Christmas Eve Strikes Again; Kathleen’s Keen Insights; My Christmas Eve Instagram Blog; A New Philosophy Based on Benjamin Franklin; An Email to Chris; Ending with An Email to Cousin Faye

At this present moment I am sitting on the living room coach with a hot water bottle placed under my sore back watching Schitts Creek , a funny, fantastic Canadian television series and OMG it is funny.  The Dad is reported to have been temporarily possessed by the Christmas spirit. It is SO funny and what I love is that they keep saying my name time and time and time again. It is because the daughter’s name is Alexis. It is doubtful but I don’t think they know me but I am pretending that they are thinking of me whenever they say Alexis. I am about to rub Adam’s magic potent on my bum because the pain has transferred there and presently it is not so much the knee, but now the bum. I am sure the magic potent is ambidextrous and will help out there as well. I only hope and pray that the hot water bottle does not spring a leak., that has happened before in bed. Personally I have grown to prefer a hot water bottle over a man but, I do have to admit, men do not usually spring a leak.

You can read more about Adam and the magic potent by going to Kathleen’s web site. She does not mention this in her profile of Adam Temple A Maverick Entrepreneur but I was there in her studio the night he was interviewed. It was all rather a magic moment and I am sure that he will never forget it.  She did capture him at that moment in time – read “Elegant, poised, patient, a creative thinker quick to harness and seek out new opportunities to evolve his business and personal skills.”  That was him in all his tall glory.

News from Kathleen Katon Tonnesen will retrieve it as well as artachive .com or I guess just Google their names.  The prior profile is of Alexis McBride , entitled An Indomitable Creative Spirit.  It is immensely flattering and probably will change my life in strange ways. I read it and think: “Who is that woman?” I guess it is I. Curiosity seekers might wonder if Adam was present when I was interviewed.

Me: No he was not. I did not know him from Adam on November 13, 2018. Hahahaha

But when you are visiting Kathleen’s site read the story that kicks off the site (presently). It entitled, To See Beyond Sight, describing what Kathleen has overcome with a rather horrendous eye disease. She is heroic; I am truly privileged to be her friend. Lazy and unhappy people, please take note. Kathleen and I met at Fingertips Nail Salon; Kathleen said she was drawn to me because of my positive energy. Lazy and unhappy people, please take note. We inspire one another in good ways, we are kind to one another and pay attention to one another. Lazy and unhappy people, please take note.

So it will be of surprise to folks that I have developed a new philosophy of life predicated upon a saying attributed to Benjamin Franklin. “He that would live in peace and ease must not speak all he knows nor judge all he sees.”

So I am not going to speak of all I know about Vancouver. Why should I? I am leaving Vancouver, trusting it will continue to be mired in its problems, in its corruption and its denial.  In the words of Sir Richard of Hot, that man of Olde:

He: Alexis, it is not your problem.

Me: You know, that is what my Uncle Dave says that as well. God rest his soul.

I do think I will continue to be a bit judgmental if it is all the same to you all. But perhaps I shall tone it down a little. Adam constantly tells me to tone it down. But do let the record reflect: “I do not”.

I began Christmas Eve by taking a picture out the window, from my bed. I posted it on Instagram along with this caption.

Alexismctwit: I do not have a Christmas tree of my own but this is the view from my bed. My neighbour’s sparkling tree becomes mine. I am planning to spend Christmas Day in bed with three hot water bottles, two bottles of champagne and this view. Maybe Santa will come down the chimney. Hohoho.

Tracey (now in New Zealand) responded: Merry Christmas Alexis Much love xo

Me: Love back to you, my dear friend!

Then my computer guru, Chris Jackson and I exchanged emails.

He: Hiya matey. No pic attached on this message. Rest of the post is up. Merry Christmas Eve. Love me and Clare. Xx

Me: Much love to you two!! Just think I shall be there next Christmas. I am now writing blog of tomorrow. I am a driven woman! Hahahaha I cannot wait until next year when we will all be together.

An email from cousin Faye also arrived. I will quote from my response to her.

Me: Faye my dear, SO SO wonderful to hear from you and hear of your festivities with that crazy man who happens to be your husband. Tell him to eat as much of the buffet as he possibly can because his fat belly can serve as a tripod and make picture taking much easier. Three cameras, how bloody excessive. So you are in Florida and here I am in dismal Vancouver but I do actually think that the sun is shining. There is a Jewish saying: “Next year in Jerusalem.”With me it is:

“Next year in London.” Maybe I will train it to Dryburgh Abbey for Christmas. That would be amazing come to think of it. I wonder if the Dryburgh Abbey Hotel is open? Perhaps I will email and ask. Maybe I should finish the G.D. Uncle Dave book and do a book launch from there.

I shall leave you all and go back to blogging, Chris, my computer guru, translated my statistics so that I could come my 20,000 visits a year compared to the Regina Leader Post figures during Uncle Dave’s time. I paid the folks at VPL to find the statistics and they did a marvelous job. The results show that my readership exceeds that of Dave Dryburgh. Not bad for a girl born in Saskatchewan. Hahahahaha. Aki’s Daughter.

The two photographs attached to this blogs are ones taken from my bedroom window. All this and I can take pictures too. As you can see I lead a very strange, but very wonderful life. Not at all typical of a 75 year old or even a 25 year

Merry Christmas (I guess)!

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