Older Women (not just me) Are Getting Feistier; Widening The Gap; Running Into Someone On The Streets of San Francisco

Friend Tracey sent me a link to an article that shows that older women are definitely getting more feisty and it is fascinating. Feisty in a strange way, I am not sure that I approve or agree with the specific treasure that this woman seeks – but it certainly does show that we have come a long way baby. This woman has developed a sudden taste for sex with stupid young guys with big muscles. Personally young is ok with me but I do not like stupid and do not care about muscles, just so you know where I am coming from. To quote from her perspective;

“Within minutes of meeting a goodlooking bloke, I find myself imagining him naked. At the beach, while pretending to be immersed in the latest Booker Prize-winning tome, I’m actually surreptitiously perving at the nearest chiselled pectoral.

In my early 20s, I dated the world surfing champion, so I’m used to serious pecs appeal; been there, licked that. But in my experience, athletic types may have perfectly sculpted bodies – hell, you could bivouac in the shade of their biceps – but these guys are big for their brains, like dinosaurs, meaning you soon get bored with their pillow talk. So, why my sudden obsession with burly blokes?”

She figures that the change is due to her age – she turned sixty (or sexty as she prefers to call it). “Just because a woman can hide the primal engorgement of her libidinous organ, doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to discover the supple hydraulics of a love god’s manhood on a regular basis. As young women, we longed to meet the right man. But, aged 60, a woman is thinking – have I had enough wrong ones?These normally staid career women, some of whom are now grandmas, feel no qualms about making love to perfect strangers; except they don’t want them to be perfect – they want them to be really naughty and bad”

Now this woman is funny, as she continues on with her tale: .”And why not? Why shouldn’t women be guilty of Acute Lust in the First Degree? (Sure, there are worse things than celibacy… like hepatitis and death.)

Society allows women to feel their oats, but not sow them, yet wait too long and we’re criticised for “going to seed”. And where has being a Good Girl got you? Even your cat has forsaken you and taken up with the cardiofunk instructress in the flat downstairs.”

She points out that older men have always dated young women and queries: So why can’t older women play the same enjoyable field? Give free reign to your imagination and you’ll soon be having so many flights of fancy you’ll need to file flight plans. “All aboard. Your flight of fancy is ready for take-off. Your exits are …”But who would want to leave? As you run your hands over his satiny, bronzed skin, gaze into those dreamy eyes and kiss those creamy pecs, remind yourself that growing old may be compulsory, but growing up is optional.”

I am not sure that sleeping with a stranger (even if he has muscles, dreamy eyes and creamy pecs) is such a good idea but there is no reason why an older woman cannot have a respectable relationship with a younger man. Older men are congratulated upon landing a younger woman. Why not the other way around? If the younger man has children, those children should be pleased because they will not have little pesky step siblings crawling all over and interfering with their sleep and stealing some love away from their parent. And older women are more likely to have self esteem and be comfortable in their skin, allowing the man’s children to remain Numero Uno in their Dad’s eyes. Such a deal, works for everyone.

Yesterday was a Widen the Gap day. It was off to my funny dentist – we discussed that he had been my dentist for about thirty years. He and his son are just the greatest of guys, I even whispered in the ear of the son but then told him that he could tell his Dad what was said. I shall not reveal it on this blog. Widen the gap? What is that you say? The gap between my two front teeth is bigger today than it was early yesterday. I just love my gap, it is amazing how many people have them and most of them love their gap almost as much as I love mine. I want to take a picture of me with my wider gap and show you but not right now. I should put on some make up and I do not feel like doing that at the moment.

Instead there will be two pictures of me shown. They both will show how happy I am to be back in San Francisco. One is by myself, taken by a wonderful woman who sent it to me. It is such a sneaky picture with mirrors and all showing me with my arm outstretched in a gesture connotating (suggesting or implying) great happiness and joy being back here. Because I am. I am so enjoying myself particularly since the pain in my knee is disappearing.

The next picture, also taken at San Francisco City Hall, is one that I posted on Instagram. This is how the caption read: I was taking a picture of City Hall and heard someone yell Alexis. It was Maureen. We worked together at the County of Marin thirty years ago. We were so happy to see one another and we will lunch on Tuesday. One comment was made by a person who is very close to me.

He: Awwww G.ma

Me: You are SO sweet grandson! I will show her your comment and your picture telling her that you are my grandson and she will faint. Hahahaha

You can see this grandson, not my genetic grandson, by going to tjgottamakeit on Instagram. Admittedly there is not much family resemblance. Hahahahaha

The other photograph is one also on Instagram reads: City Hall without two beautiful women standing in front of it, Hahahahaha

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