Vancouver Phobia; Impressions and Connections; Magnetism; Loyalty to VSO; Off for a Fantastic Day 

An Admission: I am experiencing Vancouver phobia as dreading my return to that City. The contrast to the experiences in New York and San Francisco are extreme, and it is not my imagination. It is confirmed by all who have any knowledge of Vancouver and, as well, hordes of  people living there agree with me. But then, all of a sudden there was a burst of sunshine.  An email arrives from a friend who resides in Vancouver entitled; “How the heck are you?’ The message; “Miss ya!’, and attached is a graphic representation of  two two silly men dancing away. Hopefully Chris will be able to attach it to this blog as it is perfect. I immediately email back;
Me; Goodness Gracious!  I love you!!! Which one is me and which one is you??!!! Hahaha Next forwarded it to Chris asking him to post it,  Chris must think I am crazy and all you readers will be saying; ‘Welcome to the Club, Chris as we think she is too!’

Later I emailed: my source of joy.
Me: Girlfriend! I cannot tell you how much joy your email brought. It is complicated and will be discussed on the blog. I speak of you as a friend. Anyway it is clear that I am the guy on the right as I am fatter and older but (I am loath to admit) do not have that much rhythm. Your simple gesture made me calm down and not dread the Future.  I cannot thank you enough. Xo

So the level of distress lifts and concrete plans for return will take place. Some problems have been experienced dealing with medical care provision and a missing financial planner so plans are to stay for a few more days giving me time to work things out prior to my return by the end of the month.

A prior blog promised the reporting  of a lengthly correspondence with another Vancouver personage, CCC. These words were exchanged  prior to my trip to NYC and SF.
Me; I am so much happier knowing I am leaving Vancouver. As you know it has been a very difficult chapter in my life. We should talk sometime  How do live without me?? Perfectly well says my CCC.
He: Will they even let you back in the UK, well I guess there is always a quarantine safety net they can use on you haha! Happy New Year, and may 2019 be a happy and healthy one for you! Tug Boat
Me: Thank you Knave!! I love calling you Knave because it so suits you!  Do not forget that I shall return at the end of January after being NYed and SFed! Then it shall be off with your head and then off to London at some point! The Queen

It is important always to remember the good times and this I need to do, while acknowledging (as I said to CCC)‘As you know it was a very difficult chapter in my life.”

SF has been really rather incredible. On Sunday it was back to Monsieur Benjamin for brunch, where I consumed a rare hamburger, the most delicious ever consumed by this seventy-five year old woman. It was dutifully Instagrammed. But in addition, I was blown away by the staff’s reaction to me. I had been there once, many remembered my name. I spoke to a waiter;
He; You have so much magnetism.
Me; OMG thank you. My friend Jennifer said the same and then added comforting words saying that some people fall away from me because they cannot sustain the magnetism. It lessened the feeling of abandonment I often face.
I spoke to the manager of the restaurant of my appreciation of the staff’s recognition of me..
She:  Alexis, who could forget you?
Me: Well, a lot of men try. Hahahaha.

I introduce and discuss the compliments received, not especially to brag, but to show that being positive brings fantastic results and should be a model to grouchy, negative and rude people. But as I laughingly say;
Me: If everyone was positive, I would not get so much attention. So keep it up Rude People!
I am not being serious, I wish everyone were positive but fear it will never happen.

Honest to goodness all of these strange conversations do actually occur. Breakfast yesterday was a delight with a lovely Japanese family from NYC with their two very accomplished lovely daughters. Then there were musicians galore here for an incredible concert at Davies Hall just around the corner. The damn thing is sold out, would not you know?? So I shall remain faithful to my Vancouver Symphony although I would have been fickle given half a chance. I include a funny picture from breakfast yesterday. There were two chocolate kisses on the table.
Me; Who needs kisses?
Alter Ego; You do!
Me: You are right, you can never get too many kisses or hugs.

Today promises to be a great day – with a ferry ride and lunch with F. Guy who has made his appearance on this blog in the past. He has been a friend for fifty years, we stay in touch. Five of us, from those days working at McAuley Neuropsychiatric Institute used to lunch once a month prior to the days I left for London. The others fell away, leaving only F. Guy and I. But in some ways it is better because it is more intimate. Neither of us are sure what happened to the other three. They are, as far as we know, alive. After lunch I have an important medical appointment, perhaps one of the most important of my life. I am sure that it is going to bring good news, rather exceptional news.


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