What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas; A Fabulous Song Which Unfortunately Describes Me; Instil and Reprehensible Defined; Perhaps a Better Choice in Men; Parenting At Its Best and Worst.

The following is a segment of an email sent to CPI yesterday:

“As usual I am amazed by your perceptiveness and sense of humour.: “Hope much is happening in Vegas that must stay in Vegas.” Totally made me laugh and I have much to report, dear friend, as much is happening in Vegas that MUST stay in Vegas. I am being actively pursued by three men – honest to Gawd. They do range in age 39, 40, and now 55. The 40 year old went back to New York but is planning to come and visit me in in San Francisco in a couple of weeks. I do not jest. Two thirds of them are black. I do laugh. Grandson has not arrived for his nuptials and I am not sure when he is getting here. The care and attention he shows me is in marked contrast to that of the real thing. So yet again our lifestyles are polar opposites. “

CPI has not responded as yet and now, as I write, it is a day later. My numbers have grown again – now there are six men actively pursuing me. Their ages 43, 55 and 65. None of them live in San Francisco, nor in California – one not even in the USA however, they plan to visit me (or I them) in the near future. I am being actively ignored by one man and, of course, he is the one who I most desire. But this habit of desiring the unavailable must be broken and can be. The feeling of being valued is new to me and it does feel good.

He: Google the song You Got The Touch

Me: Will do.

Me: My God! That is MY song. I cannot stop listening to it

What is so rewarding is that this guy got me, seems to understand me and sees strengths in my weaknesses. You simply must listen to the song. It has not altogether been an easy relationship and I got super mad at him but then apologized and we seem to be fine. I was angry because it seemed he was not listening to me and I felt I was in danger. But we did work it out and he was most concerned and did look out for my safety in the end. I do admit that I can be a handful. We laugh together and that is so important. His life story is even more interesting than mine and he overcame massive adversity coupled with horrendous legal and medical malpractice. We are talking about my writing the story of his life but in a way that is upbeat – not a misery memoir. Misery memoirs are the speciality of Julie Wheelwright of London City University days. But her destructiveness led to my book on the Tate Britain and then this blog, so I guess I should be thanking her. Thanks Julie.

This trip is not at all turning out as planned. I conceived it to be a solitary time and it has been the total opposite. I have met so many interesting people and had the greatest conversations. One man is a retired police officer and teases me saying that he is a misogynist but he is the opposite of one. He and his wife have a wonderful marriage, they both work hard at it and it pays off and it shows. He has been clueing me in on the male perspective and it has been helpful, most helpful. Then there is this marvellous couple from Tennessee – they are both doctors, she is a paediatrician, he a leading, probably THE leading man in breast cancer research. They are here with their two children and the grandparents. The father came from absolute poverty and worked his way into success making major contributions to society. But he says that his hardest task is being a good parent to his children. This couple are absolutely devoted to their children. We spoke of the horrendous lazy parenting of most couples in today’s society. It is reprehensible, now there is the word of the day.: deplorable, disgraceful, discreditable, disreputable, despicable, blameworthy, culpable, wrong, bad, shameful, dishonourable, ignoble, erring, errant, objectionable, odious, opprobrious, repugnant, inexcusable, unpardonable, unforgivable, insufferable, indefensible, unjustifiable, regrettable, unacceptable, unworthy, remiss; criminal, sinful, scandalous, iniquitous; condemnable, reprovable, blameable, reproachable, censurable; rare exceptionable. ANTONYMS creditable, praiseworthy, good.

It is deplorable and disgraceful for a couple to have children, never see them because they both work and then (probably out of a sense of guilt) spoil them with possessions and never take the time to discipline them, teach them manners or instil a value system. Hey, another word of the day. Used in a sentence: All parents must instil in their children the need to be vigilant. Its synonyms; inculcate, implant, fix, ingrain, infuse, impress, imprint, introduce; engender, produce, generate, induce, inspire, promote, foster; hammer into, drum into, drive into, drill into, din into.

Parents must foster, infuse and impress a value system that will ensure that their children do well in school, treat both their elders and their colleagues with respect and end up contributing to society. Otherwise they should not have children. I did not – I would have abused them as I was abused. It is factual and scientific.

On that high note I shall close, I have chores and Verizon yet again screwed up and are saying that I owe money when I do not. I have never in all my days ever dealt with a company that is so disorganized and inefficient and horrible. It is time to switch plans but this is NOT the moment to do so. I am furious with them. They have cut off my service something like four times wrongfully. But I am not going to waste my time and energy trying to fix the company nor sue the company or seek redress from the company. I shall take my phone plan and run. Well possibly complain on social media about them, which I have just done, come to think of it.

Pictured is a fabulous pair of shorts to give to the man you love. I am laughing.

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