Too Much Enthusiasm Can Be a Dangerous Thing Especially at VSO; The Continuing Joys of the Wedgewood; A Wonderful Day with Kathleen; The Powers of Persistence; Two Songs

Many are wondering what caused by ejection from the Vancouver Symphony at the hands of Neil Middleton. It was enthusiasm, put and simple. My enthusiasm was limited to clapping and standing in appreciation at the end of the first work, an exquisitely performed Tristiane and Isolde by Wagner. Other people also stood in enthusiasm at the completion of this fine work. It was scarcely like I was performing cheerleader yells in the middle of the performance. It seemed that Mr. Middleton’s job was to ensure that the Maestro’s concentration would not be impaired – Otto concentrates perfectly, obviously gaining the respect and attention of all of the orchestra members.

He: You will not be allowed to sit within ten rows of the orchestra.

Me: You do not seem to understand, I have left Vancouver. This is my last concert.

He: You have said that before.

All of this conversation took place after the performance and the restrictions increased to the point that I was to be ousted from the Orpheum. At firs it was do not talk to the Maestro at the event following the concert, than do not come at the event at all and then leave the building. Mr. Middleton was indeed upping the ante. At first I insisted that the police be called to evict me but then reason won the day. I left, returning to the Wedgewood where talented musicians entertained the guests and Sancerre, my favourite was served in a bucket. The dining room was crowded, the people enthusiastic and grateful to be in the lovely surroundings. There was no standing in lines drinking from plastic glasses. It was a better decision all around. Thank you so much Mr. Middleton. He did me a favour in the long run. It did seem rather silly to be leaving my fortune to an orchestra in a city that is hateful and corrupt. A quick trip to my Canadian attorney will serve to negate the gift. In case there is any doubt as to my original intent a copy of the legacy page with my name encircled is attached to this blog. Mr. Middleton is also mentioned in the programme as being the Vice President, Marketing and Sales. His duties as Protector of the Maestro’s Concentration must have been in addition to his usual duties. I do wonder of he will receive hazard pay as well. If thoughts could kill, he would deserve it.

Yesterday afternoon was delightful. Friend Kathleen visited my palatial suite and we had the very best of times which later included lunch at the Bacchus Restaurant. She noted that the angst I suffered residing in Vancouver had vanished and several people, including the woman selling hats and scarves near VAG similarly remarked upon my new found joy and happiness. Who would not be happy being spoiled to death at the Wedgewood? The night before last fruit and chocolates greaten my return.

Me: Could you do anything else to make my stay more enjoyable, you are spoiling me beyond belief.

He: The pen I just gave you will be the last gesture.

Of course it was not, but that definitely funny. Then I discovered that a friend has applied for the concierge position – it seemed serendipity and NAWN was informed.

Me: If she gets the job, you can be reminded of me and learn what is happening in my life.

He: No, it will just make me miss you more.!

Of course NAWN is a nickname which stands for Not A Wedding Nut, it is most apt. I blew a kiss across the crowded room in the direction of Man Without A Job. I blew a kiss and he caught it – Kathleen was there and said it would be a great line to use in my blog. I just did. The reason the man does not have a job is because his function tis to supervise the restaurant staff. That staff needs no supervision or direction – they are incredible. The day before yesterday I was jostled by a woman at a crosswalk and fell – on my good leg. I was terrified but four wonderful people came to my assistance. I sped back to my Wedgewood where I was given a stool, and an ice pack. Thank to that intervention there was no swelling and my good leg remains good. A picture of me in all my glory is attached.

I was, in all honesty, going to let the Middleton insult go, following my Uncle Dave’s direction.

He: Alexis, Stop Fighting. Just Go to the sidelines and they will do themselves in.

Me: I think that wise, uncle. Mr. Middleton must not have enough to do if he is called upon to police me.

But Kathleen said Mr. Middleton’s actions were insulting and wrongful and did result in harm to VSO – its coffers will be effected not only by the withdrawal of my funds but also a possible contribution by a person in my life that I call Mr. Money Bags. He will laugh when learns of his new nick name. He does enjoy my sense of humour immensely.

He: lol Very funny invitation!

What was he being invited to? I ain’t talking, a later meeting was confirmed however. What to wear? Always a question. Sedate black dress with new shoes and matching scarf, me thinks. I hope he does not read this blog. Oops, maybe he does. Do you not love anticipation? Do let us define anticipation. expectancy, expectation, hope, hopefulness; excitement, suspense. (Her eyes sparkled with anticipation.) Anticipation is in order; it took six months for me to pull this off. Persistence is actually an inherited trait; perseverance, tenacity, determination, resolve, resolution, resoluteness, staying power, purposefulness, firmness of purpose, patience, endurance, application, diligence, sedulousness, dedication, commitment, doggedness, persistency, pertinacity, assiduity, assiduousness, steadfastness, tirelessness, indefatigability, stamina; intransigence, obstinacy; German Sitzfleisch; informal stickability; North American informal stick-to-it-iveness

But my doggedness and stick-to-it-iveness did include giving it all up at one point. I suppose my assiduity was rewarded but in the strangest of ways. It is as if fate and destiny intervened. One of my favourite songs is Shut Up and Dance

Oh don’t you dare look back

Just keep your eyes on me

I said you’re holding back

She said shut up and dance with me

This woman is my destiny

She said oh oh oh

Shut up and dance with me

During the difficult days in London my theme song was My Fight Song, Here are some of the lyrics.

This is my fight song

Take back my life song

Prove I’m alright song

My power’s turned on

Starting right now I’ll be strong

I’ll play my fight song

And I don’t really care if nobody else believes

‘Cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me

Losing friends and I’m chasing sleep

Everybody’s worried about me

In too deep

Say I’m in too deep (in too deep)

And it’s been two years I miss my home

But there’s a fire burning in my bones

Still believe

Yeah, I still believe…

Now I am home and it is not Vancouver, home of the VSO.

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