Things I Will Miss When I Am Gone; But a Knack of Looking to the Future; the Workings of a Mind; a Glowing Letter of Recommendation

I do rail incessantly about the horrors of Vancouver but there definitely are things and people that I will miss.This positive blog will discuss some of these and also a bit about the power of positivity. I am writing this form my iPad and cannot figure out how to do several things, including italicize. But you are not paying for this so you have no room to complain.

At this moment I am watching Canadian television which I absolutely ADORE. At this exact moment I am watching Still Standing which is so precious. The premise is as follows: Johnny Harris is this totally funny man who travels around to tiny villages across Canada that have struggled to stay alive and thrive. This morning featured Raddison, Saskatchewan. I have an affinity for Saskatchewan because I was born there and it makes me laugh I am sure I will not be able to catch this programme in London. Nor in New York where I am going in six days and then to San Francisco. But then back to Vancouver for a little while. Other fantastic Canadian TV programs are Schitts Creek, Baroness Von Sketch Show, This Hour Has 22 Minutes. They are so funny, so well written. The actors so professional. But in London there shall be the theatre. I just remembered that Simon Godwin is going to New York to head a Shakespearian company. He was the director of Antony and Cleopatra. I recall a time in London during a class taught by Matt Wolfe where Simon was being interviewed. Simon spoke of directing Fiennes and said it was very difficult for one to be both sexy and funny. I spoke out loud and said with a shrug: ” I manage!” I brought down the house. Friend David was disappointed with my theatre attendance during my last visit. He vowed: “We’ll get you organized!” And knowing David, he will.

Another person that I will really miss is my YWCA trainer Ayda. But here is the magic, she and her husband will be visiting England in the coming year and I will get to see them there.

This is what she said in an email. “You are such a nice student, and our workouts are SO FUN!!!! ” Her photo is attached to the blog. We often watch other women training, stressed, talking on their phones, unhappy, doing their exercises incorrectly so that they get no benefit at all. Moreover, I am making definite progress by training in a way that is suitable for my age at half the cost of Sir Richard of Hot. My school is in the Bloomsbury, it probably makes a great deal is sense to live in the Bloomsbury AND there is a YMCA there, I do recall! Perhaps this will all work out.

Here you see the workings of my mind. I do miss and mourn people, places, things but resolutely look ahead and find comfort in the possibilities of the future. It is a knack,that shall become the.word of the day. Knack, a noun, is defined as an acquired or natural skill at performing a task ‘she got the knack of it in the end’,

These two days have been filed with the tasks of school application. One task is to find academic references. I brilliantly sent off an email to friend Bruce, a retired academic who has known me since I was nineteen. He rose to the occasion.

He: Yea, Alexus. I can write you a letter of support. I can refer to your intelligence, creativity, energy and enthusiasm, That should be enough.

Me: I honestly wept when I read your first paragraph but it was not tears of sorrow but ones of joy.

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