To Hell and Back; Kings County Jail Being (And is) Hell; The World is Going to Hear About It; If You Are Going Through Hell Keep Going 

The following email was sent from my iPhone the morning of January 25,2019, the subject line was :My life has turned to shit but back on track.
Me; Well I think it is back on track. Having a great time at DESC Crises Solutions Center. Wish you were here. (joke) Alexis
He: No response (of course)
The whole episode, he night ofJanuary 23, 2019, the nightmarish day of January 24, 2019 was pure hell. Hell is Kings County Jail, its staff are moronic, sadistic devils and there is absolutely no law and no order within its walls. I was a witness to the horrors they inflict on helpless people and how they drive them insane. They incarcerated the wrong woman under false pretences and charges and then brutalized me. Bruises all over my 75 year old body, cuts from a brutish woman yanking on the hand cuffs as they dragged me to a cell. Locked in room with no way to communicate with anyone as the intercom did not appear to be operative. But somehow I retained my sanity and eventually they let me out of jail without any money or most of my possessions but ‘free’. But then mercy and grace intervened and I was taken by two wonderful women from the Crisis team to the DESC Crisis Solutions Center. After intake procedures, having my injuries photographed and chronicled I had a shower, went to bed and slept like a baby. I was exhausted as it was impossible to sleep in jail because of the screams and rants of the prisoners who surrounded me. I awoke at the Center to find the quotation of the day, it was so amazingly prophetic.
If you are going through hell…keep going. Winston Churchill
The staff at the Crisis Solutions Center were the antithesis of moronic crew at Kings County Jail and they restored my spirits although I did have two post traumatic stress attacks during January 25, 2019. I soothed myself but was able to talk to a staff member shortly after the first one. It definitely helped. The attack was triggered by the pain experienced by my bruised thumb when it touched the table. A wonderful staff member gave me ride to pick up my valuable hand luggage, then took me back to the airport where I retrieved my luggage, got an Air Canada flight back to Vancouver. Yes, faithful readers I travelled on Air Canada vowing NEVER to do so again.. I hate to admit it but it was an excellent experience. Tyler did an amazing job ticketing me, my seat was perfect letting me stretch my leg, the personnel that pushed me through security was top notch. The steward on the plane was most professional and efficient. I was met with a wheelchair and again my driver was top notch (and handsome to boot). Then home in a Yellow Cab with a handsome driver originally from Punjab.
So I blog from bed this Sunday morning. Friend David must have read my mind. He sent this wonderful Spike Milligan poem, which hopefully will attached to this blog. This is a short blog as I am going to the airport. I am not flying anywhere BUT (and this is a miracle) Icelandic Air located my computer which I left on the plane on December 15, 2018. I am impressed at this retrieval and Icelandic Air is back in my good graces again. That is a relief because of the wedding on May 29, 2019. So at this moment there is the bride (me), the venue and the flower girl. But there is no groom and the search is going to be hampered by the knee replacement surgery. And, of course, there will be all of time and energy to be expended in commencing the law suit against Alaska Airlines, Sea=Tac Airport Police and King County Jail. I do not jest.
Will; All’s well that ends well.
Me: Not this time. You should have heard the screams of those people locked in their rooms with no relief. Those practices must be stopped immediately and the staff removed from their positions and Kings County Jail must follow the laws of this land.  The damages will help those near and dear to me to lead a good life.

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