Waking Up To Birds, Hopeful News from The Chronicle; Emails from MHM; A Charitable Event Taking Place in Vancouver; Is Empathy Proper; Oops I am Homeless

Oh What A Beautiful Morning, Oh What A Beautiful Day; Everything’s Going My Way. Perhaps I will write a song using those words. Hahahaha! I awoke in Marin to the sound of birds singing, there is a tree outside my ground floor room with more on the spacious grounds of this Inn. Very different from my days in San Francisco and Vancouver. I love the sound of birds, my very favourite memory of Dolphin Square in London was the sound of birds – morning and night. I had a great sleep – woke up early but as I have my prescription sleeping medication a pill and then sleep came again and this time daylight and birds greeted me.

I made some interesting Instagram contacts, old friends, people in all parts of the world, the man that said I was the greatest person to walk into the ‘store:(which was the Flight Centre in Vancouver) and actually, the guy that tried to scam me. He found someone in LA (an old friend) he says. Well she is old so that is a truth. Hr refuses to admit that he lied to me, just embroiders more. I am relieved that he is not in my life – most of the desperate women that he scams do not feel that way. I find it amusing, complicating his life with my honesty. He has too many women on the string and cannot keep us all straight.

Then to the buffet breakfast with different choices than the San Francisco breakfast. An obese woman sitting nearby with her husband wolfs down an enormous breakfast – so far two waffles, eggs, bacon, yogurt, toast. The woman is of no fixed age, probably younger than I am. She is not going to have an easy death- her mobility will be limited. Her husband reads the paper oblivious to it all.

The San Francisco Chronicle again contains good news. “Tech billionaire Benioff. Wife donate $30 million, the time a donation to start a research institute at SC San Francisco. “It is the biggest private donation ever given in the United States for research on homelessness.” Then later in the piece the donor spoke: It is absolutely necessary to understand why people are homeless in order to fashion programs to help homelessness. “When it comes to homelessness, there are philosophers who think they know what’s best, and the scientists to actually do.” Benioff told the chronicle. The is about helping the scientists.”

Interestingly I just learned that a friend in Vancouver is sponsoring an event to fund and support the homeless. This is from an email he sent.

“ One of Evolved Extraction’s core values is “Empathy over Profit”. This May 15th we will be putting this value into action by donating our time to A Better Life Foundation by hosting a “Dinner with Dignity” event that will help feed those less fortunate on the DownTown Eastside. By clicking the link below, you can help support a night of connection, empathy and community.



Now I did volunteer to even come help cook but then found out from my Vancouver friends that it may not be a safe neighbourhood for me. I was attacked by a homeless man in a safe neighbourhood so it does make me leery. I did make a contribution to the dinner. It was a bit difficult to do but I managed.

But my friend is assuming the sitting down to a dignified dinner is what the homeless want and/or need. This many not be necessarily true. I befriended a homeless man when living in Vancouver. All who knew me almost dropped dead in shock as I was not exactly a homeless fan particularly after the attack and lack of assistance from all around me. But MHM and I became friends in October of 2018, he liked to cook for me and he was rather talented, particularly with eggs. He uses the computers at the VPL and sent me an email very recently. I saw him on the streets just before departing Vancouver and o he knew I was relocating. What follows is some e of our early correspondence

Me: I have patterned my Uncle’s biography on a book. Stuart, A Life Backwards. It is the biography of s homeless man, it begins with his death and works towards his birth. A profound book, Need I remind you that you are homeless. Hahahaha. I just now thought of that coincidence!

He: I am not homeless the entire earth and universe is my home,

This was the latest correspondence between the two of us.

He: Get your ass to San Francisco don’t you come back unless you have a beer and some Swiss cheese, trump loves ya Hillary hates ya

Me: I am in San Francisco!! Back to Vancouver for a brief visit. Do let us stay in touch! I am so happy to get your email!!!!! I will be back in about two weeks! Thank you for emailing me!

Then even later.

Me: So I am coming to Vancouver for about a week sometime after May 7. Will buy you a beer and even spring for Swiss cheese! Hahahaha With affection.

So I am not sure if MHM is typical but he does not seem to want an elaborate three course meal, He just wants a beer and Swiss cheese. As you can surmise he and I ave a huge difference of opinion about Trump but we had similar taste in music and watched interesting television together. I will get in touch with him when I go to Vancouver for a visit. To say the very least, we have a strange relationship. .

Evolved Extraction has chosen as its core value Empathy Over Profitability. I am huge on Empathy – type it into the search engine of the blog, it reveals twenty blog entries. (20) However I am not sure the concept is applicable in this situation. This appeared in a prior blog of mine.

“People often confuse the words empathy and sympathy. Empathy means ‘the ability to understand and share the feelings of another’ (as in both authors have the skill to make you feel empathy with their heroines), whereas sympathy means ‘feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else’s misfortune’ (as in they had great sympathy for the flood victims).

So it seems that Sympathy over Profitability might be more accurate as the company expresses feelings of pity and sorry for the homeless. On the face Empathy does sound better, one has to admit. There has been some correspondence over Evolved Extraction since meeting the founder in November 2018,

Me: I like the name Evolved Extraction even if it makes me think of pulling teeth. I am funny.

He: Haha! thats a good one I’m going to try to recycle that when I tell people about the company.

Me: Any time that I can help you with you business I will. I am laughing again. The opposite to your company could be retarded constipation. Bet you are not going to use that one. Hahaha

Yesterday was a time of transition for me, I found it very difficult to leave the other Inn, the Inn at the Opera. Here are some of the conversations that took place.

He: Alexis! You asked for a new key twenty times, that is a record!

Me: Thanks but I did not get any credit for all of the ones I returned.

He: We are going to have to charge you.

Me: Oh no! Reggie is your boss and he said that charges would not be levied until a million keys were issued.

Then later the same wonderful man came to help me with my baggage. He found a ring on the floor and handed it over,

asking if it were mine.

Me: Oh my goodness! That is my mother’s wedding band, how weird. I will wear it and then we will tell Reggie we are married.

So down to the lobby we went.

Me: Reggie, we are married!

Reggie: Really? I am not surprised!

Actually Reggie is the Knight in Shining Armour mentioned in a prior blog and has been so helpful on a number of occasions. What will I do without him?

So I left Inn at the Opera laughing – I am going back there in May but still it was sad. It seemed a chapter in my life had ended. It was a difficult month in many ways – many decisions were made. But the storm was weathered and I am fine. I do bounce back.

Yesterday I had a pneumonia vaccine and my arm hurts a bit and also an EKG, which did not hurt at all. I have the best medical care in the whole world and I am so grateful! Today appointments were made for a mammogram and a bone density test. I am the picture of health except for the knee. I have at least twenty more years left in me according to my physician – the poor world!

But something occurred to me just now. I am homeless. Apartment hunting has been delayed. I have no fixed abode. I guess I can sit and be served. But in a location where it may not be safe for me? Perhaps not a good idea. I think I need an escort. MHM just wants a beer and Swiss cheese so I do not think he is my man!

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