Feisty Mood Continues: But Now In Hospital

I remain in a feisty mood. A photograph of a woman with Malaysia in the background:

Me: I have not been there and plan on never visiting. It is hot and corrupt. Heat and corruption not two of my favourite things.

Do let us define feisty: (of a person, typically one who is relatively small) lively, determined, and courageous. (A love story with a feisty heroine who’s more than a pretty face.) Also: touchy and aggressive: (She got a bit feisty and tried to hit me.)

Why am I touchy and aggressive towards Malaysia? I once knew someone from there and evidence is emerging of that person’s corruption. I am determined and courageous and, come to think of it, sassy.

But later and now in hospital after stroke symptoms at Max’s. The meds and tests show possible heart involvement so an overnight experience at least. Medical care here phenomenal

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