Sir Walter Scott who is buried in Dryburgh Abbey. My birth name is Dryburgh. Alexis

So these three friends kept me from being (or getting in hot water). What is the definition of that? Be in hot water. (also get into hot water) to be in or get into a difficult situation in which you are in danger of being criticized or punished: (President Trump found himself in hot water over his comments about immigration.) What are the origins of the word? “This idiom means to be in big trouble or be in an embarrassing situation with someone. It originated in the early 1500s. It may refer to when you’re cooking and you spill hot water or hot food. You would be in trouble.”

But this is an interesting back story. The ‘dear friend’ who sent the link to the investigation is no longer a dear friend (at all) though he lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. What are people’s motivations, even if they might be telling the truth.

So thankfully I listened to my support group and did not do anything stupid. People who lie do not have a support group, people that confront you with unpleasant ‘truths’ do not have support groups. That is the lesson I have learned from this mess.

I am so sorry Joo Kim. He is being very supportive of truth telling – see his public statements made through Brazenly Authentic – just Google it.

I write this from my San Francisco bed. I returned in the very early morning, my personal driver thought this be wise to escape the rush of commuters. It is such fun to have a personal driver, who shows up on time and has great ideas about how to avoid traffic. I entertain him by swearing at drivers who do not know where they are going or what they are doing. I think I may have to give up swearing as it offends some one I know BUT personal driver and I have made a pact. I can always swear in the confines of his cab. Who could ask for anything more? Not me.

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