Time for a Light Hearted Blog; the Joys of the Car Boot Sale last Sunday; this Sunday a Roast at the Rex Whistler; A Christmas Angel

So there is the realization that these have been some heavy blog days for all you fans what with death and announcements of enormous changes. There will be tough times ahead with my railing against Vancouver coupled with the decision to leave the failing city.  So instead today this blog will be light hearted and focus on the treasures of the Car Boot Sale 
For foreigners and the uninitiated a brief description shall be in order. I do suppose that it is best to get the word of the day over with. The word of the day will be uninitiated which is 
without special knowledge or experience: the discussion wasn’t easy to follow for the uninitiated | a bachelor neither prudish nor uninitiated.
A Car Boot Sale is a UK term, rather the same thing as a flea market in the United States. Individual vendors come to hawk their goods, almost always used and goodness knows where they got it in fire first or second place Some vendors seem to attempt to make a living selling their wares but with others it is random or for a particular purpose. Two couples were raiding their homes to raise capital for a new home, for example. It is rather festive but also deadly serious as bargaining seem to be the rule of the day and people can be MOST insistent, as if their entire self esteem is based upon getting something as cheaply as possible. They are often rude. I am not, I am proud to say, that way. The Car Boot Sale is held on the grounds of the Pimlico Academy across the street from dreaded Dolphin Square. I am an old hand at it – attending weekly when I lived in Dolphin Square. Boy, did I amass treasures back then. My prize acquisition was a purple microwave. A guy offered himself to me for marriage material l purposes when I thought I wanted to remain in London. He started out at 45 pounds but I had him down to ten pounds and fifteen Winstons (cigarettes). The deal was not somehow consummated.. He was rather corpulent, my friends noted that I was getting a lot for my money. Perhaps there will be two words for the day with corpulent being the second. Corpulent sings with its synonyms: they provide ample seating for their corpulent clients: fat, obese, overweight, plump, portly, stout, chubby, paunchy, beer-bellied, heavy, bulky, chunky, well upholstered, well padded, well covered, meaty, fleshy, rotund, broad in the beam; informal tubby, pudgy, beefy, porky, roly-poly, blubbery, corn-fed; rare abdominous. ANTONYMS thin. 
But the beer-bellied, bulky, beefy guy was not mine for the taking and he did not make an appearance during my December 2, 2018 visit. Fortunately there were so many other things. It was an overcast day but there was no rain. I did not count the vendors but it was quite sparse compared to other summer visits. 
My first purchase was a tiara which cost 10 pounds. It actually was a sort of bridal headdress but the thought of being a Queen appealed to me so I immediately I put it on. Next came the red high heeled shoes pictured in a prior blog. For only five points they seemed so incredibly camp and funny. I suppose the grandest purchase of the day was my fifteen pound fake fur coat. It is a prize and can be worn in rainy Vancouver when accompanied by an umbrella. They joys of fake fur. My ten pound real fur jacket purchased a couple of years ago at the same Car Boot Sale cannot be worn in the rain. Therefore, the coat was a necessity. Hahahah. There was a ring that cost one pound which is quite glamorous and presently graces a finger on my right hand. 
Thee is a ridiculous book on blogging which has also been posted. It is a ridiculous commercial venture which makes money for the author who tempts its readers with sham promises of profit.  So there! So there! So there!   
Then Theresa joined me and we shopped together and she gave me presents. There was rose quartz which is to bring me comfort. There is a turquoise bracelet which she says will protect me and perhaps it has. There is a Christmas angel which is pictured ad will be my sole Christmas decoration. I was sad that day, getting over some guy, but things picked up, perhaps it was the rose quartz. I did not go back to the Car Boot Sale this Sunday as there is no more room in my luggage and I am coming back to live in London soon. 
This Sunday it was off to my Rex Whistler where on Sunday they serve roasts. Matthew suggested the roast beef because it was NOT accompanied by vegetables. 
Me: I like my beef and my men rare. 
He: We only serve rare. 
Me: Then rare it shall be. 
He: There is gravy, watch out or you will get it all over yourself. 
Me: Thank you sir. I shall wear a napkin. 
He: You can get a chain and wear it around your neck. 
Me: You could get me a chain like that for Christmas 
He: No! Then you would think I like you. 
Me: Well, we cannot have that. 
Also pictured will be the napkin with the juice spilled upon it. It was a good thing that I listened to Matthew otherwise I would have gravy all over the front of my blouse. 
I eventually went home, they had to chase me out ot the restaurant almost. I kept stopping and talking to people. A wonderful woman came and put her arms around me and said. 
She: My goodness. You have more fun than we do. You must join our club. 
Me: OK I will. 
Her sister lives across the street from the Rex. I think she means it. You can see why I am happy here in London. I left an umbrella and two books in the cloakroom two days before and the wonderful manager retrieved them for me. I told him of my future studies and that I would write a thesis on Lost Item Retrieval. He just laughed. 
So today it is back to the Tate to sit with some art, take two books to the Member’s Room and meet Chris and his wife over lunch. I am very jolly and have every reason to be. Ho Ho Ho, but not in a Christmas manner. 

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