Too Lazy and Happy to Blog But a David Cartoon; I Was Thrown Out of Vancouver Symphony Orchestra By Neil Middleton The Marketing and Sales Manager and I am a Legacy Circle Member; Well Was a Legacy Circle Member; I Should Leave My Inheritance To An Organization That Hires Such A Man: To My Attorney Tomorrow For Disinheritance!!

Who gave Mr. Middleton the authority to insult me and ban me from the Symphony? Shame on you! I AM DONE! Totally. It was insulting but I do not wish to get involved with negativity with an utter loser. I do not live in this Vancouver any longer and a last vestige of connection is with VSO but no longer. I will write longer of this IF I feel like it – but who cares?????? I am OUTTA here Vancouver.

But safe, cosseted and happy in my hotel. Cosseted, such a word. Cosseted: pamper, indulge, overindulge, mollycoddle, coddle, baby, pet, mother, nanny, nursemaid, pander to, spoon-feed, feather-bed, overparent, spoil; wrap in cotton wool, wait on someone hand and foot, cater to someone’s every whim, kill with kindness; archaic cocker..

That is my treatment here at this hotel with more detail to follow. I am spoon fed, spoiled, wrapped in cotton wool and killed with kindness. Well, not by Mr. Middleton of course. The insulting petty man. How about petty for the next word Petty: trivial, trifling, minor, small, slight, unimportant, insignificant, inessential, inconsequential, inconsiderable, negligible, paltry, footling, fiddling, niggling, pettifogging, nugatory, of little account; informal piffling, piddling, penny-ante; British informal twopenny-halfpenny; North American informal nickel-and-dime, picayune; North American vulgar slang chickenshit. ANTONYMS important, serious, major.

I am interrupted at this point by a knock on my door. A wonderful woman brings me warm cookies and asks me if I want more. I did say yes and I got two more and I showed her a picture of a most handsome man, obviously NOT Neil Middleton. We hugged and I invited her to the wedding (just a joke, but just in case).

It is absolutely impossible to describe how spoiled and honoured I am at this wonderful hotel. I spoke to a person in charge and told them how much I worshipped this hotel on my blog and Instagram

Me: I give this place such rave reviews. You will be forced to build an extension.

He: Construction has already begun.

So after the Middleton guy banned me from the Orpheum I just came home to my hotel and there was a magnificent piano bar with so much fun, frivolity and festiveness. Who needs you Mr. Middleton and who needs you VSO? You stuffy bunch. You do not deserve Otto, and his brilliance will leave you when funding drops away. Not only mine but a rather affluent person I know. Not Joo Kim Tiah, by the way. Mr. Misogynist Middleton, you messed with the wrong woman. Or perhaps not. It is not my problem I do not plot the demise of this insignificant man heeding the word of my beloved Uncle Dave.

He: Alexis, Stop fighting! Go to the sidelines and they will do themselves in. Now I do just wonder how long it will take? Who cares? I no longer live here and will not go to VSO. Bye guys.

You shall love what David sent. It is SO funny. I am sure Middleton has no sense of humour at all. It did not show up anyway as he insulted me. A Legacy Circle member. FORMER LEGACY CIRCLE MEMBER.

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