An Admittedly Weird Life; Money Laundering in Vancouver; Random Thoughts on Unavailability; Two Out of Three Trainers; A New Zealand Photograph From David

I awake after a fantastic night’s sleep in my hotel room in San Francisco, California. I awake to one Message and four emails. The Message is from Brian, my former personal trainer in London. He is a a truly great guy. We trained outside rather than the gym in Dolphin Square and the old hags were convinced we were having an affair. He reached out with Christmas greetings and is most glad that I shall return and we can reconnect. He was most helpful in helping me sort out the guy problems I was experiencing, a man’s perspective can be quite helpful because God knows how men think (if they do and if they do, with what?).

Also in the inbox there were two emails from David, also a from London. David is known to regular readers of the blog as he often sends hilarious jokes which I dutifully share. But do not get your hopes up looking for funny jokes, because today it was pictures of interesting houses in New Zealand. David is also known for the funniest reaction to my announcement that I was returning to London.

David; (to his partner Greg) OH NO! I thought we were rid of the woman and now she is coming back?

Me: Shut up David! I know perfectly well that you love me and missed me.

Then there were two emails from Vancouver friend CPI (high school and university friend0. One was chatty and personal with wry comments about men in my life, both past and present. Perhaps WRY can be the word of the day. This is its usage; ironic, sardonic, satirical, mocking, scoffing, sneering, derisive, scornful, sarcastic, double-edged, dry, droll, witty, humorous; British informal sarky. (His wry humour made her laugh) So CPI was being most savvy about some personal matters. Another email from her included a series of articles from the Vancouver Sun about money laundering – a topic of interest to me. I have mixed feelings about my fascination with this as I am planning to leave Vancouver and what can i, a girl from Saskatchewan, do about this overwhelming and crippling problem. But it is fascinating – the head in the sand attitude of Vancouverites is rather amazing. But it shall not be addressed in this particular blog. The articles have been duly downloaded and partially read – unbelievable is all I have to say. But at this moment I am getting dressed and going down to breakfast. First things first.

Breakfast is now over, most of my plans for the day have been stymied because it is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and some offices are closed. It merely means that tomorrow will be hell as I will have to do EVERYTHING tomorrow (and I do mean everything. The list boggles my mind – catch the Larkspur ferry, get knee x-ray, go to storage facility, pick up medical card from MCERA, meet with financial adviser, see my beloved MD, pick up prescription drugs AND THEN catch the ferry back to the City and get packed. Oh well, it is dirty work but someone has to do it. Hahahahaha. Looking at my InBox there is one from Ayda, my wonderful Vancouver personal trainer who promises to ‘do my BEST to help you.’ She will, it is such a comfort and I tell her.

So in one morning two out of three personal trainers whose services I have ‘enjoyed’ over the past three and a half years reach out to me. One does not, and he was the one who enjoyed my time and dollars for the longest period of time. I have changed recently, now I rejoice in the two who are there for me – not mourn the one that is missing. I am doing that with everyone and everything in my life. I have always been attracted to men, women, and situations who were unavailable, thinking I could change that. But one cannot get blood out of stone. I see now that these unavailable people are unavailable to everyone – even themselves. It took me a long time to realize this as I am now 75 but it is better late than never AND you can teach an old dog new tricks. Someone, a man most dear to me said in an email on Thursday;

He: You have a lot of love in your life, Alexis

I am loath to admit that I did not respond to the email but cried. But I do have a lot of love in my life but it was only when I began to stop looking for love in all of the wrong places that I could realized that. I am so thankful. So there! So there! So there1

A person turned venomous on me the other day.

He; All these ups and downs! I am uncomfortable with that.

Me; It is interesting that the people that point out my ups and downs, only themselves have down. I prefer my way but, moreover, you are aware that I have been tested and I am not bipolar.

He; I am happy.

Me; That is not at all evident! You have all of the marks of depression and are increasingly isolating yourself.

I have changed, that was a man I once listened to but never will again. Situations and people change, nothing is for ever. And hey, two out of three personal trainers ain’t bad.

The photograph is one David sen from Queenstown in New Zealand. It is interesting that he and Vancouver friend Tracey were there at the same time. He wrote of the place.

He: “Hi Alexis, This building is the upper building of the ‘Skyline Queenstown’ it’s a cable car.

The Readers Lodge is next to the Pinewood Lodge, at the top is where a chair lift takes you up higher, for skiers in the winter and for Summer travellers taking hill walks or, as we did went up to come down on a go cart for one. One has to steer and you have a hand break (sic)” Someday I have GOT to get to New Zealand, it seems so utterly beautiful and if David went there, as did Greg, as did Tracey, as did Wonder Alice, as did Bruce, as did Nancy – it does seem proper that I get to go there. .

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