I am So Loved and I am So Grateful; An Incredible Loving Poem; Thoughts on the Proper Use of Instagram Using Good and Bad Examples

Day before yesterday I received a wonderful gift by email from friend Kathleen who lives in Vancouver. She looms large on this blog – mostly because of the incredible blog of she wrote about me, immensely flattering. She subsequently wrote a profile about a man of my acquaintance and I had the privilege of being there when he was interviewed. It was a stunning introduction to him, Both profiles were WOW and did capture the both of us rather perfectly. This was the email that accompanied her gift.

She: I wrote this poem for people to share with their friends and I send it to you, as you are special to me. Have a beautiful day!

Me: I LOVE it, except for the brunette hair as mine is white! Hahahaha! I cam thinking of putting it on my blog. Would that be ok with you? More later.

She: Sure -kt

The behind the scenes miracle is that. I actually placed this on the page my very own self without Chris Jackson, the man I thought I could not live without. Chris, just joking, I know I could not live without you – you are my rock. He said so beautifully at the Rex Whistler Restaurant: “I pave the road, you drive the car. “

I had a recent insight – relationships MUST be reciprocal to work properly. I have a history of forming relationships that are not reciprocal. I am slowly, and I do mean slowly, forming different sorts of relationships and giving up those that do not work for me. They might work for the other guy or girl but not for me. The change has been recent and relationships have been severed but it does not leave me in distress because they are new people around to help me with the things I need help with and it is my role, apparently, I cheer them up.

This from Instagram, from a man who is direct messaging me. His identity shall remain private of course.

He: I have wished to be happy and ever since you came into my life I think I am closer to happiness. You really sound so nice and caring.

Me: Good I think I do that to people and I am so flattered that you said that by the way. And people around me care back.

So this guy starting corresponding with me yesterday and wants my full attention and wants to ‘care for me.” But he is miles and miles and miles away. He wants individual answers to questions that are on the blog. What is he offering me back? It takes hours to correspond on Instagram using the one finger method on the phone. So this is not working for me.

Now I have friends on Instagram that are far away. Grandson and I communicate daily but it is a give and take. He posts his gorgeous photos with increasingly relevant and profound language showing that he is getting better and better every day and I told him so. He works so hard! . He answered back:

He: All you can do G,Ma is evolve. And it shows.

Now I feel gratified and he feels gratified. I neither want or need someone to “take care” of my when actually he is not bringing anything to the table that I need. Relationships evolve and perhaps this person could offer me something but I do rather doubt it. He is young and far away and there is no way that we could meet. I am going to Grandson’s wedding in Las Vegas in July – hotel reservations made. He is not asking me, nor I him, for air fare to get there. A scammer on Instagram once did. Needless to say we never met and he speedily left my firmament. I do intend to write about predators on Instagram but not all guys are predators.

But I do not need a far off admirer – some women do and that is unfortunate for them and they do get taken in. That is not me.

So my advice to woman who are considering a man on Instagram. DO NOT CORRESPOND SOLELY WITH THEM ON DIRECT MAIL It is necessary that they bring something to the table. If their lives are empty they have nothing to bring but adoration and no one grows with adoration alone. Bloody strange motto that is but true.

I use Instagram to stay in touch with people I have met, are close to and it cements our relationship. Most significantly Tracey and Flower Girl’s Wife. I met a man in Starbucks in Vancouver and we constantly send messages back and forth. Some guy in Australia and I click his posts leave me with things to think about. I routinely share messages with the incredible Vancouver artist Jean Paul Anglois. Emma from Ireland and I are great correspondents. So Instagram is a tool that can be used for good and for bad. Boy have I had some bad luck recently but there were moments in our correspondence that were amusing and fun. But are needs were different and he did have an empty life, So I will write more about the similarities amongst men who are Instagram predators. Hey maybe they are all the same guy, never thought of that before.

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