The Introduction to Long Lost Strangers

So this is what is going to happen, the details are all worked out. I have joined forces with an Instagram friend Scotch and Cold Pizza. We shall dialogue about certain subjects, mainly gender and gender roles. These emails will go into the Long Lost Strangers section of this blog. So I am growing the blog and adding another person’s viewpoint. It is brilliant if I do say so myself and I just did. So here goes. Later Chapter One will go into the Long Lost Strangers where all our correspondence will be gathered. Fasten your seat belt, here we go!

Chapter One, Genesis If This Were Biblical But This Is Not.

I am a member of a team – there are two of us on this team. This team began on Instagram with the following exchange. We call ourselves the Too Hard for Me Team (or the Two Hard for Me Team). It is a very unlikely team and we are rather different from one another as you shall see. But, in strange ways we think alike – even identically. It is so joyous to have another voice on my blog – with a different viewpoint on somethings (but not others). It will be a good ride, please join us.

Hello Team Member!

I looked back at our direct messages to find out how (and why) we became a team. It was all rather hilarious as we began by congratulating one another (and ourselves) for being so funny.

Me: I realize I am hilariously funny.

You: You truly are!

Me: And I am humble. Hahaha

You: Hahaha As am I.

Me: We are a team! What shall be the name of our team.

You: Something sharp with wit but rich in history and meaning.

Me: You damn well think of it. Too Hard For Me. – say that is rather good come to think of it.

You: Hahaha

Me: The Two Hard for Me Team

You: Yes! Yes!

Me: First project?

You: I feel like it should be something comedically challenges gender roles – the time is ripe for challenging the cultural power shift.

Me: Like guys should have to wear skirts, high heels and girdles so that they have less time to worry about abortions.

You: Yes! OMG yes

Me: Girlfriend! We are doing!!!

You: I am in.

Me: So should we do it on the blog? What do you think?

You: That could be fun.

Me: Do you have an email so that we can work out the details. I am excited about this.

You: You’re excited!! Girl. I am excited!

Me: Where do you live I forget.

You: I live a little south of St. Lous Missouri but planning to move to Austin in the fall/winter. She’s gotta get back to the South. The Midwest is killing me.

Then my email does not work but I kick ass and it works and our email correspondence begins.

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