The Strange But True Story of My Knobby Knees; Evolved Extraction or Retarded Constipation; Look Back and See How I Am Seen By Others; Popularity on Instagram

Every bit of this strange story of my knobby knees is true although it could be viewed as too fantastically unusual and unlikely to be true. Go back in time to December 7, 2018. I am at the offices of my illustrious internist who has been my doctor for about forty years.

He: Alexis! I have never seen you in better physical or mental shape. I am so proud of you.

Me: Thank you SO much Doctor. You can’t imagine how wonderful that makes me feel! But a woman at the YWCA told me about a cream that has marijuana in it that is supposed to be helpful for arthritic knees which are troublesome from time to time.  .

He: Here is its name Alexis, you do not need a prescription. .

So off I went, happy as anything. However, about four hours later I was in extreme pain emanating from right knee and a case of sciatica. Would you not know!?! My wonderful doctor called me as I boarded the plane and confirmed the diagnosis but I was homeward bound. I made an appointment at the YWCA knowing that stretching was important and received a series of exercises that were helpful. Then I left for Iceland and then London. Dutifully I used the exercise in the spa in London but it was painful to walk and so I took cabs and avoided the tube with all of its stairs. I get home in great pain and I am not good with pain (or heat for that matter). I took my trusty doctor’s note that said cannabis cream to Shopper’s Drug Mart but they had none nor did they know where I could get it. I was in dismay and pain but something suddenly struck me and I fired off an email.

Me: Marijuana Man, So apparently cannabis cream would be good for my knee (so sayeth my MD). Where can one get such stuff? A friend in need called Alexis.

He: Yes!  I have some that you can have.  I will bring it to you.

And he did and I rubbed it on my knee and it was goodbye pain.

Me: Great stuff! My knee feels great. I love the packaging. Most clever. You are good at what you do. Thank you!

He: You’re welcome.

Me: Seriously it is fantastic. You are a great guy.

He: You are so welcome. I’m really glad it helped.

So the name of the company owned by Adam Temple is Evolved Extraction

Me: I like the name Evolved Extraction even if it makes me think of pulling teeth. I am funny .

He: Haha  that’s a good one. I’m going to try and recycle that when I tell people about the company.

Me: Any time I can help with your business I shall. I am laughing again. The opposite to your company would be retarded constipation. Bet you are not going to be using that one.

A picture of the lovely tin that holds the magic potent follows this blog. I sing the praises of the jointment to all who would listen. I should get a distributorship and make money for everyone (including me) . People ask me how much it costs but I have no idea

Me: My friend that owns the company gave it to me, delivered it to me and did not even charge me a drop off fee.

Friend CPI humorously wrote:

She: Adam, weed, Nirvana????

Me: You make me laugh! More later.

But the magic potent is only part of the story. The other part is my YWCA trainer Ayda who has a blog at HealthAngel,ca. I have seen her three times and she is working wonders. She stretches me – we do stretching and strengthening. I am becoming increasingly limber. The tightness and tension disappear under her magic touch. Both of the product and the practices are necessary. It would be impossible to train with the pain but the magic potent would only cure the symptoms, I have shown vast improvement. When I go to London she is going to provide me with a programme with exercises and video and the necessary equipment. I will only need a water aerobics programme to meet my goal for continued mobility. I look back at my programme at the Equinox with slightly jaundiced eyes. There were stretches at the end of each session but only a few minutes and it could be said that I became rather muscle bound. I want so much to be well and be on the move. That is my style. A picture of Ayda is also included. There are Equinox training sessions all over Instagram but the YWCA does not allow cell phone usage at its gym and pol. That seems a wise policy to me so you won’t be seeing any pictures of me stretching my heart out. Hahahaha

Thr blog post of December 18, 2018 contains the video that reminded Nichole of me. It is unfortunately accurate, showing an imitation of me at my charming best.

My Instagram presence continues to grow with 400 followers, which is not bad for a woman born in Saskatchewan. But some followers are decidedly rather unusual. One man insists that

He: I want you to give me chance to come close to you.

Me: I hardly think that it is possible with you in Afghanistan and me going to school in London.

He says that he is a doctor, from San Francisco. with the UN. Well we have something in common as I was from San Francisco. But what purpose does a long distance relationship serve? I want hugs. He asked the following question.

He: So are you willing to get married when you find a nice and honest man in your life.

Me: God no.

But he persists. This is madness. What is it about me? The moment I say yes of course he will go running. But I am hardly going to say yes. .

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