In Bed In Las Vegas; Meeting Hordes of New People; Defining Succumb; Perhaps Eventually Facing Down Shell Vacation and Wyndam; Why I (if I wed again) It Shall Be in Las Vegas

At this very moment I am in bed in Las Vegas. There are two large framed pictures in the room, one of a very young and handsome Elvis and one of Marilyn Monroe. The one of Marilyn Is horizontal and parallel to the bed so one almost feels that you are in bed with Marilyn Munroe. When you see the picture attached to the blog you will see what I mean.

I saw the sun rise this morning. It was absolutely beautiful, it rose over two ‘mountains’, perhaps a more accurate description would be big hills. I am not sure why I thought it was a portent – climbed back into bed but it seemed momentous. There are two definitions for portent, this one seems more on the mark : significance, importance, import, consequence, meaning, meaningfulness, moment, momentousness, weight, weightiness, cruciality.So what was the significance, the momentousness and the import of the rising sun? I remain puzzled by it all. impulsively arose to open the drapes and exclaimed in joy at the sunrise. Perhaps as the day reveals itself the meaningfulness of the sun rise will come clear.

It was a busy day, that yesterday. Meeting hordes of new and interesting people. A woman from San Francisco who worked for Air B&B, the man on the airplane seated next to me is a golf professional and we ended up doing a comic routine that rivalled Seinfeld. His girlfriend on his left was highly amused. Then baggage, then taxi, then hotel and meeting an interesting and helpful concierge by the name of Jasmine. Then to wine and cheese meeting people, went to the pool and while observing those at play met another man K whose profession was cyber security. I bought him a beer in order to pick his brain about questions I had about my email correspondence with a certain individual. I was satisfied with the answer – it was him that was emailing mw not someone he had paid to correspond. Then to bed in my spacious room with the air conditioning on full blast. I love the cold and scientifically one sleeps more readily and better in colder temperatures.

This is now the next morning with another, even more spectacular sunrise, which is pictured.

Yesterday did not turn out as planned, at all. The promised brunch turned into another sales scheme with those at Shell Vacation/ Wyndam – whoever they may be. Discussions here with ‘Owners” reveal massive disappointment by so many with the nefarious scenes and promises and oppressive sales techniques. I had a discussion with a wonderful wheel chair bound man about these crooks and further and horribly his life which was a history of legal and medical malpractice. He encouraged me to champion the cause of those who are being used and abused by Shell Vacation/Wydam by forming and pursuing a class action suit against them. Some details must be worked out but stay tuned. Perhaps this blog can be used for good – to remedy evil.

Nefarious is the word of the day. Its origins are from the early 17th century Latin; its meaning:(typically of an action or activity) wicked or criminal: The nefarious activities of the organized-crime syndicates.)

There is some hesitation because I want this blog to be a source of hope and positivity and so negative experiences and people are seldom included. But if it can be used to right some wrongs and rescue people from fraud – then so be it. At the moment I am in the right place and at the right time. I am a California lawyer, familiar with the courts and a familiar with some other counsel. I do have time on my hands and have settled in a beautiful neighbourhood with a rather care free apartment. And, at the moment, do not have some man snipping at my heels. Do you not love that phrase? Snipping at my heels. It is rather poorly explained on Word/Reference” Imagine a dog chasing someone, when the dog is right behind it is nipping (biting) at the person’s heels (the back of their feet) – it means Gabrielle Daleman is (figuratively) coming up close behind Kaetlyn Osmond, and is perhaps poised to catch/overtake her.”

Too often in my life I have allowed men to distract me, seeking their approval rather than getting on with the business of living life to its fullest. At this moment there are no men nipping at my heels – I have made peace with them and feel their care and encouragement. This is a recent step forward, made with the help of emails from a dear friend received over the past couple of days. Perhaps it is the portent that the sunrise yesterday foretold.

I have spoke to brides and grooms here for their nuptials and observed other couples from a distance. I am, of course, here for a wedding, the one between Grandson and his chosen. I commented to a couple last evening.

Me: I think it is wonderful that you are here to wed. It becomes a celebration of the two of you. Too often at weddings ‘at home” it is all about the parents and who the parents want to be at the wedding. The bride and groom are lost in the rivalry and goodness knows most families are acrimonious and rather petty. The whole thing, the whole event becomes a pain in the rear end.

They: We so agree, that is why we are here!

Me: Yes, if I get married for the fourth time, it shall be here.

They: Are you planning to get married again.

Me: Not necessarily but there are certainly candidates. The question remains: Which one shall I choice.

I am slowly deciding – people around me, strangers by and large are helping me. I wonder if he will be surprised to learn that he is the lucky guy. I doubt it. He will laugh but then succumb (or not). Last word of the day shall be succumb: yield, give in, give way, submit, surrender, capitulate, cave in; be overcome by, be overwhelmed by, be conquered by, be beaten by. ANTONYMS resist, conquer.

I shall conquer, he shall capitulate, cave in and yield.

He: Alexis, you win!

Me: Thank you dear. I love winning.

He: Why is that?

Me: it is because I was a lawyer, silly.

He: But you have retired, you are not one now.

Me: But it never goes away – that drive to win. I do want it to go away but it remains and always shall. You do notice that I am becoming more gracious however.

He: Yes you are. You win again.

Me: Thank you dear. It was so nice of you to notice.

I do believe that we have had this conversation before. But perhaps not.

The photographs are of a horizontal Marilyn and the sunrise.

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