Waking Up In Bliss; Instagram Opportunities and Scammers; Two Go To Harvard; An Inspirational Image From David

I am back at my wonderful hotel in San Francisco and woke up in bliss – awfully early but I went to bed awfully early. The windows are open, fresh foggy air circulates the room. There is not much of a view but, who cares, because it is quiet? One would never believe that you were in San Francisco only a block away from busy Van Ness Avenue. The sheets feel great to my skin and I am wearing the socks given to me by Mike and Tracey which have teddy bears imprinted upon them. I laughingly recently emailed a guy:

Me: I am a kid, I am not an adult.

He: No response as yet, He is rather slow on the uptake.

Only one problem with this paradise. I am hungry and breakfast does not begin until seven, Oh well – I can throw on some clothes and go grab a coffee. I have a million things to do today. I feel so finished with Vancouver, it is SUCH a good feeling. One of the big projects of the day is to buy underwear – TMI – says my public. Also get a new phone plan and check in at the Apple Store. It feels like I am back home after being marooned on some desert island. Now there are people in Vancouver that I care about but they can visit me for a change. Thanks to Mike and Tracey I got to see some beautiful places in Vancouver but getting away from there is /was such a good idea!

Some mornings I also wake up to Instagram and it has an interesting effect on my life. This blog is a solitary affair (by choice) but Instagram is an entirely different matter. Some people send inspirational messages, that are quite meaningful. The one that caught my eye this morning came from a man in Australia who often supplies inspiration.

He: If you believe it will work out, you’ll see opportunities. If you believe it won’t you will see obstacles.

Me: That is the truth and that is everything.

It is a bit hard to work that scenario out in some areas of my life because some situations are fraught with challenges (to say the very least) but there are ways around situations. I often used to joke around saying:

Me: It is hardly that we are going to settle down, get married, have three kids, two of which go to Harvard.

He: Alexis, you make me laugh.

Having good moments together is much better than having a lifetime of boredom and blame. So there! So there! So there!

But Instagram can also be horrible and there are scums and scammers to be found. They seem to have the same characteristics and perhaps they are only one person. It is a guy, usually an engineer working in an isolated setting – an oil rig, in Dubai in the desert, off shore in Turkey are some that come to mind. They are socially isolated and seek companionship, not even knowing what companionship is. They often purport to have children, the mothers of the child (ren) are dead – frequently a car accident is the cause. They promise to take care of you – exactly how that is possible is beyond either them or me. They want a sole and solitary union

So after weeks of fervent attention and promises to visit along comes the scam. Money for airfare, money for goods and services to complete the contract, asking you to set up a bank account for the transfer of money or an operation for a child with a heart defect. I have begun to view the fact that these guys are jailed in a foreign country. The communication is spotty at times but at other times totally burdensome. Does all of this work? With some women obviously yes, otherwise predators would not exist in such numbers. But with me – NO. Quickly blocking them is the best idea – then one is free of the bother. But it is sometimes interesting to not block them and see what shenanigans they are up to – because they do not stop, They might take down their photographs and have a low profile but they still are there, possibly under a different name. How many men have come onto me? I have almost lost count but perhaps seven or eight. I have occasionally been flummoxed. I do love that word: Flummoxed: bewildered, mystified, bemused, perplexed, puzzled, confused, confounded, nonplussed, disconcerted, thrown, thrown off balance, at sea, at a loss, disorientated, taken aback; informal bamboozled, discombobulated, fazed, stumped, beat, foxed, floored So you silly stupid men – you can bamboozle me for a little while but then I am onto you. The useful purpose served is that I took your attention away from more vulnerable women. I have heard to some who were relieved of cash but also suffered from major depression when the guys fled the coup after taking their money.

It does tempt one to get off Instagram in disgust but there are many positive and inspirational reasons to remain on the platform which shall be revealed int tomorrow’s blog. But what also shall be revealed is the work of one of the scammer, how romantic and hopefully believable but how false.

Not everything did not come up roses for me today. Some pain and suffering. But intuitive David sent me an image which I find strangely comforting and which shall be shared.

Me: How did you know that I EXACTLY needed this at this moment. You are wonderful! Little Girl! Alexis

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