Fun and Nitrous at the Dentist; Resulting In Clean Teeth; Being A Bad Girl; I am Home Honey; Complimenting Chefs and Balls of Ice Cream

So going to the dentist is not regarded by man as a special treat but for me it was. My dentist is the star in my famous Mind the Gap story which can be retrieved and read by entering the title in the search engine. It was written about seven years ago – the topic being a History of Dental Malpractice. It discusses my gap which was removed by a series of procedures, both successful and NOT – mostly not. My current dentist is the hero of the story, appearing at the end riding in on his white horse and saving the day. My hero was provided a copy of the story years ago and totally loved it, suggesting a submission to a dental journal. Have not gotten around to that as yet.but it is on the blog with greater readership. I absolutely love the entire office and I can say with utmost truthfulness and sincerity that they love me. My dentist now practices with his son and his son is super charming and does deliver hugs. A sterling quality to be appreciated amongst all men. The reason for the visitation was a teeth cleaning which may sound boring and painful but is not due to the presence of a miracle drug commonly known as nitrous oxide. When I arrived I accidentally walked in the wrong door and found myself in the staff lounge which was handy because I had great news to tell everyone. The personal were extremely happy for me, happy and shocked beyond belief.

Next came the nitrous and the teeth cleaning. The hygienist is absolutely great at what she does – a fantastic woman. It did not hurt a bit. I got to watch television during the procedure, at first a bear eating a fish.

Me: I do not want to watch bears eating fishes! Please can I have something else.

She: Of course, let us look at the menu and see what might interest you.

Me: Thank you very much. Oh my goodness look at that, how prophetic! I want that!

She: What doe you want to watch?

Me: The one on Rome! I have developed a special affiliation with Rome as someone I know was born there.


It was most jolly – there was a lot of murder, sex scenes, off with your head stuff and evil emperors. Just what it needed during a teeth cleaning. Of course, I had to put the experience on Instagram and it is the funniest scene with a great deal of laughter and general confusion. It is a good thing the hygienist was not inhaling the stuff – I would have no teeth at all. But the word was not great, I have been most preoccupied with many things and my mouth is not getting the attention it deserves. My wondrous dentist walked in and I confessed.

Me: I have been a bad girl.

He: We are not talking here about her personal life, we are supposed to be talking about your dental care.

Me: I hate it when you are funnier than I am!

Then we spoke of many things, of cabbages and kinds and all of that. At the conclusion of the conversation he supplied this wisdom.

He: The word’s funniest woman marries the world’s funniest man. Its good you cannot have kids.

Me: I hate it when you are funnier than I am.

I promised to do better in the upcoming months, made a follow up appointment for cleaning and then hung around for a while after getting presents consisting of a a tooth brush and floss.

I made another appointment because he ran out of time with me (the louse). I come back tomorrow for a drop off – I will get a gap in the spare set. I got my gap back but it is admittedly artificial but to give you more information would be too much information. It can be found in the Mind the Gap story so get with it and find it and read it. The son who practices with his father spoke with me and he gave me a hug and a wondrous gift. Someone precious to me is planning to go to dental school – the son said that the office could become the source of shadowing and internship with a possibility of eventual employment.

Me: Oh my goodness! That makes me SO happy! Can I give you a hug?

He: Of course!

We shall see what happens – it is a blessed opportunity and gaining admission to dental school can be most difficult – this will look fabulous on the resume, the son is a graduate of University of the Pacific (or something) a leading dental school in the area. Such magic it all was.

Then it was off to the nearby TJ’s for a cocktail reward before heading back to the City. The tortilla soup was delicious and I complimented the chef who was strolling by.

Me: I love the tortilla soup it is absolutely delicious.

He: I love you!

Me: Well thank you! It is amazing the quality of the food you turn out considering the immense menu and the huge clientele.

He: Thank you – it is so wonderful to be appreciated. It is so rare and that is why I love you.

Me: I know, most people are dumb and ungrateful. But that is their problem. I get the love.

Then the ferry back to the City, catching a cab. The driver picked me up before, remembered me and we had a great conversation as we sped back to my wonderful hotel. Staff greeted me.

He: Welcome back.

He Welcome back

He: Welcome back

Me: Honey I am home! Hahahaha

So as you can see I am having a jolly time. Most jolly.

I shall conclude with other poignant lines from other people. I was at the wondrous Chex Benjamin on Gough eating the fantastic chicken sitting at the bar. Of course I complimented the chef.

Me: My gawd. The chicken is unbelievable! It is a variation of Chicken Kiev but it is better! The chicken is so moist, the breading so crisp and the cheese just oozes.

He: I so appreciate your appreciation of the food. We love having her here. It is so good that you are back.

The bartender had the best of lines EVER:

Me: I feel like and I am treated like a Queen. I am Queen Elizabeth the First. The Virgin Queen.

She: You have a much better hairline.

Me: OMG that is so funny!! Can I put that in my blog.

She: Of course!

So as you can see I am having a lot of fun. Gobs of fun and believe me, there is a lot going on behind the scene. Yikes, momentous changes yet again. But excellent ones.

Pictured is the fantastic desert from Chez Benjamin, was it ever good. It is a special ice cream, the yummiest thing on earth. Look at those balls. Hahahahah

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