Finding an Incomplete Blog on Retrieved  Notes on Retrieved Computer; Jokes About Incarceration; A Form Showing Absolute Failure to Comply

I have begun to use my retrieved computer, not the new one. Come to think of it Icelandic Air  should be charged for the purchase of the new computer as their lack of procedures and systems for retrieval of goods left on their airplane was the proximate cause of my having to buy a new computer. Oh, the problems of once being a lawyer! But lawyers can be responsible for good things, for change. There is something called Risk Management where attorneys and staff meet in order to avoid mistakes to avoid law suits. It is ABSOLUTELY clear that no one has looked at the practices and procedures of Kings County Jail as will be shown later in this blog. But getting on with the day and with the blog. Here is the old unposted blog found on the computer.. 
Coming Back to My Temporary Resting Place, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada; Seven You Made My Day Which Is a Record (so far) 
This blog is being written from the Saga Lounge in an Icelandic Airport. It is the functional equivalent of being in heaven, probably as close as I am going to get, given my evil ways. It is quiet and subdued and I am surrounded by boring people, who are at least quiet, . The man is old, not terribly well-mannered with tiny phones (an probably other organs). A plastic older woman taps on her phone looking very self-satisfied. She is rather well-dressed but not as interesting as me in my Love Sweater, kilt, matching scarf, Uggs and fake fur coat purchased at a car boot sale in London for a mere fifteen pounds.
Almost every day some person says to me: 
He/She: You made my day! 
Me: Thank you! I like to spread cheer and joy instead of misery. We have enough of that around particularly in Vancouver where I live. 
Well today I counted and I got seven You Made My Days. That is my record so far, never have I gotten seven. I guess I am on a roll. Where will it ever end??? Hahahaha 
That is the end of the old blog and now here is the one of the day, which I have decided will be cheerful. A Vancouver friend sent a fun message relating to my incarceration.
She: Did you run out of money an rob the bank? You know the Americans still believe in the death penalty right? 
Me: I am dying laughing right now and I definitely need some cheering up. 
So that is it folks. A favorite song that brings tears to my eyes is this one. Smile Though Your Heart Is Breaking.If you Google it you can hear Nat King Cole sing it. I did, and I cried when I listened to those beautiful words, much like I did at the Trump International Hotel and Towers almost two years ago. That is my motto. But in some ways I am glad that it is not everyone’s motto. Because that is what makes me popular. It is interesting – at the YWCA several women flock together, ignoring me. Why? Because misery loves company but only miserable company. So I have a great time with others, often men while they congregate in their misery. Off to the YWCA for a session with my wonderful trainer and than a jacuzzi. . 
Did you run out of money and rob the bank?giphy.gif
You know Americans still believe in the death penalty right?

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