Oh What a Beautiful Morning; Two Emails From Two Brilliant People; A Great Encounter with W.H.I.M; The Advantages of Being in the Grocery Business; I Am a Gypsy: Picture of the Pool

I was walking back from breakfast at the Inn – the sun was shining, it promised to be a fantastic day. I broke into song, (which was an unfortunate occurrence for all those within ear shot as I simply cannot sing). But here are the words that came out of my mouth:. It is a song written by Peggy Lee, so sayeth Google.


Oh what a beautiful morning,

Oh what a beautiful day,

I’ve got a wonderful feeling,

Everything’s going my way.

I ‘sang’ that because it appears to be true. I do have a wonderful feeling that everything is going my way. I awoke early to two emails from two people who have one thing in common – they are both brilliant, both are smarter than I am. One is CPI (or CPO), my female high school and university friend. The other a man, met in London in April of 2016 at a National Theatre play aptly called Suicide. I suppose it is possible to think of ways that they are similar but that would rather be a waste of time. But both of them teased me, gently and lovingly reminding me that am filled with foibles. But despite that they are unfailingly loyal to me and care about me. I do so appreciate them and tell them, quite tenderly, that I do.

Then off to breakfast – what shall I do the day after tomorrow when I have to cook? I then gently spoke with W.H.I.M. (the general manager) about a concern and he was so incredibly gracious. I was nice but I was sort of stern and I do know my rights. It was a win/win solution.

Then I noticed that there was something going on in the conference room, glanced at the sign to learn that it was Woddlands Market. I walked in, informing the few that were there early, that I used to live near Woodlands Market, shopped and sipped wine there and enjoyed the experience.

Me: But I am going to live in San Francisco not Marin,

W.M.: But there is a Woodlands in San Francisco.

Me: What a blessing! Where is it?

W.M. On Folsom Street

Me: Yipity doo Dah. You made me happy! I have a blog and I will talk about this.

W.M. Good, I will read it. My Dad always said that a good thing about this business is that we would never go hungry.

Me: Now that is funny and it will go on my blog as well.

Then I got a taxi twice as I had a doctor’s appointment – but it went extremely well and we laughed a great deal. There was a bit of a downer when some guy emailed that I was smart but “the furthest thing from emotionally stable.” I politely stood up for myself and at one point laughed saying that the only emotionally unstable thing about me was having a ‘relationship’ with him. I am not actually insulted – the facts are clear and he is in the wrong and nobody needs somebody in your life insulting your integrity. He was perhaps making a joke – we shall see.

Then back to the Inn – the television had no sound so a quick call to the front desk brought Freddy who made sound possible. What will I do in my apartment when there is no Front Desk to call. I just may have to get married or something. Perhaps a better course of action would be to give up TV.

Then later an email from friend Jennifer.

She: I know you’ll be happy to settle down in a permanent spot and not have to be moving around like a gypsy! Hayes Valley looks like a great place and conveniently located.

Me: I do love that you called me a gypsy – it is so much better than homeless. But so late did you call my that and only today I get to be a gypsy. I must blog that.

So another Jacuzzi and now it is time of pack for the last time. Well not exactly as it will be off to Las Vegas and Grandson’s birthday in July.

Me: Say Good Night!

Alter Ego: Good Night!

The photograph is the pool I am leaving. Boo Hoo. `

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