On the Air Canada Flight to San Francisco From Vancouver; Interesting People But a Vacuous Woman; Superman Mario and Mario From This Hotel; A German Man And Good Night.

Well, this has been an eventful morning, that is for sure. At this moment I am sitting on an airplane, an Air Canada flight. Although in the past I have railed against this airline I have changed my mind and have been most pleased with the service and personal. But already I hav changed my mind back again as the plane was delayed for over an hour on take off, took an absolute age to taxi and take off with no explanation from the pilot as to the delay. The rest of the passengers sat like sheep, with no one complaining or acting impatient. Oh well, we are finally underway. It is not a big deal as there is no one waiting for me – it shall be a taxi and then checking into my hotel. It feels somewhat like home that place as I had already stayed there for an entire month in April.

It was sad to leave Mike and Tracey. They gave me presents including socks and coffee and stuff like that. I think I cried when saying good bye even though they are only one hour and forty-five minutes away – if the plane is not delayed and manages to not to take hours to taxi and take off.

As per usual I met the nicest people at the airport. A woman from Edmonton – she and I had the same viewpoints on many things

Me: I think you are me and I am you, it is strange.

She: It is most unusual.

She was going to visit a friend in Portland. The friend’s husband had died very recently, you could tell that this Edmonton woman is a very good friend. Then an interesting man came and sat beside me. He works for Cal Trans and lost his leg when hit my a drunk driving woman – at 10:30 in the morning. Now that takes some talent to be able to get drunk by 10:30 in the morning.This is something that I have been unable to achieve my whole life, and I am going to be seventy-six this month. The poor man. Initially he confessed that he was depressed but now he is somewhat philosophical about it all – the accident occurred eighteen years ago. He is brave, I do like him a lot. But sitting nearby, on this airplane is a totally dull and vacuous woman. I do sometimes wonder why men, younger men, are drawn to me but when I compare myself to this woman – it all makes sense. She is attractive, a multi-tasker, well dressed but when I was living at the Trump International Hotel and Tower men would tell me about going to bed with young silicone breasted women with hardly any clothes on. They were customers at Drai’s that closed down. More than one young man said:

He: Going to bed with them was like f**king a mattress.

Me: Well I am more lively than that and I am old.

He: (speechless).

But my plane trip was enlivened by Superman Mario, a totally funny guy who took great delight in my true stories which do sound rather unbelievable. We laughed a lot, a great deal. It was a morning flight but I asked for a beer.

Me: I am going to ask you for something and it will make you laugh!

He: Go right ahead.

Me: I want a beer please. Because beer is not just for breakfast.

He: Very funny! What brand would you like?

Me: Molson’s please. I do love Canadian beer.

The whole crew was great and I joked and handed out my blog card when I got off the plane.

Me: Thanks pilot for not crashing!

He: You are welcome! Anytime.

I was last off the plane because I need a wheel chair because of my knee. I just love being pushed around by people who are always SO nice. Stupid people in airports are always getting in the way so I keep saying:

Me: Beep! Beep!

One woman: You need a horn.

Me: Nor really because I have a big mouth and I keep saying: Beep! Beep!

Then a great taxi driver picked me up and drove me to the City and we had the best conversation! He was from Burma and we had a wonderful conversation with my telling him about my Malaysian connection. He did seem to believe it. But the funniest comment had to come from Mario at my precious hotel.

Me: Remember the multibillionaire?

He: How could I forget all those zeros?

Me: Oh my goodness, you are making me laugh and I am going to put that on my blog.

He: Go right ahead!

Mario also gave me great advice when I told him about a certain encounter in Vancouver.

He: If it is going to be, it is going to be.

Me: Thanks, I will keep that in mind and try not to worry.

Friend Kathleen wrote the most incredible poem and put it on Instagram. I asked her to send it in an email so I could put it on my blog. She did and here it is. It is profound! It is about life and what cam happen and how you can overcome it all and go on. t is truly inspiring and here it is.

She: Thank you for loving my poem GrannyKat Wisdom from my upcoming poetry book Horizons an eclectic life journey collection of my works. Yes, share broadly, encourage great games! Merchandise, Tote bags, towels, phone covers etc., are available printed with my poetry at https://kathleen-tonnesen.pixels.com

You can read about me on the web site, just go to the blog on the menu and there I am. Me and other people. Kathleen interviewed me last November – it was momentous for a lot of reasons. My life is unbelievable but it is true.

I got a rare hamburger from Chez Maman because I was starving. While there I started talking to a young German man, seated next to me at the bar. It was such an interesting conversation – he lives in Munich, Germany and the conversation made me remember my German days. We had fun and we hope to stay in touch. He was here on business and was rushing off to the airport.

Then it was to my hotel home to go to bed because I am so tired. I texted wonderful Tracey – thanking her for the presents she and Mike gave me presents when I left. Coffee, chocolate bar, a doll, a card for my birthday.

Me: You guys are so great. You are spoiling me!

They: It is fun to spoil someone.

Me: I never thought of that before.

Me: Great to hear from you. I am so tired and am about to go to bed.

She: Good idea! Snuggle Up!

Me: I am!

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