Waking to Total Luxury; Conquering Vancouver After a History of Victimization at This Fair City’s Hands; The Cruse Crew; Am I An Influencer?

I awake to total luxury here in the bosom of Vancouver. The magnificent Wedgewood Hotel, owned by a woman, upgraded me and I am in a suite that can best be described as palatial. In all of my years I have never resided in more elegant and spacious surroundings.l There is not a hint of tackiness – the art is beautifully framed, the colours subdued, the bed nothing short of heavenly (huge, with wondrous soft pillows, the sheets glorious to the touch). Yesterday I penned the delights of the room to friend Jennifer:

Me: I have been upgraded to a suite in the Wedgewood Hotel – you cannot believe how elegant it is, Huge!!!! I have never seen anything like this is my life. A HUGE bed, chair ,lamp table bureau all located in the in bedroom. A balcony with two chairs and a table. The living room contains another television, a sofa, two chairs and a desk. Huge bathroom with separate tub from huge shower. Huge hallway. Handsome waiters and bellman. Posh restaurant with fantastic food. I have died and gone to heaven! Damn is this bed comfortable! I can open the sliding glass door and have fresh air. I shall have a glorious rest.

She: Sleep well and sweet dreams!

Me: Working on it. Hahahaha

I also told friend Tracey of my good fortune. I awoke to an email from her.

She: OOHH So exciting ! You deserve an upgrade don’t doubt it. Well done ::)) Welcome Alexis ,we are looking forward to having you here.

I cannot believe my good fortune and as long as I do not stray too far from this luxurious hotel where I am treated with the ultimate care and attention I am fine. I met with my wonderful trainer Ayda yesterday and she put me through my paces. We giggled the whole time and there was much to catch up on. Then to the printer to discuss the Tate book – so good to see those wonderful supportive women again.l But a short exposure to the Streets of Vancouver was beginning to bring disillusionment. People rude and jostling one another. My goodness, what a word: Jostle: bump into/against knock into/against, bang into, collide with, cannon into, plough into, jolt, shove, elbow, hustle; mob; push North American informal barrel into.

So I was cannoned into, ploughed into and barrelled into. People stupidly insist that it is the same everywhere to which I respond:

Me: No it is not! Have you ever travelled?

They: Well, excuse me.

Me: No.

But a safe return was made and then a glorious lunch beginning with a Sidecar, a chicken club, with Cobb salad. The restaurant and hotel is crowded with the cruise crew, as I call them. People stopping off on their way to Alaska , I guess. There was a table full of them next to me. An old man, (on his last leg), his younger wife and the progeny and progeny’s children. My goodness, how I love that word. Progeny: a descendant or the descendants of a person, animal, or plant; offspring: (Shorthorn cattle are highly effective in bestowing their characteristics on their progeny.)

I do have a vivid imagination and made up a story about the folks at the adjoining table. The old gentleman with his heirs and assigns were going on an Alaskan cruise. He was to be pushed overboard to hasten the inheritance process. The desperate things one does when eating alone and forced to entertain oneself Once, last November, I was at an Indian Restaurant, bored with the trivial overheard conversation, spied a handsome young man alone. Me: Alexis. Do not go talk to that man! You have enough men in your life.

Alter Ego: Oh, go ahead. What have you got to loose?

Well I did go speak to him which brought lots of heart ache, But it is better to have loved and lost then never have loved at all. I guess, although there is not much choice at this point.

My spacious suite also has slick magazines. One called Nuvo, which has a rather poorly written editorial piece which discussed Influence. “What is influence?. As distinguished by the ability to influence opinions, behaviours, or attitudes of a given group? Age, money, or Instagram likes?

Never before have digital technologies had such a powerful effect on human behaviour. And with this has become the birth of the Influencer, a 21st-century phenomenon. Who are these people? Social media users who have thousands,, hundreds of thousands of followers What do they do in reality? Communicate a tailored message to virtual contacts..”

Have I become an Influencer? I fear so, and fear is the proper word.

Hopefully, this blog will contain a GIF sent by a friend. It expresses the joy felt by all upon my return to this City. Hahahahaha

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