I.M. Pei Died; I Met Him; What A Colourful Life I Have Led; Got Something Wrong But It Appears To Have Been Corrected in Time; A Comparison Between Two Men; Lobster Man; Chinese Food at Mr. Ho’s

I opened my computer after having a bath and learned that I.M.Pei died in Manhattan, he was 102 years old. I met him. He designed a building in Marin County that was built with the proceeds of the Beryl Buck contested probate matter. Our office, Marin County Counsel, fought to have all of the proceeds of the estate stay in Marin and not be disbursed in other, perhaps more needy, California counties. It was HUGE. My boss Doug Maloney (who hired me) did an outstanding job – he was brilliant and he was funny. One of his great lines conceded the parking situation at the Marin Civic Center. “It is easier to part the Red Sea then find a parking spot near the Civic Center.” I have no idea why I remember that line, after all this time, but I do.The story about I.M.Pei comes from The New Yorker, written by a Chinese woman by the name of Jiayang Fan who seems nothing sort of brilliant. She speaks of her view to “educate my way to self-assurance.” That is what all women should be doing instead of getting silicone breasts and thick phoney eyelashes. I learn that I.M. Pei wore enormous round glasses – hey I have one thing in common with I.M.Pei. But remembering those days, remembering I.M. Pei’s presence at Board of Supervisor’s meetings make me realize that I have led a mighty colourful life – and not just recently.

At the moment I am in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. I have an upset stomach for some reason. There is no reason for me to be nervous, none at all. I am being spoiled to death by Mike and Tracey – I have plane reservations to return to San Francisco to my favourite small hotel. Plans are to get up at 5:30 am and get to the airport nice and early and I am even being driven. So spoiled rotten. Usually I am fiercely independent so it feels marvellous to be spoiled and cherished. Yesterday was a great day. Tracey and I went to Granville Island, got a lobster at Lobster Man and ate it at a picnic table. Later we got incredible donuts at Lee’s and different kinds of pasta for dinner at an Italian market. Then we took a little ferry to Yaletown and then walked to pick up my framed picture at Time Frames, a store I absolutely love. Then back here on SkyTrain. My knee hurt horribly but the pain is pretty much gone at this point.

The usual routine is to write the blog but this morning was different. A couple of emails, a brief telephone call and then breakfast with lots of chatting and laughter.

I got something wrong recently, realizing that a guy is not a bad guy after all and so he has not been banished. We miscommunicated and he was super great and took responsibility. I am very, very, very impressed. He is so different from the other men in my life, that is for sure. I do tell him that I appreciate him. Perhaps appreciate will be the word of the day: value, respect, prize, cherish, treasure, admire, hold in high regard, hold in esteem, rate highly, think highly of, think much of, have a high opinion of, set (great) store by. He is prized, cherished, valued and respected not only for his treatment of me, but of others. He is nothing short of amazing and I am lucky to have met him. He is the antithesis of another young man I once knew. Antithesis: the opposite, converse, reverse, reversal, inverse, obverse; the other extreme, the other side of the coin; informal the flip side. I did tell him that he was the flip side of this other guy, he humbly said: Thank You. He is naturally humble, the other guy acted like he was humble but he was not. He had a lot to be humble for, that guy. He lied, mismanaged, took credit for others efforts, had not respect for the working man, was not innovative and did not show initiative. The bad guy was faster with email response but it became apparent that others were paid to email me. His behaviour makes it possible to truly appreciate and be thankful for the good guy.

The photograph is me with my Lobster Man bib, and the lobster having fun.

Today has been great – we just returned from eating at Mr. Ho’s, fantastic Chinese food, so fresh, so tasty, the waitresses so pleasant. We bought extra food for dinner this evening. I have to get packed (yet again.) This room looks like the room of a messy teenager. My fortune cookie reported. The sky is the limit this month. It does feel like it, it truly does.

The photograph is me with the food at Mr. Ho’s – let the record reflect that I did not eat all of it, I had helpers.

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