Alexis Knows Best; Killings on Uber; The True Definition of Stupidity; A New Career Getting Paid Under the Table; Rude Teenage Girls Whose Parents Must Not Care; But My (Adopted) Grandson Does Care

Faithful readers will know that I not only hate Uber and rail against them constantly but also wrote an extremely intelligent treatise against the huge money grubbing company. The word of the day is treatise which means disquisition, essay, paper, work, piece of writing, exposition, discourse, dissertation, thesis, monograph, study, critique; tract, pamphlet.

My discourse, my disquisition, my critique used scientific evidence that showed that Uber screws screwed and will continue to screw everything up – and I do mean EVERYTHING. Read my erudite blog of February 19, 2019. So just for a laugh we will have two words of the day and the next shall be erudite: learned, scholarly, well educated, knowledgeable, well read, widely read, well versed, well informed, lettered, cultured, cultivated, civilized, intellectual; intelligent, clever, academic, literary, bookish, highbrow, studious, sage, wise, sagacious, discerning, donnish, cerebral, enlightened, illuminated, sophisticated, pedantic; esoteric, obscure, recondite; informal brainy, genius; rare sapient. ANTONYMS ignorant; ill-educated.

The April 10, 2019 San Francisco Chronicle contains even more ammunition. The title states Student’s Slaying Puts Spotlight on Uber, Lyft Safety. The first paragraph reads: “A deadly mix-up that led to a college student’s murder has catalyzed a movement asking Uber and Lyft to strengthen safety precautions ensuring riders get in the correct car.”

But that is stupid and does not solve the problem at all. If you do not get in an Uber at all you will be safe. How hard can that be????? But I guess the smart people and/or the people that read the blog will not get in an Uber. And do I care about the stupid people who do not read my blog. Not really as I do not respect or honour stupidity. Stupidity has nothing to do with intelligence – it is a way of NOT looking at the world around you and can occur in people of both high and low IQ scores. Look at the definition of Stupidity, there are two but this is the applicable one: foolishness, folly, silliness, idiocy, brainlessness, senselessness, irresponsibility, injudiciousness, ineptitude, inaneness, inanity, irrationality, absurdity, ludicrousness, ridiculousness, fatuousness, fatuity, asininity, pointlessness, meaninglessness, futility, fruitlessness, madness, insanity, lunacy; informal craziness; British informal daftness. ANTONYMS sagacity.

It is injudicious and inept and silly and folly and irrational and senseless and absurd and ludicrous and ridiculous to ever call or get in an UBER or call an Uber. It is pointless and arsine and madness and insanity for hotels, such as the one where I reside at the moment to call Uber on behalf of their clients. Why do they do it? Because, I am sure, Uber pays them under the table and illegally to do so. But they are going to keep doing it and Uber knows that. The only voice crying out against Uber is the voice on this blog. Uber is incredibly rich and powerful so the real protest is stifled. I think of organizing taxi cab drivers against them and filling an action, since I am a lawyer. I speak to taxi drivers constantly about taking the stance. But for some for some strange reason they seem to prefer to be passive victims. It seems that they have an action called intentional interference with contractual relations. However, I just got a new job – doing contract negotiations and rewriting a contract that involves the Royal Family of Dubai. It would be a lot more fun – probably not as remunerative but no problem as I have adequate retirement income. I guess I could get paid under the table. Buy some new clothes I do not need with the proceeds. So much more fun than dealing with passive victims feeling sorry for themselves when they have all the facts on their side. Their is another cause of action for nuisance – the nuisance begin the traffic jams and congestion that they cause. Perhaps the drivers could not find a lawyer that is brave enough to represent them. I am brave enough but why? Fighting the Royal Family of Dubai would be so much more fun and they are better dressed due to the talents of one man. I am trying to remember where my lawyer wardrobe is located. Sounds like I am going to need that money under the table.

So I might just go and reactivate my California Bar membership. I mean it couldn’t hurt and it just might help.

