The Conclusion to The Story That Must be Told; The Art and Science of Saying Goodbye ; Strange Similarities

This last week, particularly these last few days have been filled with saying goodbye to people. It is one of the hardest things on earth to do, for anyone. What makes it easier is that my destination is only two hours away. This funny conversation took place with a man who lives in Vancouver. .

He: Do you think you can change your mind about leaving Vancouver for San Francisco?

Me: Nope I hated Vancouver

He: Are you just playing hard to get?

Me: It is only two hours away so no that hard to get.

He: That is a distance I can afford.

Me: Hahaha Mind is made up But I am a ! Canadian citizen and cab visit. See I am flexible. We are already compromising. Such a couple I am laughing so hard.

So negotiations continue. Then this conversation took place with a man who also lives in Vancouver.

Me; We have to figure out how we are going to communicate with one another when I am gone.

He: Well I am on Instagram but I do not do social media.

Me: What do you suggest then?

He: Carrier pigeon.

Me: What a brilliant idea. You slay me. OK , you have the opportunity to make a choice.

He: What is it?

Me: You can either be my lover or my grandson.

He: I choose to be your grandson.

Me: OK, what will you call me? One of my other grandsons calls me G.Ma. Isn’t that cute?

He: I will call you Alexis

Me: That is OK with me I guess. What do I call you?

He: My name.

Me: That makes it easy.

So the day before yesterday Vancouver In A Box did everything and I do mean everything.They packed, made lists of items for customer and we generally had a great time hanging out. Then mover guys came and hauled the boxes off to God Knows Where \awaiting the moment when I get an apartment in the Bay Area and then I reunite all of my stuff for the first time in about five years. That will be momentous. Then I settle down and write – well after the stupid knee replacement surgery. I do have travel plans in mind – definitely plan on going to London for an extended visit. But first things first.

I know that you will want to read the conclusion of the story that must be told. I shall attempt to find some more pictures to accompany his story.

“But I’m a lean ripped 185 pound fine strong black king regardless. 9. Yes at times I did think I was going to die. I mean I really should have. I lost so many pints of blood in my body I nearly bled to death. My body went into shock. And I was in a coma for two weeks the second time I had been shot. So do I think I was going to die. No. The answer is I should have. The doctors themselves after, when I would go back to them for check ups would say. U are a total miracle to till be alive. One doctor said your body and heart are very strong. U kept fighting even when things were bleak. And u made it through. Can u imagine hearing this from a doctor. That u should have died. I cried tears of joy. Just happy to still be alive and still having a chance to live. 10. The whole experience changed my life right then and there. After I was well enough to walk and get around on my own again. I really started to watch the company I keep. It’s just my big heart has gotten me in a lot of trouble. I always thought that I could help or save someone who was goin down a different path than me. And there is nothing wrong with wanting to help or save folks. Its just..u can only save, or help someone who truly trying to help and save them selves in the end. I almost died protecting friends at that time who really didnt care about anyone or anything it seems at that moment. I asked myself would they have done the same for me. What if I died. What would they say to my family. Yes my life changed then. Now I just want positivity and good vibes and ambition. Around me. No drama, absolutely no negativity”

Now it is hardly that this young man and I look alike – even though we have decided that I am is G. Ma. There is a recent shot of him with his hair died blonde with glasses exactly like my grey ones.

Me: I love the glasses. They are like mine!

He: yes I’m representing.

His real grandmother, if she had lives, would be my age. So I am the right age, so why not? The most amazing thing about the two of us is how much we have in common. It is because, in my opinion, we both had a near death experience. He managed to cram in more than me. My only one was the motorcycle running into me on September 13, 2014. I too began to watch the company I kept” I realized that helping friends is all rather noble but one can often be in the situation of cheering up losers who are essentially parasites. I also believe what he believes. Now I just want positivity and good vibes and ambition. Around me. No drama, absolutely no negativity”

My printer is packed so this blog is going to have a lot of errors and I do have to get moving. I am having breakfast with Annie – I cannot wait. Annie is one of those persons with positivity, good vibes and ambition.

So i am so lucky. There is a guy who is slightly age appropriate who will be only two hours away. Two grandsons who are most positive and great friends like Annie and Nicole. Back to packing. What a bore.

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