Two Interesting Women, One Had a Smilier Encounter: Friendships: Lots of Instagram Companionship; Beginning and Ending With Corruption

We are going to start out with defining corruption but then move to other topics and then dramatically end in corruption. Corruption is a noun describing actions which are: dishonest, , dishonest dealings, unscrupulousness, deceit, deception, duplicity, double-dealing, fraud, fraudulence, misconduct, lawbreaking, crime, criminality, delinquency, wrongdoing, villainy; bribery, bribing, subornation, venality, graft, extortion, jobbery, profiteering; North American payola; informal crookedness, shadiness, sleaze, palm-greasing; Law malfeasance, misfeasance; archaic knavery; rare malversation. ANTONYMS honesty. (Senior officials have been implicated in corruption) Corruption is definitely a big bad word.

But first some light hearted material. While staying at the Best Western in California I met two interesting women who were celebrating their 39 years of friendship. They leave their husbands at home for one week a year and travel together – that is how they keep their friendship alive and vital. It is important to them, It was so gratifying to see that commitment. The three of us spoke of many things during out brief meeting and I learned that I had something in common with one of the women.

She: There was this really handsome driver on a tour bus in Hawaii. He grabbed me and kissed me putting his tongue down my gullet, saying that he would look after me.

Me: What did you do?

She: My friend told him to watch out because I have a husband that is bigger than he is.

Me: I love that! Some handsome Japanese man did the same thing to me but I did not have a friend (nor a husband) to protect me.

Well it was actually a very sexy kiss but there was no follow through, so my final opinion changed and it now seems like an unwelcome invasion.

So no long term friends in that capacity although there are three present women friends to whom I am devoted (and they to me). and we will continue to work n our friendship. None of them live near at the moment. One in California, one in New Zealand (temporarily) and one in Southhampton. I had this interchange with the UK one

She Instagrammed: I will read (your blog) while watching rugby at the pub. xx

Me: God Darn I wish I were there with you guys.

She: You will be in London soon then you can come down to stay or we can come up to see you. xx

I am sure that will happen! Not like my old California friends- he vast majority of them made/make no effort to travel to see me. ,

UK’s husband, Flower Girl. Is also involved sending messages that I should wear my racy socks when meeting the new guy. Flower Girl is so eager to assume his role of flower girl. “New guy Alexis?, you say, What is this?’ I met the new guy though Instagram, when he sent the following message:

.He: Your feed is awesome.

Me: I adore you. I know nothing about Instagram but you saying that my feed is awesome is amazing, (I think) I am putting it on my blog. My dear. One can not reach me on my blog so communicating on Instagram is so different and refreshing. THANK YOU.

In case you guys are worried we have NO plans to meet one another and I have no idea where he lives. Another man said today:

He: I am glad we follow one another.

Me: Me too.

So I am active on Instagram, not sit there passively sifting though message and my presence on Instagram soars, I have 468 followers and I am in constant communication with some. . I am not religiously competitive but it is quite a few and more than anyone I know on Instagram


But now onto the moment you have been waiting for: CORRUPTION. The New Yorker reported that Elizabeth Warren, the presidential candidate discussed her overreaching theory of the problem of corruption in America —and how to fix it.

“Corruption, plain and simple,” she said Friday. “Understand, whatever issue brought you here tonight, whether it’s income inequality, whether it’s climate change, whether it’s gun safety, whether it’s student-loan debt burden, whether or not it’s affordable child care, whether or not it’s housing—whatever brought you here tonight, I guarantee there are decisions made in Washington that directly touch on every one of those issues, and those decisions run straight through the problem of corruption and money in Washington.” She ran through her arguments for combatting corruption, which include lobbying reform, a tax on extreme wealth, and overturning the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. Then she took questions. The third question, from a man named Alex, was about homelessness. “O.K., thank you, Alex,” Warren said. “Let’s start with our values here. And that is: in the richest country in the history of the world, people should not be sleeping on the streets because they don’t have money.” Warren paused for applause before adding, “And I’ve got a plan. It appears that in the USA corruption is a major issue, one that leading candidate is addressing, receiving response and resonance.

That is not taking place in Canada, this fair land. The federal government turns a blind eye. A recent newspaper article reported that “Documents that say money laundering in B.C. now reaches into the billions of dollars are startling to the province’s attorney general who says the figures have finally drawn the attention of the federal government. David Eby said he’s some and frustrated because the higher dollar estimates appear to have been known by the federal government and the RCMP but weren’t provided to the B,. Government.” Last July a report was issued by the Paris-based Financial Action Task force, a body of G7 member countries fighting money laundering, terrorist financing and threats to international finance systems. It highlighted B.C. money-laundering activities but the Canadian Federal Government paid little or no attention to the report or its repercussions at all . I recently saw money laundering taking place – a woman was counting piles of fifty dollar bills in a well known travel agency. It was going to take a long time for that stack of fifties to get counted so I turned on my heel, walked out and said:

Me: This sure looks like money laundering to me!

But I guess that it was business as usual and little attention was paid to this illegal activity. I suppose my outrage would have been greater if I was planning to make this city and this country my home. But I am not, leaving at the end of this month. There are many reasons for my departure, money laundering and its insidious effect on the residents is one of them. It is impossible, considering my age and lack of political savvy to do anything about this wretched stated of affairs. I getting out while the getting is good. It appears that Trudeau is not exactly blameless and is practicing corruption on his own with his buddy Butts. This is a country that could do something rather efficiently – it is a long time since I studied Government in school but this is a parliamentary system and a vote of no confidence is a lot easier to achieve than an impeachment in the USA. I have seen no such suggestion. It is so much easer to walk around with a smug feeling of self satisfaction looking at the antics of Trump than it is to look within. It might just be possible to get rid of Trump but unattended money laundering and systemic corruption will only fester and deepen. In the words of Alexis McBride: So there! So there! So there!

But back to fun briefly. This picture was posted on Instagram with the following caption:

Me: A rather strange sight outside my apartment building. Strange as it was 44 degrees Fahrenheit. “Where is Kitsalino Beach?” Said one guy. Actually they are going to a rugby game which is still weird.

One response: You look amazing homey.

Me: Thanks and no make up either.

I made up for that as I went to Shopper’s Drug Mart to buy toilet paper and got a make over while I was at it. The results were placed on Instagram, a video with Jeanette and yours truly. So far there are 102 views and the following response.

He: I love U already. U are funny.

Me: I love anybody who loves me because I am funny!

Now this is a different guy than the one who finds my feed awesome. Too many men; Too little time. Today is a slight drag as the apartment must be tidied for a viewing but a blog dry with Vicky at 5. Perhaps more instagram activity – alexismctwit on Instagram, do not ask me why.

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