Warrenzinger Strikes Again; The Ability to Laugh at Oneself; Another Profound Thought; An Email From CPI; Being Playful With Two Handsome Men; Some Stupidity

This came yesterday from Warranzinger via Instagram: The More Playful You Are About It, The Easer It All Is. Abraham Hicks.

I readily admit that I am not sure what that means but it does strike a chord. One interpretation is that if one can laugh at something, its power for evil and/or depression is abated. Another interpretation is that the ability to laugh at oneself is to be treasured. I laugh at my foibles constantly. Here we go – another word Foible: weak point, weak spot, failing, shortcoming, flaw, imperfection, blemish, fault, defect, frailty, infirmity, inadequacy, limitation; quirk, kink, idiosyncrasy, eccentricity, peculiarity, abnormality; Achilles heel, chink in one’s armour; informal hang-up. ANTONYMS strength.

This is an example. I got all pushed out of shape when I received an email response from this guy saying he was going to be unavailable until some time in July. Friend Kathleen tactfully pointed out:

She: That is a standard automated computer response while out of office.

Me: Oh! Thanks I am laughing! I did take it personally. Totally laughing! He did send me a message today thanking me for sending an article – so it did seem a bit unusual. I can sometimes be so stupid but can admit to it. Hahahaha

Then later, after more reflection this was sent to Kathleen

Me: The poor guy does sort of care about me. I do need to be more forgiving. Not count on him for anything but be more forgiving. I wish I could write poetry like you and could convey that thought in a meaningful way – not so much to him but to the world. Thanks for your friendship

Another person I met yesterday conveyed this poignant thought.

He: Most people are more worried about what society says rather than they think of themselves. When I stopped thinking of what others thought of me I became happier.

Me: That is profound. I am going write it and put it in my blog. Is that ok with you?

He: Sure

This morning I awoke to an email from CPI – which stands for Couch Potato Introvert, my high school friend.

She: It could also stand for Canadian Price Index

Me: But you could also be CPO

She: What does that stand for?

Me: Complete Polar Opposites because that is what we are.

It is rather amazing that our friendship has lated so long and that we are in almost daily contact with one another. I wrote:

Me: You sparkle my thinking.

She does, she has a different viewpoint than mine and she constantly sets me to thinking. We had a recent conversation about loving one another. Today she wrote:

She: Unconditionally?

Me: Yes. I can only love unconditionally and not romantically. And I cannot seem to unconditionally love the “men” in my life. It is more of an obsessional thing with some of them.

I do need to be more forgiving and playful with the guys. But I certainly was the other day and have the photograph and lots of funny Instagram comments to prove it. At this point in time there are 38 Likes and some funny comments.

This is what I wrote.

Me: Me and two handsome men at the Inn. I have my Wonder Woman bathing suit on because I just got out of the jacuzzi. It is a tough life. The responses were hilarous.

She: Looks like you found a couple of Supermen

Me: Yeah, I do not know how I do it at my ripe old age. ButI do.

Another woman wrote:

She: One for each of us.

Me: I am not sharing. Hahaha

Another woman wrote:

She: You so know how to pick good looking men,

Me: I have a talent. Hahahaha .


She: I need to learn your ways.

Me: I would teach you if I knew what I was doing.

She: Dang! All natural talent eh? Boo for me but great for you

And yet another

She: Adorable

Me: They or me.

She: All of the above

Me: Thank you and I am sure they thank you too.

Now let us be clear about this. I am not going to marry these guys because, for one thing, they are already married. It was a chance encounter. But to quote warrenzinger,: The More Playful You Are About It, The Easier It All Is.

The photo that attracted all the attention is pictured below.

This is the stupid thing I did yesterday. I dutifully went to see my financial advisor and my new doctor. But I got the day wrong.

Me: It is far better to be a day early than a day late.

He: You have a good point there.

My doctor appointment is not until the 21st. I am dumb and I can laugh at myself.

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