Back After a Thoroughly Pleasant day and Trip; Bad Advice About Codene; Cheap Drugs; My Love Affair with Air Canada; Flower Girl’s Wife Chimes In Through Instagram

Here is the good news (I guess). It is not raining or snowing in Vancouver this morning. That is rather important because I have an appointment with Ayda my wonderful personal trainer at the YWCA. and I do think I can walk. I shall be buttressed by my brace, the wonder cream, Advil and codeine. But with all of that I will have the mobility to get there, receive Ayda’s able assistance and then repair to the jacuzzi which will further help with the pain and keep me moving.

I had a great morning yesterday waking up to rain in Corte Madera, California. After writing the blog it was off to breakfast where I was surrounded by very strange people – exceedingly anxious women speaking Spanish and men with beards that looked like they were from a different planet. I ate up and got out of there. My interests had given me a perception for codene so I left to get the perception filled at the nearby Rite Aid – one of those marvelous stores that sell EVERYTHING including liquor.

Canadians have this aura of superiority about the price of drugs. My prescription was for for 60 tablets of the generic version of tylenol-codene, how much did it cost?

He: Your cost will be $1.12

Me: When will it be ready?

He: In about twenty minutes.

Me: Good! That will give me enough time to go and rob a bank to pay that exorbitant amount.


I suppose it would make sense to deal with the word of the day which shall be exorbitant, an adjective: extortionate, excessively high, excessive, prohibitive, outrageous, unreasonable, inflated, unconscionable, huge, enormous; informal steep, stiff, sky-high, over the top, rip-off. ANTONYMS reasonable..

Of course $1.12 is not unconscionable, over the tup nor excessive. What makes the charge so reasonable? you may ask. Well, at least two things.

1 It is a generic drug

2 I have a prescription drug plan.

Then there are these folds (in this instance Canadian) who said when informed of my purchase.

She: Go easy on the codeine

Me: I did not know you were a doctor I follow my doctor’s orders with regard to medication and do actually resent the implication.

This individual is not mobile but sits or lays about therefore decreasing any mobility, but apparently does not take codeine. Well now anyway, the longer the immobility the greater the pain. But then again, I am not a doctor.

After picking up the codeine I happened upon a shoe repair shop and the wonderful man did a temporary fix on my favorite shoes and did not even charge me. When I am back in the area recuperating from surgery he will stage a more permanent fix. He is such a nice man and has a great reputation. Then I walked to my internist’s office and gave him a copy of my book – I had forgotten to do so the day before. I joked to a patient in a wheelchair.

Me: I have had this wonderful man as a doctor for longer than you have – i think it is about forty years.

The M.D.: I do not know Alexis, this man has been around for quite a few years as well.

My doctor did admit once that one reason he likes me so much is that I am healthy – which is somewhat a misnomer, but it is appropriate and accurate because he keeps me healthy, gives me advice and certain medication which lowers my blood pressure, adds to my bone density, prescribes diagnostic tests. As a result I am healthy as a horse. (Now where did that expression come from?) I suppose that is not altogether true as knee replacement surgery is scheduled. But after that i shall be fit as a fiddle. (Now where did that expression come from?)

Then it was back to the Best Western to finish packing and then to my favorite restaurant for a wonderful appetizer of seafood and a most handsome waiter who have me a big hug goodbye. I had met a young woman hostess the day before and I left her a copy of my flawed Tate book. Then I caught the Marin Airporter to the airport and sitting behind me was an interesting young man from Chile. He had been working in California but was returning to his country to complete his studies. A most admirable young man.

Then to Air Canada where I had the very BEST of all experiences. Check in was easy and seamless, I got pushed in a wheel chair by wonderful woman, I had the whole row of seats to myself and could put up my foot and leg. I ate some food, had a glass of wine and was most happy with everything. The flight attendants most helpful. At arrival which was even early I waited for my ride on the wheelchair. You are NOT going to believe thus BUT the Captain himself pushed my wheelchair some distance as there was a shortage of people. I know it sounds unbelievable but it is true. I put this on Instagram and received a most humorous response from a woman in the United Kingdom, Flower Girl’s Wife.

She: Lucky girl! Did you ask him to become your husband. A man in uniform.xx

Me: Oh no! I forgot. And he was sort of cute and did look quite distinguished!

Me: and there would be the travel benefits! Indeed oops. But you do forget that the offer to Prince Charles is out there. How many proposals of marriage can one woman have out there?!?!?!

She: Oh Yes I forgot the offer to Prince Charles.

Me: I think both of us may need a social secretary to keep things straight.

So, as you can see I am a bit crazy and have the strangest relationships with people – mostly people who are new to my life and relative strangers. But we have fun and are not burdened with negativity, useless criticism and rudeness.

The photograph is me and my new Air Canada pal taken on the plane just before the Captain stepped in. Who would have thought?? How I hated Air Canada and now I love it. I am SO fickle.

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