Lack of Joy in Coming “Home” Hopefully Video Showing Pain; Loosing My Computer Which is Like Losing Both Arms; Horrible Pain Ending in Rescue by Adam; A Perfect Likeness to Me (Unfortunately)

As my blog and Instagram entries attest everything was going great, actually superb ally great. The final leg of the journey was about to be undertaken and at the time I was in heaven – being pushed around in a wheelchair by handsome men. Dirty work but somebody has got to do it. There I was at the gate in my queenly splendor but then suddenly rude people from Vancouver surrounded me. They looked dour and grouchy as they tried to get aboard the plane before it was ready for them. There kids yelled and screamed obnoxiously and then this encounter only happens in Vancouver. Three kids were yelling at the top of their voices causing a kind old Granny to speak smilingly:

Me: Please my sweets, use your inside voices.

What happened then? The Vancouver mother complained to staff about me saying I was being rude to her children. The staff did what any staff person would do when encountering a Vancouverite – they told me to leave the little darlings alone. I became the problem. It happens constantly around here and has for months and months and months. That is one of the reasons I am getting out of here. It is going to get worse and worse (should that be possible) because rudeness is rewarded, therefore, rude behavior will be on the upswing. Bratty kids will remain undisciplined become more out of control. Passive aggressive behavior will steadily become the only psychological response and this place is going to be more than the living hell that it already is. There is no relief in sight for me unless I get out of here. It has permeated to my abode where the STRADA seeks to fine me for “Excessive Noise” which is speaking the truth about the fact that the place is utterly mismanaged and run by a manager that gets the Nobel Prize for rudeness. I was warned months ago, I actually did comply to a great extent. But then prior to my leaving for Iceland/England there was a note from my landlady that I should pay the two hundred dollar fine. Three emails were exchanged – the first:

Me: You must be joking.

The next was longer telling all the causes of action that could be employed if I sued the place, ending in the statement that I was going away and would deal with it on my return. Then I got a voucher while in London insisting upon payment. My response this time mentioned the fact that I am going to see my lawyer on Tuesday (which is today). I am not putting up with this shit. Everyone in the building agrees with me but does nothing. Besides, I have not been saying anything against that woman for months now. People may report that I do – that gives voice to their anger – but that is chicken shit on their part and is a lie. Tell her off yourself, treat her rude back but, oh no, they smile at her face and accuse me of wrongdoing. But it can be amusing. Last night I was sitting in the lobby waiting for my Knight in Shining Armor to bring me a magic potent to relieve the pain in my knee and a tenant came by and said of me:

He: There you are, Public Enemy Number One.

Me: You make me laugh!

I was sitting in the lobby writing a note to mail to Adam that is a strange story but you do not get to hear everything. He brought the magic potent; I put it on my knee and felt immediate relief. He is my hero and, as a special bonus, it was beautifully packaged. I will tell you more about it in a subsequent blog. It works, my aged friends and countrymen have knee surgery – not me – I have Adam’s stuff in a pretty package. So there! So there! So there!

But back to more mundane matters. I left my computer on the airplane and getting it back is almost completely impossible. I cannot bear to write about the frustration of dealing with the idiots who answer the phone on behalf of Icelandic Air but I have never spoken to more unhelpful and dumber women in my entire life. I will try again later today. But out of bad came good, as it usually does in my case. I am now writing on my old computer using Microsoft Word and I LOVE Word much better than stupid Pages. It is so much more usable and Chris, my hero, says that he can manage a word document. He was not altogether complimentary when he learned that I lost my computer.

He: Sorry you lost your computer. Silly sausage. X

Me: I am a wiener not a sausage so there.

Friend Nicole sent me an email with this image embedded in it and hopefully Chris can bring it to you. She said. ( I can! Chris..)

She: Actually this reminds me of YOU

I sent it on to MMMM with this caption:

Me: Goodness gracious it is perfect. Please note use of goodness gracious instead of … (MMMM does not like abusive language – the things we do for whatever.)

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