Good News from the Chronicle; A Pit Bull and a Skateboard on the Streets of San Francisco; Absolutely Rude and Horribly Stupid People; Grandson in Underwear; Ballerina Alexis and Something From David

I am somewhat hesitant to report anything from the San Francisco Chronicle given the last exchange with Ms. Asimov BUT there appears to be good news. “A drop in property sales in San Francisco suggests a housing slowdown despite a booming economy’ reports Roland Li on Friday April 26, 2019. But there is also bad news as a “second bill that would expand rent control laws appears to be dead “says Alexei Koseff in another article on the front page of the 4/26/2019 paper. Li admits the reasons for the downward trend are unknown but does point to three different possibilities. This is good reporting in my eyes – not point to one thing that may or may not be the cause while, at the same time, admitting there are some unknowable reasons. Ms. Asimov could learn something from her colleague.

Perhaps colleague can be the word of the day, it is a word that is used constantly in the UK., not as much in the USA or Canada. Colleague: fellow worker, workmate, teammate, co-worker, associate, partner, co-partner, collaborator, ally, comrade, companion, confederate; French confrère; informal oppo; Australian/NZ informal offsider; archaic compeer;

A long conversation took place in the lobby of the Inn at the Opera. A trusted, sensitive and acute employee and Alexis McBride discussed the phenomena of spreading misery or spreading joy. This blog probably does give an inaccurate picture of my existence because I accent the positive, eliminate the negative and don’t mess with Mr. In-between. Emphasizing the negative only makes misery grow, we concurred on that one. Perhaps it may comfort some people to hear that bad things happen to me and I shall now relate two, just to cheer up the miserable.

Two days ago I was walking down Van Ness on my way to the bank to see wonderful Moses, my banker of choice who is a truly great and helpful man. There confronting me on Van Ness was a white, ugly Pit Bull dog without any lease whatsoever. I have dog phobia but even without the phobia it would be a scary sight. I spoke to the owners, a man and a woman (who were even uglier than the pit bull dog)

Me: I have dog phobia and this certainly gave me a scare.

She: FUck Off Lady!

Me: You Fuck Off.

She: You need therapy!

Me: I have had therapy lady! Any sane person would say that you need therapy walking down the street with a pit bull with no leash and an unattractive boy friend!

She: You are just old.

Me: You will never get this old Lady with your attitude and demeanour

Then I gave her, the dog and the boyfriend the finger, I GUESS I won that round. Then to Chase bank where there is a fantastic security guard. He could not call the police but got the number and dialled the non emergency telephone number of the San Francisco Police. After being on hold for what seemed like one hundred years I gave up. The couple and the dog would have been long gone by then. I went about my day – going to Max’s for lunch, as I recall.

Then yesterday this is what happened. A kid almost ran me over with a skate board as I walked down Van Ness.

Me: It is best not to run over me with your skate board.

He: Fuck you!

Me: Fuck You!!!

Woman: Do not tell my son to Fuck Off or I will beat you up!

Me: That is teaching your son great manners by threatening to beat up an old lady just because she said fuck you back to him when he started it!

Then I gave her the finger. So there is a moral to the story and it is this: dnefmmcb. People from the Trump International Hotel and Tower know what that stands for!

But In a way the Pit Bull Beauty did me a favoru. I was so angry that my PTSD went away like magic – I can defend myself against a stupid ugly woman with a stupid ugly boyfriend. I am FEARLESS! Now I wish I would have said:

Me: Lady!! Son’t you DARE! My Grandson will come and kick you and your son’s ass. He is black and from the ghetto in Kansas City Missouri and he is the toughest guy you EVER want to meet.

She: (would say): Oh yeah! Show me.

Me: Here is his picture! It is the wallpaper on my phone.

She would be a little flabbergasted! Now that is another good word for today. Flabbergast: astonish, astound, amaze, surprise, startle, shock, take aback, take by surprise; dumbfound, strike dumb, render speechless, stun, stagger, stop someone in their tracks, take someone’s breath away, confound, daze, overcome, overwhelm, nonplus, stupefy, disconcert, unsettle, bewilder; informal bowl over, knock for six, knock sideways, knock the stuffing out of, floor; British informal gobsmack.

That woman would definitely be gobsmacked when she saw his picture and he would get himself here and beat her up and the son up and wrap the skateboard around their necks. He did volunteer to kill a guy for me but I said:

Me: Grandson! Never mind! I just dumped him. I do not want to get you in trouble.

He: Thank you G.Ma.

So yesterday and the day before we had the following conversation. He posted a picture on Instagram wearing underwear for a photo shoot.

Me:You look rather handsome in your underwear Grandson. I shall not strike a similar pose Haha because it would not be appropriate for a G.Ma.

He:lol G,Ma

Me; It is delightful for a G.Ma to make her Grandson laugh because sometimes he is SO Serious

Two others chimed in.

She: Emojis

Me: What are these? Ido not understand

She: I am clapping for you!

Me: I need all the claps I can get! Hahahah

And another:

He: I am living for this!

Me: So am I. And I mentioned it on my blog.

The last entry from a man who has 7,536 followers, is a musician from LA.

So Instagram can shrink the world and is a viable and vibrant means of communicating. Grandson’s and my supportive relationship owes it all to Instagram. There are definite misses. Numerous attempts have been made by men to scam and spam me. What is that? Scam: Fraud, swindle, fraudulent scheme, racket, trick, diddle; informal con, con trick, flimflam, gyp, kite; British informal ramp, twist;

But I was never flimflammed or conned or gypped in a financial sense as I was for too intelligent and savvy for the idiots who were trying to use me. They were probably sociopaths so they did not suffer but how does one have self esteem when one has nothing better to do than try to seduce old ladies for money and the old lady ends up smarter than you? A recent post of Instagram said it all, it was entitled She woke up different.

“Done with trying to figure out who was with her, against her, or walking down the middle because they didn’t have the guts to pick a side. She was done with anything that did not bring her peace. She realized that options were a dime a dozen, validation was for parking, and loyalty was not a word but a lifestyle. It was this day that her life changed,. And not because of a man or a job but because she realized that life is way to short to leave the key to happiness in someone else’s pocket.”

Me: How relevant to me on this day! Guy coming to meet me but not. I own my own happiness!! The original message sent by 12daysoffeaster on Instagram.

Of course Grandson may be found tjgottamakeit where you can see him in his underwear.

The photo is one of me in ballerina pose number five at the wonderful fund raising event for the San Francisco Ballet. Did I have fun or what? I put on a tutu and danced with N. A young and talented woman but the tutu fell off. I posted the dance on Instagram. More about that in an upcoming blog. Also a funny, funny cartoon from David of London.

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