There Is Nothing Sexier Than Dating Older Women As Sent by Friend Tracey Alexis McBride Takes No Prisoners; A Nurse To The Resue; My Instagram Amazing Success; Notification to the Constabulary

My wonderful friend Tracey now living in New Zealand sent me an incredible email with a link to wonderful and insightful story entitled There Is Nothing Sexier Than Dating an Older Woman. So I am doubly blessed and incredibly blessed. I have Tracy who stays in touch with me even though she is presently in New Zealand. The other blessing is that I am apparently valued, as I am an older woman. Do let us make blessed the word of the day. Blessed:is an adjective and here goes: 1 a blessed place: holy, sacred, hallowed, consecrated, sanctified; ordained, canonized, beatified. ANTONYMS cursed.2 blessed are the meek: favored , fortunate, lucky, privileged, enviable, happy. ANTONYMS wretched.

I write while watching Joni Mitchell’s 75, a Great Performance broadcast on PBS. There are shots of her, a woman who is my age. I look so much younger One man said just yesterday;

He: You do not look a day over forty

Me: I will love you forever.

Do you realize that Joni Mitchell was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada? That was news to me. I was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. My goodness we are practically twins, well except for the fact that she looks her age and I do not.

A woman also at the Yew Restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel:

Me: I am seventy five years old

She: Your mother must have looked young as well

Me: Well she kept herself looking rathe ugly. I guess because she wanted me to be abused sexually by my father.

The later, the following conversation.

Me: That man, that wonderful waiter told me that he loved me.

She We all do! Everyone does!

Me: You are making me cry. But it is not exactly true.

She: Really???

Yes: A man, actually my lover said to me that I was like Marmite, people either loved me or hated me.

She: What did you say?

Me:In what camp are you in?

She: That is so funny.

But Steve Griffiths you were in the camp that hated me, and there is no reason that I shall protect your identity ny longer. I dumped you and you are so incredibly dumped even though you kept coming back again and again and again. The partner of so many years probably does not read my blog, or does she????? When I first met him the following conversation took place, after he heard the history of my life. .

He: Alexis, you take no prisoners.

Me: Best you remember that.

Well, he did not remember that. He thought he was somehow exempt. Nope. Do let us look up the meaning of exempt. Exempt:free from, not liable to, not subject to, exempted from, excepted from, excused of/from, absolved of. ANTONYMS subject to.

So if you are a person who has had nickname, you are in trouble because I am talking from now on. Why I should I protect you, you who dealt me cruelly? Trouble, you are in trouble, because my numbers are up. Here on this blog 12,000 a year (and still counting). On Instagram I met my secret goal and now have 516 followers. When you are hot, you are hot. When you are not, you are not. Hahahaha. But this one was the most amazing.

He: Yes we missed u yesterday at the carrot sale but everything was blowing away in the wind and tables of china and glass were crashing to the ground- no the best of British weather.

Me: I will be back to quell the winds!

I shall be! To quell the winds and do in Dolphin Square which is just across the street from the car boot sale sight. More news from Dolphin Square. A huge hearing on April 23, 2019, as I keep up on these things because a wonderful woman informs me. .

Me: I can be there in only sprite as my knee replacement surgery is taking place on April 22, 2019. But I have plans as I was a lawyer, know about planning issues and have a friend who knows more.

Watch out Dolphin Square, dnefwmmcb. NEVER and you did! I have the time and the energy to do in Dolphin Square and I shall. For very good causes. Its takeover by USA interests was corrupt – look back to last blog post about corruption. I hate it – I will fight it with all of my heart and soul. I have a lot of both and i am going to live forever my doctor says. Watch out!!! dnefwmmcb.

Fantastic things happened to me today. Wonderful gifts! A woman I met at the YCCA is a nurse and she says she will come to Marin County and take care of me as I recover from my knee replacement surgery. WOW! She is not expecting wages. I am blessed but not always. Gentle readers, please remember, that my father physically and sexually abused me from the ages of 6 to 17. It is scientifically proven, despite the massive denial on the part of the entire family. What family? It is my birth name, not my first husband’s name which is McBride.

The photos are ones posted on Instagram from yesterday. Am I cute? Yes sir I am!

But back to Tracy’s email about my appeal!

There are words that we use about older women that we just don’t use about their younger counterparts. “Allure”. “Fascination”. And, of course, “experience”.All of them seem to swirl only around sexy women of a certain age.Nowhere is this more apparent than with the sultry, smoking presence of Hollywood star Kate Beckinsale, 45, as her 25-year-old beau Pete Davidson will attest.Davidson, a comedy actor best known for his work on Saturday Night Live, was previously engaged to singer Ariane Grande, who is his age. But he has since upgraded. The pair were photographed canoodling at a recent ice hockey game, setting tongues wagging – and not only their own – as Davidson is only five years older than his new amour’s daughter.

I awoke to a wondrous email. I had emailed Matthew of the Rex Whistler to tell him that it was likely and possible that I would be celebrating my birthday at the Rex.

He: Oh dear. I shall notify the constabulary

Now that is funny, you do have to admit. More about all of that later.

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