Pajama Day Strikes Again; Bragging With a Purpose; Yolo Repair on Mainland Street Rescues Me Yet Again; Joseph Campbell’s Wisdom; No Match For Me

I hate to admit this BUT it is now 3 pm ( or 1500) and I am still in my pajamas and I plan to stay that way today. I have accomplished many tasks, spoken by email to many, wrote the pocket preface for my book, confirmed my flight plans, and made a marvelous discovery which will make the application procedure to Sotheby’s so much easier. It has been a dreamy relaxing day. Tomorrow shall be New Year’s Eve and I will appear in public with clothes on. I was going to the library but I changed my mind. The “To Do” list is almost completely crossed out, I am on a roll.

For various and sundry reasons I hate Facebook, my visits to the site are most rare. But I found a message that was so endearing and will pass it on. Foxy Roxy’s husband congratulated me on the choice of a nickname for her, then went on to say: “You make my heart swell. When she reads your responses, she laughs so resiliently deep. You are a bright shining star in her and our lives” I suppose I should be humble and not communicate this to others but it is bragging with a purpose. Good things come to positive people; as I see it negative things come to negative people and negativity is much more contagious than positive thoughts and behavior. The other day a record was achieved, seven people told me that I made their day. Most days, even my best, it is only two or three. No idea what was inspiring me.

Yesterday was a similarly lazy day but it became time to address a major problem, I was device less in Vancouver. I did know where to go and it was not to the Apple Store. I limped to my way to Mainland Street to a place that has proven, in the past, to be my haven. I was not disappointed. My old computer, which I took to be enlivened, was declared dead. But my man had a brilliant idea, buy a new computer. This computer would be light and portable, the one languishing somewhere in the bowels of Icelandic Air was impossibly huge and heavy. Moreover, he would download from iCloud all of my precious works. All of this and charging me far less money than the Apple Store would and there are no crowds and missed Genius Bar appointments. Did I hesitate? Absolutely not. I got the money from a couple of ATMs and happily walked home with my new purchase. My relief is palpable. Perhaps palpable should be the word of the day. Palpable, an adjective, “of a feeling so intense as to seem almost tangible.” I feel whole again, better than whole. I LOVE YOLO. So out of something bad (loss of computer) came something good (a light, portable computer). It will be easy to pack and carry on my journey. The proprietor of the store and I are pals, we enjoy one another’s company. I will miss him when I go to London but Chris will be near at hand, Chris my computer guru. I will be ok.

There was a fascinating programme on television today. Bill Moyers was brilliantly interviewed. At one point Moyers spoke of his series with Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth. Joseph Campbell opined that man is not looking for meaning in life but rather ” the experience of being alive”. I agree with that and will now close so I can experience sleep.

The photo attached is one posted on Instagram. “Leftover Christmas flowers artfully arranged. All this and I can flower arrange too. Hahaha”

I realized that someone I was fond of, at one point in time, lives in New York and through Google figured out where he works. Will I attempt to see him? I do not know. Kathleen leaves. tomorrow for New York where we will meet. She texted me with words that made me weep. It was an insight she had about me and person she met. She spoke of a magical feeling. She

opined that the poor individual will “never meet anyone a match for you. Hahahaha”. That will probably bring palpable relief.

Now it is tea, hot water bottles and bed. It is early, 2100, but a huge day greets me tomorrow. It is the last day of 2018. It has been an eventful year, particularly the last couple of months.

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