Intended Blog But Laziness and A Fantastic Contribution From David Intervened; But News of My Knee Surgery and Then Veering Off To Implants

I was intending to focus today’s blog on two things. One an announcement of the decision to schedule my knee surgery for sooner rather than later. That I shall do, come to think of it.

I wrote my London friends who were anticipating my presence in their fair land and city. My email began with this statement.(By the way some, but not all, of my London friends diligently read my blog.

“I postponed my knee surgery thinking that the cortisone shot would relieve the pain and I could put it off. But the reality of that is somewhat different. Although the intense pain (that I was denying) is gone I am still limited in my mobility and I yearn to be more active again. I can get around but not exercise to any degree. So I decided to bite the bullet and get it over with. My surgery is now scheduled for June 10. Here is the good news!! The new procedure with the best guy in the USA will mean that I should be recovered and able to be perfectly mobile in about a month. Planning to go to a wedding in Las Vegas and then figure out where things are at.”

It does not make any sense to apartment hunt before surgery because any place I get at this point would have limitations – no stairs, close to everything as I cannot really walk great distances etc. When I am better the skies will open and I can be so much more flexible. Recovery at my present hotel probably the best as they are darling and Pacific Catch promises to bring on the food. All shall be swell! I cannot wait to be better and be able to get around. I need to live near a water aerobics facility as I love jumping up and down in the water and it is good for me. So I am happy, happy, happy.

I opened my email this morning and found a wonderful treasure from David. I trust that Chris will be able to place it upon the mighty Internet and you can laugh along with me. This is my responding email.

Me: Gosh Darn David I LOVE YOU! I am going to see if I can put this on my blog. I was going to blog about my surgery but this is way more fun. WAY MORE!!! You are such a dear, where would I be without you??? Probably here come to think of it in Marin where I started out before those London days when I met you. With love, Little Girl

For some obscure reason David calls me Little Girl, it makes me laugh because I am, after all. seventy five going on seventy six. And I am not little at all, short but not little. When I was making my appointment for a mammogram this conversation took place.

She: Do you have implants?

Me: Are you kidding? Of course not! I have big boobs. And if you think you need big boobs to attract a man that is SO stupid. What kind of man is attracted to boobs rather than brains anyway?

She: Laughter!

Me: Then there was the Steve Marin joke. A guy in Hollywood touches a woman’s breast and is horrified! What is that he says?? She says: “I have Not Had Implants” Poor guy that was all he knew.

She: That is funny!

Me: Yes but sad.

I remember during the days of my lengthly email correspondence with Joo Kim Tiah remarking that according to pictures of him with women he had a preference for silicone breasted women. As I recall he rather laughed and said true and that at times it was unnecessary, in that their boobs were big enough, I cannot remember the exact words, but it was amusing. Most of those women, appearing on his arm, were Asian with silicon boobs. No wonder our relationship did not go anywhere. Hahahaha! But I think he is still single despite his big campaign to find a wife. But I do not live in Vancouver anymore so who knows?

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