Strange Situations; Weeding Men Out; The Stories Behind The Rings on My Left Hand; Talking to Grandson and Loving His Voice; Defining Mesmerize, Bravery and Folly

This is a true life communication with one of the men who is actively pursuing me.

He: I just read your blog. I did not know you had all these men pursuing you.

Me: I do not lie. I guess it shows that you have good taste. Actually it has been rather surprising. I have been popular, but this is ridiculous.

He: And you have younger guys chasing you.

Me; Yeah! Lots younger. Gotta start weeding them out. Hahaha

He: Don’ t weed me out.

I read “Don’t weed me out” while chatting with yet another man who seemed rather interested in me. HELP! But at least I am retaining my sense of humour about this plight. And these guys seem to want me in their lives – well that is what they are saying. Mercy Me!

Pictured is my left hand. Please note all of the rings on my ring finger. Quite honestly they are cubic zircons. But here is a true story. I was living in Vancouver and was on Alberni Street going to buy face paint to paint my face like the Canadian flag for Canada Day 2017. I passed by DeBeers and on impulse went into the store.

Me: I am having lunch in a few days with an extremely young wealthy man who is single. Just in case things turn serious I thought it might be a good idea to check out some very expensive rings.

He: Yes madam. Here are some of out most expensive stones.

Me: Than you. I think this solitaire is most appealing. Could you tell me who expensive it might be?

He: Approximately $100,000

Me: Thank you. Money would be no object with his amount of wealth.

It was a joke of course. I did it for a laugh. But about a month later decided to tell Joo Kim. I informed him via email as we had more important things to talk about in person on our August lunch date. So I told him of my visit to DeBeers. .

He: By the way. I know the people in DeBeers.

Me: OMG. You have known all along. Joo Kim it was a joke, It was a whim on may way to buy face paint.

I had not mentioned his name but how many super rich young single men are there around in Vancouver. One. Months and months and months later I walked by the store and suddenly thought.

Me: I always wondered why people thought our friendship was serious.

Alter Ego: Yes. You forgot all about your folly.

I do love the word folly. Its synonyms are: foolishness, foolhardiness, stupidity, idiocy, imbecility, silliness, inanity, lunacy, madness, rashness, recklessness, imprudence, injudiciousness, lack of caution, lack of foresight, lack of sense, irrationality, illogicality, irresponsibility, thoughtlessness, indiscretion; informal craziness; British informal daftness. ANTONYMS wisdom; good sense.

I was not showing wisdom and good sense that day – it was a bit daft. The ring at the top very closely resembles the DeBeers ring, purchased here in Las Vegas – with tax it was $8.12.

When living in London something happened and I became a man magnet. Deciding that protection was necessary I sent for the engagement ring from the second marriage. It was a looker with lots of diamonds and a ruby. I asked Dinham about the ring.

Me: What affect does this ring have on you?

He: It is like a red flag to a bull!

So it did not work as intended but stubbornly it continued to be worn. But there was a fateful night in London at the Rex Whistler Restaurant at the Tate Britain in December of 2018. The staff were bidding me a fond farewell. I was totally mesmerized by a man who was coming on very strong and so the group of us were teasingly planning the wedding. The tables would go and one of the murals would form the perfect backdrop for the ceremony. Matthew and Simone would give me away and the music was chosen. It suddenly occurred to me that I should not be wearing the Husband #2 engagement ring so I slipped it off and put it on the little finger of my right hand. Later I went to the loo and then discovered to my horror that the ring was gone. It was never found and it was an expensive ring – appraised at $6,000 (Canadian). Honest to Goodness, it is the truth. I did make peace with it eventually. It was a thing of the past. The wedding did not take place, the man is still in my life but on the periphery and there seems to be no future in it.

Mesmerize: enthral, spellbind, entrance, hold spellbound, dazzle, bewitch, charm, captivate, enrapture, enchant, fascinate, transfix, transport, grip, magnetize, hypnotize; informal get under someone’s skin.

I see now that First Man got under my skin and enchanted and captivated me. I thought that about JKT but upon accidentally reading some of the massive correspondence yesterday between the two of us I realized (with a thud) that it was not that I was fascinated, transported or hypnotized. We genuinely cared and were tender toward one another. I had refused to read our correspondence because I knew it would be painful. But the bravery to read was rewarded. Bravery is courage but it is also: courageousness, pluck, pluckiness, braveness, valour, fearlessness, intrepidity, intrepidness, nerve, daring, audacity, boldness, dauntlessness, doughtiness, stout-heartedness, hardihood, manfulness, heroism, gallantry; backbone, spine, spirit, spiritedness, mettle, determination, fortitude, resolve, resolution; informal guts, grit, spunk, gutsiness, gameness.

My pluckiness, valour and stout-heartedness somehow brought me peace with the memory.

But here is the first story. It was my fiftieth birthday being celebrated in Italy with the man who would become Husband #3. We had been ‘dating’ for about six moons although had made an acquaintance three years before. He was on his best behaviour during this ‘courtship’ and a six week Italian holiday was planned beginning on my May 29, 1993 birthday. Over dinner he presented me with a diamond engagement ring. I was in no way ready (or willing) really to marry him but if I rejected it and him we would have a horrible six weeks in Italy. I smiled sweetly, accepted it, deciding that when we returned to California I would merely break off the engagement. But my resolve was worn down and we were married on New Year’s Eve 1993. It was a disastrous marriage lasting eighteen years whereupon I got my own apartment and left him. The ring he presented was later revealed to be a cubic zircon.. He was not a good man and there was much regret. But eight grandchildren were born during the marriage and I became a Granny – Granny Alexis. I was a great granny even though I never had children. I do not speak of these grandchildren on this blog but they do exist. I do tell the truth but not all of the truth. But, to drop a hint, it has not been, as yet anyway, a happy ending.

But I do have Grandson, my twenty-eight year old adopted grandson, I spoke with him on the phone today. He arrives in Vegas on Friday for his nuptials on Saturday. I cannot wait to meet him. I love the sound of his voice. I will be fine. I am bless (and cursed) but then blessed again.

The photograph is shows the rings. The middle band is of unknown origins. The marquess diamond is also a cubic zircon purchased at Macy’s in San Rafael. Now that is a story with a happy ending as I did NOT marry Jimmie and he was revealed to be a fraud. I bought the ring as he was supposed to show up – leaving Dubai at the end of his contract. I got impatient, bought myself an engagement ring. But he revealed himself to be a scammer and I escaped.

We never met, thank goodness for that.

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