Instagram Takes Over Bringing Joy, Laughter, Reflections and New Skills. Dr./Mr. Ho; Soon a Wonderful Birthday Present; Everyone Loves Me; A Magnificent Cartoon from Chris, the Computer Guru

The funniest comment offered by a person who is not Alexis McBride comes from an individual known as jack needs a better user name. The Instagram post was a photo of the fortune cookie received at the Mr. Ho Restaurant in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

Me: My fortune cookie message. The sky is the limit. WOW! It is my birthday this month and things going well!

He: But in that moment Alexis’ dreams of going to space were crushed!

Me: No just put on hold. Hahahaha

Me: (Again) I am still dying laughing over your comment.

He: I am just here to bring a little light into the world.

I am beginning to see that my mission in life along the same lines as Jack Needs a Better User Name. It is my jokes and laughter that make a difference and make it a better world. Not misery and despair and not my great and grand thoughts but my laughter and jokes.

Another woman, launching on a writing career, also had a birthday on the same very day as mine. . We exchanged greetings and the promise to see one another when I came to Vancouver. I may perhaps happen there to have Amy for my nails, Vickey my hair, see Mike and Tracey and Kathleen and have Mike take me to another one of his favourite places. Mike spoke of a desire to see another man of my acquaintance who also lives in Vancouver. Perhaps that all will become possible.

But an even greater accolade came my way. First of all it must be said that I am not very good at Instagram, I have limited skills. But suddenly something flashed. It was from filmoregirlfand it said:

I don’t know how I found but she is my favourite thing on IG right now. Alexismctwit.

Holy cow! I about fainted. But I was quick to respond!

Me: Wow! I am so honoured. I wish I knew how to use Instagram better. But hell I am good enough I guess. Hahahaha

She: You are so damn funny! Totally made my day. The Dr. Ho thing is beyond hysterical.

Me: Yeah it is weird. I get better all the damn time!

She: Hysterical.

It is interesting to analyze that funny time, that funny moment. The three of us,( Tracey, Mike and myself) were having a very funny afternoon. (I am laughing out loud as I write). Mike was doing an imitation of this real estate guy who is apparently Dr. Ho who promises to make you a millionaire with no money down. Now I know a Dr. Ho but he is a real Doctor so that seemed even funnier. The three of us walked into the restaurant, laughing like fools. Then everything was SO perfect and good and the people and good was great. It is difficult to explain but scientifically I do so much better when I am emotionally supported. All of us had created a cocoon of caring and support which brought out the best in all of us. The likeliness of this taking place defies belief as Tracey and I met accidentally at an unfriendly restaurant, the Il Nido in Vancouver. Mike is Tracy’s husband and for some strange reason, he can tolerate me. We were together that day because something had gone unexpectedly wrong. But the magic moment happened and Alexis McTwit became famous and everyone laughed.

I shared my ‘fame’ with many, developing some Instagram skills never before seen. Perhaps developing. is a complicated verb with diverse meanings but here is the one that seems applicable: come into being, come about, start, begin, be born, come into existence, appear, arrive, come forth, emerge, erupt, burst out, arise, originate, break, unfold, crop up, follow, happen, result, ensue, break out; formal commence. So complex Instagram skills cropped up, cam into being, unfolded and I was able to reach out to someone very dear to me, to tell her of my knew found fame. She immediately responded.

Me: I am famous! I am supposed to be one of the funniest persons on Instagram. You can tell your classmates, or not. Hahahaha

She: Who said that? Haha

Me: A genius of course. I have to figure out how to send this to you. I shall attempt to do so.

She: Haha Aw. Congrats

Another incredible conversation took place yesterday under rather unlikely circumstances. An older man, a buddy, even though we came from different countries and have different backgrounds and do have a slightly adversarial relationship. We spoke with one another about something important to me.

Me: I think this person really cares about me, maybe even loves me..

He: Rest assured! He does! Everyone loves you!

Me: OMG! Can I give you a hug!

He: Of course! I love you!

Me: I love you!

Then another wonderful surprise. There is a little four year old boyI met at this hotel – that little guy can count to 600. His Dad informed me that he is coming back to visit. So the little boy likes me a lot and could not stop talking about me to his parents. Hr is coming back to the hotel within days and will be here for my birthday. I am sure that he can sing Happy Birthday and I know he can count to 76, It is impossible to express the joy I feel knowing that he will be here. I was rather dreading my birthday. Last week the following conversation ensued.

He: Happy Birthday!

Me: It is not my birthday yet.

He: But I won’t be seeing you before your birthday.

Me: Thanks for breaking it to me gently.

But I did make a mistake. I should have said:

Me: Ever heard of flowers?

I am laughing! He could afford them! Brother, do we ever have a difficult relationship but we do laugh a lot.

The exquisitely funny cartoon is from computer guru Chris! He knows how to put it on the blog and he is going to put it there. Hahahaha Should we begin a competition between London based Chris and London based David? Let the games begin!! Hahahaha

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