A Story (Not Mine) That Must Be Told; There is More to be Told; Accompanied By Compelling Pictures of The Man

So this is a story not mine, that needs to be told. It is the life of the man who is pictured on my March 25, 2019 blog. I posed questions to him, he responded to my questions telling me the story of his life in full knowledge hat it will appear on this blog. That is his desire, we trust one another implicitly – that being the word of the day meaning completely, absolutely, totally, wholeheartedly, utterly, unconditionally, unreservedly, without reservation. But how can we trust one another so unconditionally, so absolutely, so wholeheartedly – when we have never met one another? I do not know – I only know it is true.

1. My name is Antonio Jones. 2. I’m 28 years old from Kansas City Mo. 3. I worked in restaurants, warehouses, to cutting down trees, and being a bouncer at different night clubs around my city to earn ends meet. 4. I always wanted to be a model. But didn’t know how to become one. Plus I used to be so self conscious about my body. But I decided when I my photos started to get more attention than normal on Instagram. People who had like 2.5k followers or more were loving my pics. Then I started to ask questions. Then followed up with everything that was said to me. So I asked friend Hannah Kathleen. To help me out. and she then invited me to a model page on Facebook. I was speaking to folks there and in little time. I had my very first photo shoot. 5. I’ve decided to become a model to show and inspire people that come from a place like me also people who feel self conscious about the scars on there bodies.. that u can make it out of any situation as long as u believe in yourself

And that u are beautiful inside and out. 6. The scars on my body came from bullets and knives from 3 different near death experiences in my life. I was shot in my knee the first time by a 22 hand gun. Protecting my older cousins in robbery. Where they were set up by a well known gangster in the streets at that time. Something snapped in me that day. All I knew was that I had to fight. Or be killed that day. I watched seen and heard my cousin get shot 7 time in his abdominal area. Luckily no bullet hit a vital organ. And my cousin as well as myself. Are still alive and well today. But when Hank hit the ground. I went into a mode. Where I just blacked out. And I started to fight one of the other gun man in the house. This caused a big distraction which a loud me and my other cousin Juan. To defeat the Robbers and save everyone else in the house. I was a true hero. Then I took 3 bullets a piece for 3 different people. Who I called friends at the time around the corner from my home in raytown on a block known as Corrington.

To make a long story short. My friends did something really bad to 3 girls. They bullied them out of there cars. Stole there purses and ran off. I had a very bad feeling in the pit of my stomach so I decided to go home. I knocked on my door for what seemed to be 10 mins. But know one answered the door. I left to go back to one of my friends home around the corner to find a place to crash for the night. But was stopped by two cars. One car, full of the girls who were bullied by my friends. And the other was full with about 4 to 5 boys with guns. They cornered me. Trying to get me to tell them where my friends were so they could kill them. Even though my friends (at the time) were wrong. I wasn’t about to sell them out and have their lives in danger because of me telling their whereabouts.(which I did not even know where they were in the first place). I thought that if it was my time. Then God will call me home. After taking 9 at once and being grazed many different times. I’m glad to say that I’m a walking miracle. Blessed to still be able to walk, run, exercise and still live a normal life. But my body will always tell the stories from my past. And that’s what defines and motivates me the most. 7. Because life so precious. And I want to live the rest of my life to the best degree. This is what also makes me very ambitious. Because God spared me for something. And I do believe at times. It is for me to share my stories with people. Also theres so much out in the world I still want to see. But the person who makes me the most ambitious is my fiance. He is all the inspiration I need to continue pushing forward chasing my dreams as I watch him do it everyday. 9. It took me awhile to recover from all the bullets. I was at home in a cast and crutches with all types of prescriptions. It took me about 5 to 6 months both times to be able to walk again. It really shocked my doctors. They said I probably would never walk again with how close a bullet missed my spine. Talk about really having God on your side on so many level. But I rehabilitate my self. To learn how to walk normally all over again. Started eating and going to the gym again. And now. I may not be the 205 pounds of muscle.But I’m a lean ripped 185 pound fine strong black king regardless. 9. Yes at times I did think I was going to die. I mean I really should have. I lost so many pints of blood in my body I nearly bled to death. My body went into shock. And I was in a coma for two weeks the second time I had been shot. So do I think I was going to die. No. The answer is I should have. The doctors themselves after, when I would go back to them for check ups would say. U are a total miracle to till be alive. One doctor said your body and heart are very strong. U kept fighting even when things were bleak. And u made it through. Can u imagine hearing this from a doctor. That u should have died. I cried tears of joy. Just happy to still be alive and still having a chance to live. 10. The whole experience changed my life right then and there. After I was well enough to walk and get around on my own again. I really started to watch the company I keep. It’s just my big heart has gotten me in a lot of trouble. I always thought that I could help or save someone who was goin down a different path than me. And there is nothing wrong with wanting to help or save folks. Its just..u can only save, or help someone who truly trying to help and save them selves in the end. I almost died protecting friends at that time who really didn’t care about anyone or anything it seems at that moment. I asked myself would they have done the same for me. What if I died. What would they say to my family. Yes my life changed then. Now I just want positivity and good vibes and ambition. Around me. No drama, absolutely no negativity.

The photographs attached are those of Antonio Jones – the expertise of the photographer ia apparent. The photographer is Rick Sams. More photographs will follow as will more of the story.

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