Strange Statistics; A Perfect and Timely Cartoon from David; Spotting Scammers on Instagram Instantly This Time; Ms. Asimov from the San Francisco Chronicle Weighs In; A Blow Dry From Tracy

I have been staying in this hotel since April 1, 2019 and occasionally forget my key and ask for a new one. Well it is more than occasional and their system tracks it. I have had sixteen (16) keys made. They do not give me credit for keys returned. I only have three in my room at the present time. I must be setting some sort of record. I am laughing, I am truly laughing.

Well things are not working out at all well in the Man Department – the Frog just stayed a Frog and did not become a Prince. Oh well. London David is in the know and he is kept abreast of all my follies with men. A guess Folly will be the word of the day. Folly: foolishness; foolhardiness, stupidity, idiocy, imbecility, silliness, inanity, lunacy, madness, rashness, recklessness, imprudence, injudiciousness, lack of caution, lack of foresight, lack of sense, irrationality, illogicality, irresponsibility, thoughtlessness, indiscretion; informal craziness; British informal daftness. ANTONYMS wisdom; good sense.

Well I am slowly getting better, exhibiting less recklessness, less lunacy, less inanity and less rashness. I mean at least I do not marry the guys, most frequently NOT go to bed with the guys and now I have gotten even better. Guys come onto me on Instagram ALL OF THE TIME but now I just block them. One suspicious move and away they go. It took all of one day of communication and poor old Wellington bit the dust. An engineer on some platform in Iceland of all places. Now I like Iceland and have been there. But what are the chances he is there and he is really Wellington. Slim to None. Bye,Bey Welly baby! And another one bites the dust, an another one bites the dust. One just blocks the individual and he is long gone. A detailed examination of the Instagram scammer man will follow

At the moment I cannot seem to be able to retrieve the hysterical cartoon David sent but I will describe it. It is a skeleton, a woman with a sign that reads Looking For The Perfect Man. There are hordes of men around but they are more than a little imperfect and sometimes totally destructive – Jimmie Avanzini was a destructive individual – someone who underneath it all hated women. More about him later.

Faithful readers will know that the April 21,2019 blog discussed a San Francisco Chronicle Article on Anxiety Disorders, found problems in the reporting of the study and sent an email to the reporter who had penned the piece. I got a lengthly response back from her and here it is.

Dear Ms. McBride,

The problem with your blog is not your lack of kindness. It’s your lack of comprehension about the contents of the article.

You begin with a basic misunderstanding of journalism: “Basically this article blames it all on social media.”

That’s simply wrong. The article contains no blame. The article cites the study, which blames some of the anxiety on social media. Those are two very big distinctions that you gloss over as if they were unimportant.

Your next error is to say that the “story centers on a young woman.” She is merely an illustration of what the professor’s study found. The story centers on what the study found.

Therefore, your next mistake was inevitable: “the reporter admitted.” Reporters do not “admit” things in their articles, as if it were a personal essay, or a blog like yours. My personal opinions have no place in any article, and you won’t find them there – nor personal “admissions.” Instead, in addition to the use of digital devices, the story describes the additional findings of the study. There is nothing nefarious about that, or anything that needs to be “admitted.”

When you say “unnamed and unreported data,” you’ve clearly missed the named and reported data identified in the study and in the article: “Scheffler and his team of graduate students examined nine years of data from two large, yearly studies of students: the National College Health Assessment survey of students and the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth.”

That’s pretty clear if you’d actually read the story.

Finally, it appears that the entire point of your blog is to dissuade people from trusting reporters. Try living in a nation where there is no free press. You’ll soon find that your tax money is misspent, your infrastructure is poorly built because no one exposes kickbacks, and innocent people are imprisoned because there is no way to shed light on the injustice. So ask yourself who is causing the greater harm here, a story about a study examining years of student data, or a diatribe against a primary instrument of democracy?

You may disagree that you’ve made many mistakes. But you’ve made one mistake in particular that demonstrates your difficulty in the accuracy department.

You spelled my name wrong.


Ms. Asimov (not Nasimov)

I would say that she is being a bit defensive and not together correct. I did send her a fast response. (I did correct the spelling later so not to make yet another mistake.)

Me: I shall respond later after thinking and the privilege of no deadline! But on the surface dear you are wrong and you are extremely arrogant. Otherwise you would be working for the New Yorker instead of a newspaper without a great reputation.

Her article contained np critical analysis at all, emphasizing only one small portion of the findings of the study. I fail to see what her article did to further democracy in any form. I hate to point this out to this poor woman but the infrastructure in these United States is falling apart, tax money is misspent and innocent people are jailed uniformly and constantly. Even though there is a ‘free press”of which she considers herself a member.

I am not going to respond directly to her – it would be a fundamental waste of time as neither of us are going to change our positions. There is no fertile ground for an open discussion.

I shall get on with my life – often reporting studies and facts – not opinion. Do remember “Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but not their own facts. Ms. Asumov cannot seem to distinguish between the two.

The photograph attached to this blog is factual – it is me after a blow dry at Topiary where a wonderful woman, Tracy Collins, not only did a great job but is going to London and will be there when I am there. It can be an amazingly small world.

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