Christmas Comes But Once a Year (Thank Gawd) But Making Some Concessions Which are Enumerated in Some Detail

I am known for my hatred of Christmas (one has to be known for something). I am the star, the reigning queen of Christmas Hatred. But I am making some small concessions to the season that has been labeled: ‘Tis the Season To Be Jolly” Jolly for who I have always wondered. I am making so many concessions that I am almost fainting. I will write about them in some semblance of  the order in which they appeared.

1. I bought an absolutely ugly Christmas sweater when in SF over a month ago. (Not only that I wore it one day and night this week. Moreover, it will be worn again tonight. MMMM pictured himself sporting a Christmas sweater on an Instagram story “Just Hanging Out” I responded to that story by saying: “My Chrstmas sweater is uglier than your Christmas sweater. I won again!” No response has been received from the man.

2. Nicolas and Jeff came to dinner and I made a special centerpiece for the occasion which was decidedly Christmas. It featured my bear, Joo Kim, wearing a tiara, my angel from the Car Boot Sale in London and the CFM shoes also purchased at the Car Boot Sale in London for a mere five pounds. The picture was posted on Instagram but shall also be attached to this blog.

3. Nicholas and Jeff brought flowers, a charming Christmas display and they were artfully arranged.

4. I had my nails done by my wonderful Amy. They are VERY Christmassy with six sparkly red fingers, two sparkly silver fingers and two sparkly gold fingers. Kathleen took a very artful picture with my hands on top of my sweater and it was posted on Instagram and will be duplicated here.

5. I went to a really neat store on Davie Street and purchased antlers and a red nose that lights up because it has a battery in it. Also purchased, a beard which is white and sort of goes with my hair. No pictures of that combination as yet.

6. I went to the library to return books and therein received my first (and only) Christmas card. InfoAction, the research arm of the library gave it to me . They have completed several research projects that have been utilized in this blog. The card is proudly displayed on my mantel

7. On that trip out the man who owns a flower store on Davie Street gave me some red berry branches that I used in a flower arrangement for the deck. He is a very sweet man and has given me flowers on previous occasions.

8. This morning I received a ‘Christmas” letter from one of the Dryburgh cousins. I immediately responded to all on the list, not having to capture my year,, merely telling them that the blog tells it all and has 20,000 visitors a year. You see a blog comes in handy because then one does not have to do a Christmas letter.

9. But I still intend to spend a quiet Christmas that was spelled out in my response to my cousin’s email. “ I plan to spend Christmas in bed with three hot water bottles and two bottles of champagne. (and perhaps an admirer). One never knows what can happen.

10. This evening friend Nicole and I are going to a Vancouver Symphony Orchestra Christmas concert and I will, yet again, wear my Christmas sweater. She is going to order Chinese so we will sup and then go to the church to listen. I do love Christmas music so it will be a real treat. Believe this or not, it is not raining so I can wear my fifteen pound fur coat purchased at the London Car Boot Sale. I shall look smashing. With it I shall wear my blingy shoes which constantly win me compliments as I walk down the streets of Vancouver and London. They are flat running shoes, sort of silver in color. Boy do people love them and they make it easy to walk. I saw a woman on the streets of Vancouver wearing stiletto heels.

Me: Those shoes must be SO uncomfortable to walk in with those high, high heels.

She: No they are comfortable.

Me: There is absolutely no way those shoes could EVER be comfortable. EVER

I later spoke to someone about the encounter and this knowledgeable woman correctly surmised that the high heeled woman was in denial. I do admit to wearing high-heeled shoes in an earlier life but not any more.

The holiday festivities will continue as there is a Christmas pool party taking place tomorrow morning at the YWCA. I will attend if my knee is feeling better. Although the pain is diminished with Adam’s magic potent it still hurts to walk and my activities have been severely curtailed. More about my knees, the magic potent and my Y trainer tomorrow.

I am off for a brief walk to VSO offices, to exchange a ticket and get a ticket for the New Year’s Eve festivities. I hate New Year’s Eve as well but a great symphonic performance should cheer me up.

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