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In the days of yore (pre London) I concerned myself with defending the glories of a defined benefit retirement programme as such programmes were under attack. At the current moment people’s attention is now riveted upon Donald Trump and so it does appear that defined benefit retirement programs are safe. (These United States may not be safe, however, with that guy around.) I routinely and regularly receive information about the status of defined benefit programs and I am now passing it on to you.

A new report finds that economic gains attributable to defined benefit (DB) pensions in the U.S. are substantial. Retiree spending of pension benefits in 2016 generated $1.2 trillion in total economic output, supporting some 7.5 million jobs across the U.S. Pension spending also added a total of $202.6 billion to government coffers, as taxes were paid at federal, state and local levels on retirees’ pension benefits and their spending in 2016.

But wait, wait, there is more. It appears that not only I (and London Schools) benefit but the whole economy of the United States of America benefits from defined benefit retirement plans . An explanation of the situation is illustrated.

“The analysis shows that virtually every state and local economy across the country benefits from the spending when retirees spend their pension benefits,” said Diane Oakley, NIRS executive director. “Pension expenditures are especially vital for small and rural communities where other steady sources of income may not be readily found if the local economy lacks diversity.”

For example, when a retired nurse receives a pension benefit payment, s/he spends the pension check on goods and services in the local community. S/he purchases food, clothing, and medicine at local stores, and may even make larger purchases like a car or laptop computer. These purchases, combined with those of other retirees with pensions, create a steady economic ripple effect. In short, pension spending supports the economy and supports jobs where retirees reside and spend their pension dollars.”

Now, I do not know how Canada is affected but then I am taking my American dollars and getting out of that Canada. But Canada has benefitted for the past two years. They are going to miss me, those Canadians. They do not know at this moment but they will. I made a joke prior to my leaving London that the buildings would be draped in black bunting.

They: Did Queen Elizabeth II die?

Others: No, Alexis left London and we miss her so very much! Please come back My Fair Alexis.

Listen to this! Does anyone remember CCC? Well, he said the funniest thing in an email sent just before I left for NYC. He and I are definitely absolutely hilarious with one another and if you are really good I shall share some of the lively conversation from the beginning of this thread in a later blog.

He: Haha I see that as you age gracefully like a beautiful wine your sense of humour does not diminish it gets better with age! haha CCC

Me: And besides I prefer to age ungraciously if it is all the same to you! I do it well. BA Squared! (the later is one of my nicknames)

The blog of January 9, 2019 reported that mortality due to cancer was on the decline but there are problems out there. Life expectancy in general is on the decline, due mainly to the 70,237 deaths due to drug overdoses. There is this alarming statistic; In 2016, a fifth of all deaths among Americans aged 24 to 35 were due to opioids. Ellen Meara, a professor of health economics at Dartmouth College, confirmed that recent studies have shown that life expectancy is decreasing due to ‘preventable causes of death like overdose, suicide, and for deaths due to chronic lower-respiratory diseases, many of which are attributable to tobacco use.” So things are not looking good, particularly among the young. There also has been a rise in suicides, up 3.7 per cent in the past year alone. Since 1999, the suicide rate among women has gone up 53 per cent, while for men it has increased by 26 per cent. This rise has been attributed (by experts) to economic woes, physical-health problems, deteriorating relationships, and mental-health issues. So why are women knocking themselves off at a greater rate then men? Don’t ask me, I do not know the answer to everything. Do not be so lazy, do something on your own, do some research, for goodness sake. You will be less depressed, I promise you.

I am also on Instagram and shall detail my experiences on that social platform soon. While in Iceland I did one of my videos about Trump and the thoughts will be duplicated here. He continues to act in a totally insane manner. While an attorney in California I put crazy people ‘away’ – establishing conservatorships of the person. It was necessary to prove that due to a mental illness a person was unable to provide for their own food, clothing and/or shelter. If Trump is not in the White House, he cannot provide for shelter. His dietary habits are legendarily dreadful and he dresses poorly. I think it might be possible to put him away and I am presently in the United Stated and willing to serve. I am not sure of his diagnosis – crazy as a loon is not a recognized psychiatric disorder. Perhaps instead I could be hired to sass – that would help but he may be too far gone.

This is my last day in NYC, it was a rather weird stay but everything I do is rather weird. I do wonder how many new readers I picked up as I gave my blog card out like candy, yet again. Perhaps at some point I shall go ballistic.

They: Ballistic? Do not you mean viral?.

Me: No! I prefer ballistic.

The photograph is of my poor foot. Adam has been emailing with news of more magic potent but he does not seem to be aware of the fact that I am in NYC. He is a man who makes things happen, so who knows? Some may appear on my door step yet again. My hero!

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