The Greatest Breakfast On Earth; A Precious Wordy Three Year Old; Two Pictured Runners and Romeo and Juliet

Yesterday I had the greatest breakfast – it was not the food necessarily, it was the company. Although the food was good – there was bacon as a weekend treat. I could smell it in the hallway when I left my room but did not see it at the buffet table but then finally I spied it. 
What made the breakfast so special was a little girl. I had seen her before, she would be wearing little shirts with messages and I would read them and laugh with her. Yesterday her shirt said: Sweet Dreams. This conversation ensued. 
Me: Sweet dreams. But it is not night. 
She: You can dream anytime. 
Yesterday morning we got into a big conversation. I went over to her table where she was sitting with her parents. 
Me: I love your ponytail. 
She: You could have one too. Just grow your hair.
Me: But I like my hair short like this, I really like the woman who cuts my hair. 
She: It does not hurt to have your hair cut. 
Me: I know. 
Her mother said (in an aside) that she was afraid to have her hair cut the first time because she thought it would hurt. Now that is darling! By the way, you will not learn of this girl’s name nor see a picture of her. Her mother and I discussed this. Just because I sacrifice my privacy no one else around me must. People have nicknames, photos are taken only with permission of the person with the knowledge that it will go on the blog. 
I wrote some of our conversation on the paper napkin at my table. I went back and sat at my table when her grandmother and then her grandfather came to eat breakfast. I poised the following question to the grandmother. 
Me Is this your only grandchild. 
She: No I have nine. 
Me: Nine??? That is a lot. But, although I hate to be competitive I have nine too. 
She: But you did not have children. 
Me: But eight children were born during my third marriage to their grandfather. Kids do not do a DNA check – they just called me Granny Alexis and I became Granny Alexis
She: But you said that you had nine, where did the other one come from. 
Me; Well that is complicated. I met a young man on Instagram who inspired me. His story is on my blog. He said his grandmother would be my age if she had lived. So I offered to be his grandmother. 
She: Well, that is interesting. 
Me: Yes, it is. I feel like his grandmother even though technically we have never met. He sends me messages every day, two or three times a day. They cheer us both up, bringing us courage and hope. 
I asked the precious little girl how old she was, she showed me with her fingers to show me. 
Me: Do you want me to show you how old I am. 
She: Yes please. 
So I did it. Flashing all ten digits seven times and then a final five.
She: FIVE 
Me: No dear. I am 75. I am old! 
She: No you are not! You are young!. 
I was absolutely amazed to learn that this little girl was only three. Her father and I had this discussion. 
Me: I cannot believe she is three. She is so smart, so lively, she grasps concepts and has a huge vocabulary. 
He: Yes! Her mother and I teach her to use her words. We are committed to that. 
Me: You are to be commended!. Most parents do not take the time to do anything with their children. 
He: I realize that. 
At a nearby table a little girl was behaving in a bratty fashion, her parents were ignoring her. They were not and have not taught this child words so she yells and acts up to get attention, to the detriment of her parents and all those around her. But it is detrimental mostly to her. If you are not going to pay attention to a child then you should not have one. So there! So there! So there! 
The precious child’s parents were advocates of London.. I ran up to my room and got my Tate book and gave it to them. I signed it, writing a message . I should have taken a picture of it so that I would remember and tell others. Oh well!! 
When the little girl left I waved and said: 
Me: Good bye my dear I Will never forget you! 
And I won’t and she will have my book on the Tate to remember me. Now I am all in favour of blogs but books are something else. 
Two men came to an adjoining table and asked if they could sit as it was in close proximity to mine.  
Me: Of course! I always like sitting next to handsome men. 
They had just finished running the San Francisco marathon. We talked and talked and talked. I ended up giving them one of my Tate books. You will hear of our conversation in a few days, It was rather astounding. 
Their picture with my book in the foreground will grace this blog. They did give me permission to use their picture. They have nicknames. One is N.J. but at the moment I cannot remember the other and I fear I did not write it down. 
An Instagram entry had the greatest quote by Nelson Mandala. May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears. 
I hope that a choice I am in the process of making is reflecting my hopes, I think so. I am in the throes of a new relationship. He is so funny – he posted: 
He: Romeo and Juliet is my favourite love story. You fall in love and then you kill yourself. 
Who could not fall in love with a guy with such a great sense of humour. But, as you can see, it is not that easy courting me. But he was smiling happily in the photo that accompanied it. 
I am a bit feisty and stubborn but he is tough back. 
He: I know you have been through a lot of fake and abusive relationships but I shouldn’t pay for those asshole’s mistakes. 
Me:  You are exactly and totally correct and I respect that thoroughly. And if I am doing that please say so and I promise to stop. Say Alexis, this is me Romeo. 
Then the conversation went on but you are not going to hear private details. So there! So there! So there!. 
What shall be the word of the day? Final: last closing, concluding, finishing, end, ending, terminating, terminal, culminating, ultimate, eventual, endmost. ANTONYMS first, initial.
So these are my concluding, finishing, terminating culminating words of today. Hahahaha 

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