I had the best day yesterday due to the courtesy, courage and good naturedness of a taxi driver. I was going to visit my surgeon in Marin and got a taxi to go the Ferry Building but there was so much traffic to get to the ferry building.

Me: How much would it cost to taxi to Marin?

He: Well about the same as you have to catch a taxi in Marin to get to your doctor.

So we worked it all out and it was absolutely perfect. It was like having my own private chauffeur. We got to the doctor’s office early so we went for coffee, He brought the car to the coffee shop and drove me back to the doctor’s office and waited for me. The doctor was 40 minutes late so that was a problem But I did not get too mad at him because he is going to be the man who is wielding the knife and all. Best be polite to men like that, with so much power over you. He did not operate yesterday. He gave me a shot, a cortisone shot and now, this morning I have no pain. Am I ever happy!! So the surgery scheduled for May 13, 2019 has been postponed for a while. I have got a lot of living to do. There is no harm at all In waiting and if the pain comes back it is back for another shot, My doctor has a fantastic sense of humour, is compassionate and rather good looking. Who could ask for anything more.????

Then the taxi gave me a ride to the Northgate Mall which is close to my dentist. I went to Fed Ex and had a bunch of blog cards made up because they were forgotten in Vancouver due to the Travel agent’s negligence. But now, over a week later I am whole. All of the essentials, save my American phone have been replaced. Phew. I am going to be doing a lot of travelling in these ensuring months – travel which may be originating in Vancouver for complicated reasons. Her services will not be needed, that is for sure.

Then to TJ’s for lunch. A picture of my lunch food is pictured. I want everyone to know that I was earring vegetables. Potatoes are vegetables after all. A picture is attached. At an adjoining table four teenagers were seated. I spoke to them but they were the rudest, most inattentive woman I have ever seen. I did my Granny Alexis thing and gently told them that they should not be talking on the phone since they could have a real conversation with real people. That had no effect on them and thy continued the ridiculous practice They ordered dessert without eating their main courses, Again I remonstrated them to no effect. But it suddenly occurred to me just what was going on. Their parents never gave them discipline, never taught them the basics of good manners and polite behaviour. I guess their grandparents did not either. I told them I was a strict Granny and actually the most popular Granny. I cared/care for my grandchildren and wanted them to turn out the very best. Bad mannered people do not get anywhere in life. So I cared, I disciplined. These girl’s parents want them to like them I guess or, in the alternative, do not care about their children at all. How horribly sad, particularly when the girls will be the ones that suffer. And their children and their children’s children. They declined and ran off but I did tell them nicely that it would have been polite to accept. A picture of the dessert also graces this blog. The poor girls. There is going to be a teenager in my life again. But she was properly raised by her father and she is simply a darling, caring, sympathetic wonderful young woman. I will be proud to be a part of that family. A family that is steadily growing. Faithful readers will know that I did not have children on purpose and thank Gawd for that. Freud’s repetition compulsion would mean that I would have abused my children. Alice Miller did not quite get that in her own life despite being one of the leading experts on the exceptional child. I, through therapy, had worked out many of my issues so I was able to grandparent. So I have it all – a growing an big family. My adopted grandson, of whom I am well proud, calls me G.Ma. He is making a special effort to come and see me in July and has already made the commitment. His story is featured in my March 28, 2019 and March 30, 2019 blogs. No what G.Ma would not be proud of the accomplishments of her grandson. There is a fantastic picture of him which greeted me upon wakening. Him in bed looking most sexy with a great caption.

Me: Grandson! You look really sexy and I am your G.Ma.

He: No response as yet but there will be one as my Grandson is very good at responding. Excellent I would say. He is very good to his G.Ma

Many more things happened yesterday but I have gone over my self imposed word limit and so I will write about them tomorrow. I have a lazy day planned with no specific dinner or lunch plans. But something always happens to make life interesting. As a wonderful man wrote:

He: You are such a breath of fresh air.

Me: Hi Honey I am home. Haha

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