Starting Out Funny But Ending Sad as a Knee Replacement is Needed; A Mound of Pillows for Support

Yesterday, sitting at Marin Imaging Center, I received an email, part of a long thread from a buddy
He: Its a never ending plague on mankind!
Me: What my blog??! Nobody is forcing you to read it!  Hahahaha Things working out

Then I was called in for a knee x-ray and then later things turned bad. The good news that day consisted of meeting a new friend Paula here at inn at the Opera, she was driving to Marin so I had her drop me off at MCERA where I waited patiently for the arrival of my medical card. I was patient only because I was spoiled rotten and spent such a jolly time speaking to the staff and a wonderful man, Jeff Wickman,
the Administrator of the approximately 2.4 billion dollar fund. We have a rather lively relationship and he has always been there for me, rescuing me from such evils as Dolphin Square mismanagement. For complicated reasons, he saved me thousands of dollars that would have gone into their coffers. The damn card finally came in the mail and this blog will contain a picture of me kissing the envelope.  Then I went to visit my financial advisor at Chase and he was brilliant, if I do say so myself. All of this had to do with the payment of tuition to Sotheby’s Institute of Art and other matters which will remain secret. Then along came a taxi driven by an absolutely great guy. We sped to the imaging Center for the x-ray and then to my beloved doctor. Then things turned very bad.

The X-ray revealed that I have “bone on bone articulation in the medial and lateral compartment” What does that mean? It means that the right knee is going to be replaced despite all that exercise and money spent. I admit that I utterly freaked because it was so unexpected and it severely affects everything. Sotheby’s Art institute is riddled with stairs, the great advantage of visiting the campus. I do laugh. I utterly freaked but then was surrounded by SO much support. It was off to my favourite restaurant because I was starving where there was the greatest waiter who spoiled me rotten. I had soothing soup and a woman walked by who looked familiar.
Me: I know that I know you, you worked at the County.
She: My Goodness Alexis – you look just like you used to, the same. You have not aged in all of these years.
Me: It is weird. I have anti aged.

She rushed out to try and find her two colleagues who had left avoid the commuter traffic to Santa Rosa. The three women worked in the County Clerk’s office for years and years. All of them were retired as well. Of course, I was cheered by all of this and we made plans to see one another when I am back in the area.

I reached out by telephone and email to friends in my distress and support came pouring in. I instagrammed and got so much support there as well. I am so lucky to have so many people who care about me. So, so  fortunate!

I took a taxi from Marin to the City because  getting on and off the ferry was too taxing. When I got to my hotel there was so much sympathy and support from Roberta and everyone. Heaps of pillows were brought to my room so that my knee could be elevated. A picture of the mound  of pillows will be attached on the blog. I had a bubble bath and went to bed, waking refreshed. Down to breakfast and then called the incredible surgeon for an appointment on March 1, 2019. He specializes in knees – there is a new technique which sounds pretty amazing. My doctor says that my recuperation will be easy because my muscles have not atrophied. So all of the exercise will pay off. I am so fortunate to have a medical plan to pay for this and the surgery will be immediately If I were in Canada I would have to wait for months and months and months for the surgery. Oops, I am in Canada,  but not really. I return to Vancouver this evening but not for long. This surgery confuses everything but it will work out and is another reason for me to leave Vancouver. When I was in London having a difficult time I would constantly play This is My Fight Song. I am listening to it now.
So I need to get packed and get going.


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