Stunningly Wonderful News Involving My Right Knee; Curses Upon Vancouver Equinox; CPI and Alexis Get Even; Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold; Ending With the Dog Pestilence and; Where Have All The Fingernails Gone

It was a morning of magnificence – awaking at four actually but solving the problems of the world. The check from the annuity is finally on its way – yet again. It was lost in the mail, then reissued but no arrival. A wonderfully helpful woman emailed to say it would arrive tomorrow and gave me the routing number. I now have confidence and can relax.

But the second telephone conversation brought complete joy. It was from the office of my new surgeon giving me an earlier date for knee surgery – it will now be August 20. Any news from the previous surgeon was always bad – cancellations which left me in utter limbo. Malpractice action being considered on cancellation, denial of treatment and other grounds. Yesterday was also good news for the knee – a physical therapy appointment at Presidio Sports and Medicine – they are wondrously efficient, competent and informative. Some relief was already achieved with a daily regime of exercises. A physical therapy referral never received from the previous surgeon. Only 25 more days until surgery – if my math is correct – but may not be as math is not one of my strengths. Besides that, my physical therapist, my man, is supposed to be handsome beyond belief. He had a fever but the manager put me through my paces. I was asked on the intake form what I expected:

Me: A return to my previous mobility and a date.

They: A date?

Me: There is no harm in asking, now is there?

They: No.

Later in the day I received a video of the recommended exercises. I forwarded them to Liz Jacobs of the Vancouver Equinox and to Hottie telling them that these were helpful exercises and ones I should have been provided. Instead Hottie, for his own personal gratification, put me through a series of exercises (recorded on Instagram) which advanced the bone on bone that requires knee surgery. I complained directly to Liz Jacobs and she did nothing, not even told Hottie of the valid complaints. So other people will be damaged and forced into pain for perhaps years as there are huge waiting lists for knee replacement surgery in Canada. One can wait years for knee replacement surgery. I am so glad I am out of that country and they are probably not sad to see me go as I speak out about injustices rather than swallow them whole, as is the bent of Canadians. I feel most vengeful towards the Equinox as they robbed me of considerable funds and left me almost crippled. They thought they got away with it but Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold. Other people who have done me harm must remember that. You may think you got away with it but when you least expect it….WHAM!

I write from the ‘library’ of my apartment building. There are books, magazines, but also a fireplace, lots of tables and internet connections. Two young men are here – one very intelligent working for a very posh institute of higher learning in the UK. He telecommutes which is why he is here with me. Lucky guy! The traffic outside is horrible and this is apparently the routine. Studies reported on a previous blog attribute congestion to Uber. (Type Uber into the search engine and the truth shall be revealed.)

The morning was also brightened by an email from CPI who spoke of a private matter.

She: Amazing that two years have passed and that two old CPIs can create synergy. And a really good thing about social media idiot CPIs is that they can keep their mouths closed and their keyboards “locked”.

Me: Brilliant comment as usual. I must look up synergy because it is an unfamiliar word.

Synergy is a noun dating from the 19th century with Greek origins. The interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects: (The synergy between artist and record company.) Ingenious use of the word, CPI.

We outfoxed a formidable foe with our synergy. Outfox, a verb with its meaning: defeat (someone) by being more clever or cunning than them: (Holmes outfoxed criminals from the comfort of his armchair).

My goodness we are good as our foe is most cunning, not as clever, but most cunning.

So at this moment, for obvious reasons peace has descended. My chariot shall soon arrive whisking me to Marin for several purposes. The most important is a meeting with my attorney to revise my trust documents first drafted in 2008 – believe me there have been changes since that time and even massive changes since a later drafted codicil and amendment. The revisions set me to thinking but that shall be revealed at a later time and after an opportunity to consult with counsel. A lesser task is to go for a mani and pedi – a nail salon is located in the Northgate Shopping Center close to the lawyer’s office. I was also scheduled for a dentist appointment but they called to cancel as the hygienist was sick. I will not miss the teeth cleaning but I certainly will miss its accompaniment – the nitrous oxide. It seems we have another word of the day – Accompaniment. (The wine makes a superb accompaniment to cheese) complement, supplement, addition, adjunct, appendage, trimming, companion, accessory. So the nitrous oxide complements and is an accessory and an appendage to teeth cleaning. The appointment has been rescheduled and so I have something to look forward to next week.

While waiting for my chariot in the library I picked up a copy of The Economist and learned of troubling news. “This year Americans spent more than $400m on Hallowe’en pet costumes. And even more troubling is this: “Overall spending for pet food and products has risen by over 40% over the past ten years to $43 bn.” My God, think of the good that money could do if spent on education, shelters for homeless, needed infrastructure. I blame it all on dogs as I have dog phobia, and hence and generally, hate dogs. I put it on Instagram and one woman follower wrote:

She: I love my dogs.

Me: Well this is good considering how much money you spend on them.

I shall be a one woman campaign against dogs. WADD. Woman Against Dumb Dogs. The first gesture shall be to Instagram block all those who picture their dogs. Well, if I know you and otherwise like you – perhaps not. But all others – goodbye. Go out and walk your dog and pick up their stuff and watch them urinate and kill plants. What fun! I had great joy in Vancouver where dog ownership is even more rampant. Rampant: uncontrolled, unrestrained, unchecked, unbridled, widespread, pandemic, epidemic, pervasive; out of control, out of hand, rife, spreading like wildfire. ANTONYMS controlled, under control.

As Everyone can clearly see I am in a sassy mood. I hope to remain in one the rest of my life.

The photograph is one of my new nails. It is on Instagram with the caption: “Where have all the fingernails gone?”

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