Being in Heaven; Loving New York; Crazy About My New Restaurant; To Instagram or Not to Instagram That is the Question

I am presently in heaven – sheer heaven having flown from NYC to SF via United Airlines First Class (frequent flier miles). My knee continues to bother me so ordinary seating would not do – I even had a bed and could lie down and sleep with a blankie. I did, the time just flew by. I asked for a wheel chair and had the best time getting pushed around, saying BEEP, BEEP to the silly stumbling people that were in the way. I had the best conversations and made new friends in the First Class Lounge. I commiserated with Lost Ring (a nickname of course0. We spoke of many things but mainly our propensity for loosing rings. I guess propensity could be the word of the day. A noun meaning tendency, inclination, predisposition, proneness, proclivity, readiness, susceptibility, liability, disposition; aptness, penchant, leaning, predilection, bent, habit, weakness. I told Lost Ring of my predilection of loosing rings, particularly the engagement ring from the second marriage. He was better at loosing rings then me, he even lost his brother’s ring, that takes definite skill. I made friends with two little boys – one got a nickname, Crouton Guy. At some point I must made a list of all the people with nicknames. The list gets longer and longer.

At this moment I am back in my room, laying on the bed and writing. I did get up and go for the buffet breakfast and talk to the staff. They remember me from my prior visits here at inn at the Opera and are glad to see me again (they say, and why would they lie?) When my taxi pulled up, there was Roberta, my favourite concierge. I waved frantically, got out of the cab and gave her a big hug. I got checked in and she recommended a fabulous restaurant, it is quite new. It has this fabulous vibe, an open kitchen, the greatest of staff. It is the Monsieur Benjamin located at 451 Gough.

Me; (to my bartender and wait person) I love you!

He: I love you MORE

The manager of the restaurant is a woman and she is most competent and makes her staff very happy, you can tell. I can get a rare hamburger but last night had the braised rabbit leg. I think I will eat there tonight and have the rare hamburger. No one can believe that one cannot get a rare hamburger in Canada. Food police. In Vancouver one can launder dirty money with impunity but not get a rare hamburger. What a bizarre value system. I shall speak of that more, especially when it is time to go back there (briefly).

My time in NYC was rather unusual but delightful. Most of the time was spent in the hotel talking with the staff. Many had worked at the hotel for years and years observing the change of name and ownership. It was, apparently, a Hilton in a prior reincarnation. They all were New Yorkers and had lived there most of their lives. Uniformly they had a great outlook on life, very sensible but still optimistic seeing things in perspective, living life to its fullest. They were a marked contrast to those that live in Vancouver. It was decidedly refreshing. The best way to see and know a country is through its people – not its sights. You can see the sights on television but not get a flavour of the people. I will always remember this trip to NYC, not some of the others which were more tourist oriented. I will definitely be back to New York, not a bad place to live actually, when I am done with London.

So not only do I blog but I am a presence on Instagram, but questioning my participation in that venue. I expressed my misgivings in an email to Adam.

Me: have got to get off of Instagram, it leads to crazy things. Eerie experiences! I love the safety of my blog.

He: I think he said I was a little bonkers (but in a nice way).

I have been participating on Instagram for about a year, well perhaps longer, making 318 posts. The one that got the most attention is the one of me and Arvin dancing at the Equinox Gym with 499 views. It boggles the mind!

But the video of my on nitrous oxide at the dentist yielded 302 view.

A video of me doing Smash Ball at the Equinox 347 views.

My knighting of Sir Richard won 416 views

My sitting on the stairs and putting on my shoes at the Equinox 462 views, followed by going up the stairs with weights and Hottie 512 views.

So this topic will be discussed tomorrow in greater depth. But, come to think of it, there was an eerie experience with Adam on instagram but it isn’t there any more. I forgot about that!

The photograph was taken as I said’ ‘Goodbye New York, for right now!’ It was taken from the hotel just as I got in the taxi to go to the airport.

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