Device less in Vancouver Christmas Day; Educating Women; Worthless Men

Catastrophe has struck. My computer remains lost due to the incompetence of Icelandic Air. My iPad refused to turn on, my old computer went to sleep and would not wake up. So I only had my phone and I am hardly going to blog from a phone. iPad now functions but this is slow and painful! I guess it will work.

I am sure many of you are breathless with anticipation wondering what happened on Christmas Day, Will Alexis be true to her word and spend it in bed with three hot water bottles and two bottles of champagne ? The fast answer: No. For on Christmas morn I awoke to a text message that read Merry Christmas. It was from a man who earnestly mouthed the words ” I love you!” As he bundled me into a cab. I was more than a little surprised… needless to say he does not know me very well. Hahaha. We had spoken of our mutual hatred of Christmas on a prior occasion. To make a long story short I invited him over got up and dressed, did open the champagne, had a geography lesson using my globe and he cooked the eggs. He went home relatively early leaving me to Christmas music on the PBS channel. So I spent Christmas Day with a Muslim by the name of Mohammed. It is the truth, I always tell the truth except sometimes I exaggerate. There was no exaggeration, if anything I down played some things. It was altogether quite pleasant although I did lose my temper at the end. But we made up and things are well.

My leg continues too heal with more sessions from my wonderful trainer. The magic potion Is still working like a charm. I have been meeting some really interesting people. Yesterday at Le Soleil a woman named April. My apartment was cleaned expertly by two young women Fromm Life Made Easy. Conversations with them generate the same conclusions. First, Vancouver is a horrible place to live. The vast majority of its inhabitants are depressed, zombie like creatures with no social skills. Secondly, men are a weird lot. They come on real strong but when you respond in a positive way they head for the hills. It is not just me, it seems to be universal. What to do about it? Who knows? Keep one warming up in the bull pen seems to be the best solution.

Now onto a serious matter. I preach the importance of education for women. (I do perhaps overdo it with my multiple degrees.) I have someone who agrees with me. A recent study found that educating women had multiple benefits including world peace and economic stability but at the moment I cannot find the study. Oh well , the joys of being device less. I will send this to Chris and make my own breakfast. Attached will be some funny cartoons from the Icelandic comic.

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