Horrible News On an Incredibly Upbeat Day; When Will It Ever End The Pain and Aftermath of No God Dammed Gun Control; Negativity on Both Trump and Trudeau

I sit in the sanctuary of one of my favourite restaurants in Vancouver, if not not, THE most favourite. I feel closeted in this place, however, I receive something awful on one of my email carriers. I shall duplicate it and here it is.

A father of a Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victim has died from an apparent suicide. His death came days after two survivors of the Parkland massacre also apparently took their own lives. The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a previously scheduled hearing Tuesday on red flag gun laws, which temporarily restrict access to firearms from people who may present a harm to themselves or others.

Why did you do that you father? That did not help anything. I have the bravery to go back to the USA to try and change things and you chose to kill yourself? Your child would not be proud, that poor soul would find you selfish. I had no kids and I have the bravery to retune to the USA, not my country of origin. I am going back to get rid of Trump rather than trying to escape him which I have done during my Vancouver days. I will go back and fight and I am Wonder Woman. If I were you Trump I would lie down and play dead and that would be a relief to all of the USA. No more of your idiotic tweets in your bombastic rhetoric. So bombastic shall be the word of the day, pompous, blustering, turgid, verbose, orotund, high-flown, high-sounding, overwrought, pretentious, ostentatious, grandiloquent; informal highfalutin, puffed up; rare fustian.

Does that not describe Trump or what?? Do you not love turgid and orotund and ostentatious and grandiloquent. And puffed up certainly describes every part of him. Watch out Donnie Trumpie Babe but this girl is coming back. I can never be President because of my Canadian birth but I shall give you a run for your money. YOU will come to Canada and be with Trudeau, the empty sleeve. You make such a cute couple. I am tuff.

Some brilliant person reminded me that when I left Canada in 1967 a Trudeau was in charge. Yes it was Pierre. I came back and another Trudeau was In Charge, Pierre was in charge when I left, he was an intellectual, brilliant and all. But he had bad taste in women and married Margaret, an admitted Bipolar. And Justin, the genetic and upbringing shows and this poor country. What a heritage!

Goodness knows what Trump’s heritage is. I do know he is Scottish. How embarrassing that as I am one hundred percent Scottish. But Trump needs/needed someone to sass him but he never got that. I sassed his buddy Joo Kim Tiah and did such a good job but not the mighty Trump. Respect me Trump, I want respect but how can you ever respect anyone unless you respect yourself first and HOW COULD YOU YOU???

A positive blog will follow but I am sickened with all of this! My next blog will be of a man who did something with his life. It will not be Justin Trudeau, Donald Trump nor Joo Kim Tiah. I am sure you, my gentle readers, are breathless with anticipation. But take a deep breath, do not remain breathless, or the subsequent blog will never be read by you. Hahaha.

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