Old Computer Back Home; Finding a New Home; Great Advice from Kathleen and Some Background on the Horrors that Happened in Seattle; Color Coordination Strikes Again

This blog is being written on my old computer which was found and returned from Icelandic Air, It was left on the airplane on December 15,2018 and eventually found and returned. What prompted the late return? A threat to expose the Airlines on social media. It is sometimes wonderful to have a blog and to have a presence on Instagram. It attracts men and is a forum for justice, social change and my outlandish opinions. Thank you Chris Jackson, wherever you are! Hahahaha

I met with friend Kathleen after coming back from Kings County Jail and we have exchanged emails. She has been most helpful, providing solace and good advice. This is also what she wrote.

She: Love yourself. The energy of the universe loves you just for your heart, as it was born to give love and to receive love with every majestic beat. Enjoy your beautiful own heart. You do not have to do anything, save the world etc., just by being your wonderful outspoken self, you are already exposing the things you do not like, and want to see less of in the world, and by writing about the things you love and enjoy and want to see more of in the world….you are moving the world already towards more love and positivity in your butterfly effect…..stand in your own powerful reflection and smile ……legal suits or no legal suits….you make a difference each day, by waking up and giving your personal day, your best Alexis shot at living well!!!!!!!

Me: OMG Thank You dear friend. You so uplift my spirits! But I continue to hate it when you are smarter than I am.

I try and help Kathleen as well – that is a friendship. I have found a new home in Yaletown. Well, not a home but a wonderful restaurant, the newly opened called Ombre. I love the people and the place, it has the greatest vibes. There will be a grand opening party there this coming Saturday beginning at nine. A DJ will be in attendance and there will be dancing and merriment. I shall be there and be square. I cannot decide what to wear but it will be grand. But this is how I hope to help Kathleen. I suddenly noticed that its walls are bare and so I asked Jeffrey if he would be willing to display Kathleen’s art. He said that he would be happy to look at it and make a decision, so she will have a place to exhibit her fine works. I just hope that it can get worked out by Saturday so the crowed can be treated to such magnificent eye candy. Jeffrey and I laughed about the throngs of men who may attend – the guys that are after me. Unfortunately, this is not entirely a joke. Anyway, I love the food – they have beer and a strange concoction known as Nude Lime Soda which is really good and has only 100 calories. I am loosing weight like crazy, all of my clothes are starting to fall off me. So I imagined myself in love (perhaps was/is) and then Kings County Jail worked as I ended up fasting. It was not so much a protest – it was just that I was not hungry and the food was not at all appealing.

Sp I was ‘charged’ with Criminal Trespass because I insisted on being boarded on an Alaska Airlines flight. I had a valid boarding pass and passport and was wheeled to the gate by the wonderful manager of a nearby restaurant as the Alaska person had not arrived to get me to the gate. I had done one of my famous Instagram videos moments before as the wonderful people in the restaurant had brought ice for my painful right knee. If I say so myself, I looked quite charming and grateful. But then some officious woman at the gate decided I could not board. I insisted that I be allowed to board, they called the Port of Seattle police and I ended up in Kings County Jail for approximately eighteen hours, most of which in solitary confinement. It was impossible to sleep – I was placed in the psychiatric wing and the screams of people being driven crazy by the complete inattention by the guards drove them quite mad. I am of sterner stuff and was able to maintain my sanity. Near the end I finally calmed down – there was water in the room and I knew sooner or later they had to let me out. I was finally provided with complaint forms (3) and two pencils by one kind guard. There were two people,

out of about a hundred, that showed any compassion. One was a male guard and the other a woman who screened for the mental health department. She determined that I was sane and I guess is the person responsible for my eventual release from prison. In the end I was calm and held my head high as I strode out of there. Those goons thought I should be grateful that I was released. I was not but letting them know that would serve no purpose. There were two good people at the end, one plugged in my phone and another called the Crisis Team – two absolutely wonderful women. They threw me out of jail with no money, no credit cards, no nothing as my hand luggage was supposedly at the airport. It wasn’t by the way. Some silly guard woman told me to hop on the train and go to the airport. How I was supposed to do that without any money is beyond my comprehension. I would have been arrested again for traveling without a ticket. And my stuff was not there anyway. I think the combined intelligence of all of the guards is not equal to mine. For them it is a dead end job – I once worked in prisons but I went to law school at night and became a lawyer. Not likely for any of them.

I rather think that goon shall be the word of the day. Chiefly North American a bully or thug, especially one hired to terrorize or do away with opposition: a squad of goons waving pistol. /

Tomorrow will discuss the practices of Alaska Air that gave rise to this injustice with an analysis of the charge that had me incarcerated and the ridiculousness of it all. But the picture that accompanies this blog is one of happier days – post release. It is me and an employee of nearby men’s store Sanseur. It was taken at the Ombre. He and I are color coordinated by the way.

Living well is the best revenge. I intend to keep living well all you abusive individuals. You are not.


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