More About the Pros and Cons of Instagram; Feeling at Home on These Streets of San Francisco

Yesterday as I was writing about Instagram for this blog and just at that very moment a message appeared.

She: Hi I Don’t know if you remember me but you came in Mint Velvet in Guildford a while ago and telling us about her blog and I came across the card you left and I thought I would get in contact. Your blog is fab and a really enjoyable read. Hope you are keeping well.

Goodness gracious, I about fainted. Guildford is in the UK, my visits there were in January and March of 2016, when the blog was in its embryonic state. I immediately fired back a message

Me: Fantastic to hear from you. Of course, I remember you and I am coming back to London so we can meet up again. I was just writing about Instagram on my blog and then i opened your message. WOW

She: It is so lovely to hear from you. Awww What brings you back to London? It will be so great to see you and meet up.

Me; I will be going to Sotheby’s Art Institute. Faint and fall dead. Hahahahaha

She; Aww brilliant. Congratulations. When do you come over?

The conversation continued. is not that wonderful? Instagram made that happen and I shall be able to reconnect with an interesting young woman. But here are the Cons of instagram – it is littered with male predators, who come onto women with the sole intent of parting them of their money. It has happened to me more than once and other female friends have suffered the same indignity. Now if Instagram was Tinder, that would be one thing. With Tinder a person is looking for love in all the wrong places. But I am not on Instagram because I want to go to bed with some guy. HONEST. The pattern is as follows. Some guy gets in touch, flatters you constantly and continually and then, when he thinks you are hooked – then money rears its ugly head. It happened recently – I had met this guy so he wasn’t a total stranger. Total strangers get immediately zapped by me. So things are going swimmingly, plans are to meet and then suddenly.

He; I am so stressed over my bills and so I haven’t been in touch. So sorry! I am stressed out.

Me; I have two comments about your economic situation. 1. I am not responsible for your spending nor your debt. 2. Furthermore, I do not look like a bank nor walk like a bank nor walk like a bank. I am a person on a fixed income that I earned on my own.

He; I don’t think I ever asked for anything. I am working but they take half in child support.

Me; You did not. I am merely making myself clear..

He: That is weird that you had to say that to me. I never mentioned it. Wow have a good day.

He: What is going on this morning seriously.

Me; I think we had a fight.

What happened next? I never heard from him again and he blocked me on Instagram, which did rather prove my point. So these guys have a profile. They have kids to whom they are devoted, the mother is not around, often killed in a tragic accident but sometimes just not around. They are often engineers, work temporarily in foreign countries. As this appears to be the modus operandi it must be because it works – women fall for it. Do let the record reflect that I have never been relieved of my money.

So the question is this; Do I stay on or get off of instagram? The jury is out. What am I getting and is it worth the hassle? I guess I am protecting other women because these men are spending time on me rather than a more guidable individual. But I am not that warm hearted. But I am in continuing contact with wonderful people on Instagram. So like everything in life, it is a balancing act.

I am so loving my stay in SF. I was was walking along the street and thinking these thoughts.

Me: I am so happy! I feel so at home here.

Alter Ego: Well, no wonder! You lived here for almost fifty years.

Me; Well, you have a point there. But not in the City, I lived in Marin most of the time.

Alter Ego; Details! Details! Details!

This is the most interesting neighbourhood with interesting shops, great restaurants, a sense of community. I found a fascinating store called RetroSpecs’&Co. They sell old retro spectacles but it is a fascinating concept and it occurs that glasses can be an art form. I had the best time chatting with the competent, friendly, wise employee. I did not get permission to use her name but you will hear more about the store in a subsequent blog.

I think I will go back to sleep – a busy day ahead. This place seem like my home away from home. The staff says that it is.

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