Sharing An Email Received and Sent From Friend Jennifer with Attachments Provided From Her

I have known Jennifer for about thirty years, readers must remember that my math skills leave a great deal to be desired. She and I both worked in Marin County Counsel’s Office and that is how we met. However, we did not become friends until 2014 – she took over the editorship of the retirement newsletter when I left for London. Our friendship blossomed – she was one of the few people who visited me in London and we had an active email correspondence which continued through my Vancouver days. She has been most supportive of my blog and most supportive of me. She supplies me with common sense, which I sometimes lack. Hahaha and not. Jennifer had written an email, telling me of her activities and then, in a concluding paragraph said something that set me thinking. I had immediately responded but then, this morning wrote more. I asked her permission to place it on the blog and she graciously consented. So here goes. It will begin with her last paragraph and continue on from there. Some edits have taken place to remove the names of people whose privacy does not need to be invaded.

I know all of the above chatter must seem rather mundane to you as your life is so much more exciting and interesting with meeting so many people on social media and all, but I’m happy and content with my life here. And I’m glad we’re friends!

Have a wonderful evening!

Loads and tons!💕💕🤗🤗

I move into my apartment on June 26 – I shall be joyous to be in one spot. These almost three months have really been hell in many ways. I can just imagine laying prone on the bed, staring out the window at the trees and Victorians across the street and blanking out. The place is furnished but there will be room for a few of my precious things – My Restoration Hardware trunk, a Persian rug – just to name two. But it being fully furnished will mean that move in will be seamless, I plan to go to my storage facility in Marin (where everything is gathered) and do an enormous pitch of stuff hiring I Got Junk. If I did not use the stuff in five years I must not need it. When I stored it in July of 2014 the thought was a return to Marin in a couple of years. That clearly has not happened. Hahahaha

There will be some down time. The trip to Las Vegas is only a week and I do not plan to go to the UK until September or so. My only reservation for that trip at this moment is the first week of October in Florence where I will magically see some one very precious to me. It seems like a miracle as I had made the Florence reservations not knowing the person would be there. So I will have a couple of months to get my bearings. I plan to join the YMCA in the Presidio and get on an exercise regime involving water aerobics as that is the best for me.

I actually envy your life. I would love to be able to quilt – to produce useful works of art. To be able to create it with a group of women I have known for many years and shared similar experiences. I sort of had that experience with scrapbooking. Friends, including GW and sometimes L. and sometimes R. would go on trips to scrapbook. It will be interesting to retrieve the scrapbooks from storage. I chronicled the grandchildren’s lives and it will be fun someday to share it with them – I hope that happens.

I envy your living in a stable community and being able to experience nature in its finest. I did have those days when I owned the house in West Marin. But it was not a community like yours and it was very solitary. But there were wonderful walks in the early morning before speeding off to work. The Peacock Gap house similarly was isolating – not very close neighbours but good walks in China Camp.

I do not envy having a husband – simply because none of mine worked out and besides , none of the men in my life these days are husband material. Mostly because they are young and/or gay. I have AT LEAST gotten over the married ones (S and D.). Perhaps when I settle down in San Francisco I may meet a more likely candidate. You do have to admit that M. (who I met in Marin) was at least on the road to respectability. He was divorced, lived in Marn and slightly older than the young ones and not gay. However, he did have his flaws. He is away right now but it is doubtful anything will come of it. I did text him and told him that I did not want to marry him. Hey, he even lives nearby, (not in the UK or Vancouver.) and works in the City. But he lies and who needs that?

I guess I would like to have women friends again and do things with them, like play Man Jong. I did have close women friends when I was in Vancouver. There was T.and A, and for awhile K. I think my relationship with A. will remain but we shall not live in the same place. She is off to live in Hawaii within the next two weeks. No one here tempts me – not any of the old ones. I plan to volunteer at the SF Ballet and may meet some women there. Perhaps I might renew my friendship with Y., she my sensai for twenty years. I shall rejoin the San Francisco Ikebana Association. Life cam be full but in a different way from yours.

I did some major clothes shopping yesterday at J.Jill where I used to work. For a mere $172.00 I got a killer black dress (sort of) which shall be amazing in Las Vegas – it is sheer and more of coverup. at. Another black sheer top to be worn over leggings a less fancy look.. A pair of white leggings to be worn under the white dress that I am planning to wear to the wedding. A pale blue shell to be worn under the white dress. A really cute navy blue top with embroidery to be worn with the white leggings and other navy pants. I shall be glamorous. Staying near the Village has some disadvantages, the proximity to clothes shopping. Hahaha. The van takes me to the Village. It is like having all of the convenience of a car without a car. I love not having a car – it is freeing in ways – mainly no sitting in traffic. I will not, of course, need a car in the City as everything is within walking distance. The Symphony, the Opera, the Library, the Asian Museum. grocery stores, restaurants of renown, a theatre or two., a nearby BART station and the N car.

It has been so much fun “talking” to you. It is rather silly considering we both are in the 415 area code. I am laughing!! Writing this took the place of my blog writing – but with your permission I will blog it – removing names of people. What do you think?

I am off for breakfast. Oh, by the way, I envy your kitchen. Here there is none but there is a microwave. My apartment has a kitchen and is quite well equipped but is small.

I am having a crash course in all things Apple as there is an Apple store at the Village. . I am improving my skills and learning new ones. You do not have a nearby Apple Store – I would miss that. The envy I feel for your life is slowly dissipating.

Wonderful Jennifer emailed back, telling me of her plans for the day and giving permission for the inclusion of the email on the blog.

She: Yes, I am always pleased when you include my stuff in your blog so please feel free to! Have a wonderful day, my dear! Bubbles of hugs and hollandaise of love!

Me: Thank you SO MUCH for getting back to me. I will “edit” the email and send it to Chris for posting.

It sounds like you are having a great day. I am trying to figure out how many years I have known you for the introduction to the blog but if I get it wrong only you and I will know. Hahaha I do not think you were there when I first arrived – no you were not as you replaced Bobbie. Shit it is coming back. Hahaha

Hot tubs of Hugs and Lounge chairs of Love, Alexis

The photographs are Jennifer’s. A sunset from her home and an amazing quilt she made on her quilting bee with her friends, held in Tahoe.

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