An Absolutely Unusual Day; the Sotheby’s Interview; Creating a Bionic Knee; A Funny and an Unusual Encounter

Yesterday turned into an utter zee – nothing went as planned, nothing worked, an important appointment had to be cancelled, practically starved to death but in the end everything accomplished with jokes and a very serious conversation with a man I have nicknamed God.

It would be impossible to imagine a worse case scenario for the Sotheby’s Institute interview. It was rather like going to London, looking the wrong way and being hit by a motorcycle, landing on my head and almost dying. At the chosen moment of the interview the internet connection in the hotel went dead. Honest to goodness. Technical support was called and it became operative BUT then the Skype sound did not work, although I could see them and they could see me no dialogue could take place. So eventually we connected by telephone . Talk about anxiety, talk about frustration.

Me: If I were religious I would be thinking that God does not want me to come back to London to go to school. I have a strange sense of humour.

She: It seems that you do.

I learned a great deal about the program which is definitely going to be hard work with classes four days a week. The entire graduate school meets in the beginning phases to learn about the inner workings of the art world. Then specialization occurs with the Fine Arts division studying two separate and pivotal times in art history at once. Then the last three months of the one year program will be spend writing a dissertation. The programme is very well thought out and thorough. I do think my interviewer had doubts about my abilities to function at this high level and was critical about the lack of formal training in art history. She was not too helpful in designing a means whereby I could do some catchup before classes commence. Considering the stressful situation I still was quite pleased with my ‘performance’ and cheerily wrote friend Jennifer.

Me: OMG – my internet connection failed. We ended up talking on the phone. What a mess! But I did ok – she has some reservations because my lack of art history education but what the heck. If I do not get in I can go and spend sometime in the UK with a Canadian visitor’s visa. How is that for adaptive behaviour???. Your encouragement is/was so appreciated. I will soon get dressed and be off. I did my very best – I do not really fit into the typical mold.

Then it was up and dressed and off to my noon appointment. But in the meantime a telephone call from the wonderfully efficient surgeon’s office made a last minute cancellation of that appointment necessary as I needed to get a MRI and more X-rays because I am going to have a bionic knee and it takes six weeks to create it. It was grabbing a cab and making it to the appointment on time. The staff at Novato Community Hospital are nothing short of amazing and we all had a jolly time. I had the unlikeliest of conversations with people. One woman worked at St. Mary’s Hospital in the City at the same time as I am and was well acquainted with my nemesis, an attorney by the name of Gary Raggihianti,. There is my ever famous line. Walking down the streets of San Rafael I encountered him. He was the city attorney.

He: What are you doing in my city?

Me: Slumming

Drum roll.

Sometimes I need to remember Alexis was always pretty fast on my feet and famously funny.

Again another email to Jennifer explained my situation.

Me: So they squeezed me in and I have my MRI and my X-rays so that my bionic knee will be assembled before the surgery. I had to cancel my other doctor appointment but he had same doctor and hospital do his hip replacement. Life is weird! Hahahaha

Then FINALLY the taxi came and it was off to Il Fornaio for a very late lunch and jolly times with the staff.

He: Well look at you! You are going to be bionic woman with your new knee.

Me: Thank you sir – Wonder Woman will strike again.

He: I am Six Milion Dollar man

Me: Wow! We should mate.

He: Don’t tell my wife

Six Million dollar man promises to bring food to my nearby Best Western when I am recuperating.

Other very supportive conversations with handsome waiters telling me that they will be there for me during the process. Then an extremely serious conversation.

Me: You work so well. You bring humanity to dehumanizing situations. I admire you a great deal.

He: And I you.

Then later a strange question sprang from my lips.

Me: Do you worry about me?

He: Sometimes.

Me: Please don’t. I will be OK.

He: I will try not to.

What is going on between me and that man? Don’t ask me, or probably him for that matter. Hahahaha!

So today it is get packed and return to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The beginning of the end of that chapter in my life. .

The photograph is my hospital armband proving I did not make all of this up.

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